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  1. Freshman 157-pounder Grant Anglemyer cracks the DIII national rankings as an Honorable Mention! Brady still at #5. Graber still an Honorable Mention. Manchester is on the move! http://www.d3wrestle.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Ranking_3_20111128.pdf
  2. That all makes sense. I would be surprised if he doesn't take an Olympic Redshirt to prep if he is able. Any chance Wisconsin can pick up someone from another school who just graduated and wants some experience? I know I'm impressed with Davis' knowledge but I don't know anything about how easy he is to get along with.
  3. Why would he go from Wisconsin to Michigan?
  4. It was MSU I was thinking of. So this is his Junior year then, correct? 1 year of football, 1 of JUCO, and now 2 at IU.
  5. He could be a great commit as long as he keeps his grades up. Didn't he do really well at an open event recently after taking a year off?
  6. Congrats to Cam, a great season topped with a great honor. http://www.d3wrestle.com/?p=3986
  7. Here is a possibly a better indicator, qualifiers/million residents: 1. Utah - 4.0 2. Iowa - 3.9 3. Pennsylvania - 3.8 4. Delaware - 3.3 5. Montana - 3 6. New Jersey - 2.7 7. Idaho - 2.6 8. Colorado - 2.4 9. New Hampshire - 2.3 10. Ohio - 2.1 11. Oklahoma - 1.9 12. Michigan, Kansas - 1.8 14. Vermont, Oregon - 1.6 16. Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota - 1.5 19. Alaska - 1.4 20. New York, Washington - 1.3 22. South Dakota - 1.2 23. <b>Indiana</b>, West Virginia - 1.1 25. Maryland - 1 26. Rhode Island, Illinois, Wisconsin - 0.9 29. Tennessee - 0.8 30. Nevada - 0.7 31. Arizona, California - 0.6 33. North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, New Mexico - 0.5 37. Florida - 0.4 38. Massachusetts - 0.3 39. Louisiana - 0.2 There are 3 similarly sized states to us, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Tennessee, and we did qualify more than them. It's still a surprise to me that Texas, the second largest state, had no qualifiers.
  8. Cam finishes his freshman campaign 34-11 and finishing one of the 12 best 149 pounders in the country...one win shy of All-American. During the year he recorded wins against Colin Zeerip of Michigan, Ryan Watts of Michigan State, Dylan Marriott of Northwestern, Jake Strausbaugh of Wabash, and Nick Odom of Trine. Congrats on a fantastic first year, everyone ever associated with Manchester is proud.
  9. http://www.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/files/2011d3wrestlingbrackets.pdf At-large freshman Cam Brady (Manchester) faces #8 Isaiah Britton (Lycoming) at 149. He is the only Indiana wrestler in the tournament and has beaten several DI wrestlers this season, good luck at nationals Cam!
  10. Fantastic. It's official, you are THE MAN!
  11. Boot


    Will there be video posted online or a delayed showing on BTN? I've been without internet or TV access thanks to flooding.
  12. Boot

    Manchester Wrestling

    Cam Brady qualifies for nationals as a freshman, congrats! Manchester College freshman Cam Brady was named as a wild card at 149 pounds after his second place finish at the 2011 NCAA Midwest Regional, hosted by Wabash College. Brady opened the tournament with a pin in 6:30 over Olivet's Gage Pederson. He won 4-2 over Wabash's Jake Strausbaugh to advance to the championship round, where he lost to top-seeded Isaac Dukes of Case Western Reserve. He was the only wild card selected from the regional meet. Other place winners were Jared Snyder, fifth at 133 pounds, Ryan Monce took sixth place at 165 and Chad Ulmer also finished sixth at 184 pounds, going 2-2 in the tournament. Wrestling nationals will take place on March 11-12 from LaCrosse, Wis. For more information and travel arrangements, visit the NCAA Championship website.
  13. Boot

    Manchester Wrestling

    I would check on the Trine thread.
  14. Here are the latest D1 rankings, the Big 12 has more #1 ranked wrestlers than the Big 10. Hopefully they Big 10 pulls out more AAs though. http://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/2011-02-11/coaches-rankings-rpi-released
  15. She played guitar in band? That's actually really cool, I've never heard of many women playing guitar back in the day, and I've never seen a guitar in a high school band. Pass along a cool point or 2 to her.

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