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  1. im not hating at all i got to watch bluffton wrestle at ac the five kids that they do have are good and wrestle with a lot of heart im not hating one bit. yes i was jokin but also not hating
  2. y2 do u know what happend to tylor willms from fremont you have him ranked at 119 but hes not on the sectional brackets?did he quit or something
  3. i still think that bluffton is going to walk away with this
  4. amen to that. very very good point. and btw benidict is 119 not 112
  5. new castle semi state. 119,. most stacked wight class hands down
  6. 103- Terriquez over cook 112- Walburn over Fiecter 119- Roe over Keuneke 125- Batt over Gerber 130- Wyatt over Ellinger (Ellinger could win this match) 135- Sprunger over Melcher 140- Meska over Faurote(Close match) 145- Burnfield over Schultz 152- Ehr over Schwartz (swing match could go either way) 160- Mahlan over Grogg 171-Hankenson (handsdown) 189- Ben baker over Kyle from jc 215-Thatcher over Hemmigan 285- myer hands down themie and walburn had there challange match today idk who won yet?
  7. now that would be a killer wrestler! ;D also how come chaz buzz that is not ranked is abve derek roe who is ranked
  8. brock weber is a random kid that goes to AC he dont wrestle at all he packs ice for a living, do u mean garret webber?
  9. 119 lbs. 1. Chandler Carroll- Yorktown 2. Chaz Busz- Whitko 3. Derek Roe- Adams Central 4. Kody George- Homestead 5. Evan Loe- Peru 6. Tylor Willms- Fremont 7. Joe Boots- Prairie Heights 8. 125 lbs. 1. Nick Crume- Jimtown 2. Tommy Poynter- Dekalb 3. Todd Batt- South Adams 4. Jordan Gilbert- Whitko 5. Kris Workman- Taylor 6. Phillip Gerber- Bluffton 7. Kalib Jackson- East Noble 8. Keelan Rushing- Homestead 9. Lucas Willms- Fremont 10. Braxton Simpson- Peru what happend. i thought chaz buzz was at 112 and gilbert was at 119?
  10. how is jarod schwartz still under will busse & he's beat him the last three times
  11. levi moss beat derek roe 5-4 .in wich that match could of been flipped with roes last second take down that could of been called but "ifs and coulds" dont mean anything. but still a very impressive match ;D ;D
  12. Roe vrs moss wass a very great match, could of went either way. roe lost 5-4 but roe had a couple of out of bonds take down that could of been called take downs . great match. also josh king was impressive
  13. thanks. i looked at semi state rankings and couldnt find him i was jw, its going to be a exciting weekend
  14. Now that would be interesting ;D
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