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  1. Checking on Wednesday clinician
  2. Congratulations thus far to the USA Women & Men Freestyle team's accomplishments. However YUCK for the overall USA GRECO-ROMAN performances. One win and 5 losses for a country that will bring home 100+ overall medals. We have too many resources to accept this kind of result every Olympic cycle. 2020 OLYMPIC GAMES (Tokyo) USA GRECO-ROMAN RESULTS: Ildar Hafizov 60kg L 0-5 vs. Orta Sanchez (Cuba) L 1-7 vs. Sergey Emelin (ROC) Alejandro Sanchez 67kg L 4-10 vs. Artem Surkov (ROC) John Stefanowicz 87kg L 3-5 Ivan Huklek (Croatia) G’Angelo Hancock 97kg W 5-1 vs. Kajaia Mihail (Serbia) L 3-4 Tadeusz Gangelo (Poland) --------------------------------------------------- USA Wrestling - Greco-Roman Olympic Medals (1892 - 2016 Olympic Games) 3 Gold 6 Silver 6 Bronze = 15 TOTAL The USA had 4 medals at the 1984 Olympics games held in Los Angeles: Jim Martinez Steve Frasher Greg Gibson Jeff Blatnick However several STRONG GRECO-ROMAN countries did not participate. This would have greatly altered the outcomes in both GR and freestyle medal results. Listed are the 1984 Olympic boycotting teams: Soviet Union Bulgaria East Germany Mongolia Vietnam Laos Czechoslovakia Afghanistan Hungary Poland Cuba North Korea Ethiopia Angola Albania Iran Libya
  3. The first 4 left to right back row I believe are: Bluebaugh (Bloomington), Patascil (Logansport), Kepner (Warren Central), and Palmer (Muncie South) The first 2 in the front row are possibly Leavell (Indianapolis Tech) and Taroli (Hammond). I can’t remember for sure but I think that this IHSAA State Finals was the last year to be held at Southport High School.
  4. ISU and Notre Dame both should still have D1 wrestling. It’s a shame how both programs were discontinued the way they were. I keep hoping that other BIG name D1 schools will also bring their teams back. LSU, Syracuse, Kentucky, etc...
  5. Mike Niccum (Delta) was the Eagles 2nd individual state champion winning the 119 title. He then wrestled briefly at Indiana State before transferring to Anderson University. We were teammates at AU and Mike won 2 NAIA all-american certificates during that time.
  6. Alan Grammer (Evansville Reitz) career record at SIUE was 119-17-1. He beat John Smith (Oklahoma State) during their college years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjd8aNm3Atw http://nwhof.org/NCAA-Brackets/PDF/NCAA 1985.pdf http://nwhof.org/NCAA-Brackets/PDF/NCAA 1986.pdf SIUE's NCAA Division I All-American: Alan Grammer 1985 – 134 pounds (3rd), 1986 – 134 pounds (5th) SIUE's NCAA Division II All-American: Alan Grammer 1984 – 134 (3rd), 1985 – 134 (1st), 1986 – 126 (1st)
  7. I spoke to a Uindy administrator and they suggested their ARC facility. I’ve been to indoor track meets there and it’s an absolutely amazing venue. Also without a doubt they could accommodate 12 mats the ISWA requires as stated by Y2CJ41.
  8. Uindy has a great facility in the Nicoson Hall/Ruth Lily Fitness Center. The Greyhounds annually host the Midwest Classic (30+ college teams). Also another venue to consider is the New Castle HS • Chrysler Fieldhouse The 1985 IHSAA State Finals were held there due to weather issues.
  9. TEAM BANDITS needs athletes for this Saturday's meet at the MACONAQUAH DUALS in Bunker Hill. We currently need wrestlers at 130, 152, 185, 220 to complete our roster for this competition. If you're interested in joining us please contact Coach Garringer ASAP by calling (765) 209 - 1241.
  10. Team Bandits is looking for wrestlers interested in competing at both area and regional meets. If interested contact greggarringer@zoho.com We’ve attached pix of our team gear from Barbarian Apparel (optional) which is $100 per packet CURRENT SCHEDULE: May 11 - Bremen Duals * 20 Athletes @ $325 a Team May 19 - Jimtown Duals * 20 Athletes @ $325 a Team June 1 - Maconaquah Duals * 25 Athletes @ $350 a Team June 8 - Mount Vernon Duals * 20 Athletes @ $250 a Team June 15 - Daleville Duals * 20 Athletes @ $100 a Team June 23 - Olivet College Duals * 20 Athletes @ $600 a Team June 26 to 29 - ISI Camp (Earlham College) Midwest Nationals Wrestling Tournament July 12-13 Illinois Wesleyan University $50 entry fee for all athletes
  11. I've been researching information on the IHSAA website for individual champions at the sectional, regional, and semi·state meets. Once I reached past the 2002 there was little to nothing that the IHSAA recorded for this individual data. If anyone has information they could share on where to look for this information please let me know asap. Thank you ggarringer@zoho.com
  12. Congratulations to Kurt Hess being named the NEW coach at Yorktown HS https://yorktownathletics.com/2018/08/01/welcome-coach-hess/
  13. Has the FRANKTON job been posted due to Duncan going to HSE?
  14. Any news on transfers coming to Indiana because of Angel taking over there?
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