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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no family Christmases that day.
  2. Manchester sophomore Cam Brady (149) makes his second appearance at nationals, last year finishing 1 match short of All-American status. He is the only Indiana student-athlete to make it to nationals. He is ranked 7th nationally and was the Midwest Regional champion. Good luck in LaCrosse, WI next week Cam!
  3. There's no comparison, Ellis wins this big, the only questions should be "could Brooks stay off his back?"
  4. I was wondering if they did it this year. I hope so, it's nice to see who's putting in the time off the mat as well.
  5. This is an interesting idea. In Ohio I noticed they invite teams to team state based upon their underclassmen's performance the previous year. This way of analyzing the success of underclassmen seems focused the same way, right?
  6. Boot


    Whoa, I hadn't heard that. If it was me I would have a hard time focusing on anything else. Good luck to the whole family!
  7. I was Ohio's D2 Team State a few weeks back and one of the schools only 6 kids there, and drove all the way from the Cleveland area, nobody questioned them. The kids came, wrestled hard, and won most of the matches they didn't have to forfeit. If Ohio can act with dignity and respect towards other teams, I'm pretty sure we can too.
  8. I saw a couple mentions of Riley's and Campbell, what happened?
  9. A lot of times when a thread starts making personal attacks it gets shut down, interesting that when the moderator is one of them making attacks it's ok. Agree or not, let's move on and act like adults instead of being poor role models for kids, and we wonder why they yell at refs.
  10. As always it looks like it came down to pins.
  11. No need to take offense, it works very well. Look at all the top teams and wrestlers nationally. Have you ever seen St Paris Graham? There are matches where they win when they shouldn't because they know there is a time to go after it and take chances and there is a time to stall and do whatever it takes to avoid getting scored on. I watched them at Ohio's team state this year and they were definitely outmatched in some matches, but knew when to ball up and stall, or run away and keep from getting taken down to keep the match close. A stalling call here or there is much smarter than getting ta
  12. Bellmont has the advantage of being very close to home and is much better at knowing when to stall and not give up points.
  13. That should have been the call, and the coach should be handling this as well. Hopefully whoever did this grows up and doesn't do this anymore.
  14. I remember the mom from the Merrillville semi and then at state who every match shrieked "Let's go Nicholas!" repeatedly the entire match. It never mattered what happened, that's all it was.
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