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  1. All three champs from last year repeat. Prediction for top 3 3A 1. Brownsburg 2. PM 3. Portage 2A 1. Yorktown 2. North Montgomery 3. Garrett 1A. 1. PH 2. Central Noble 3. Adams Central
  2. Smooth34


    I guess we will have to agree to disagree because I have never called anyone out by name. I haven't used any negative words toward a specific person. As a consumer, I don't have to "take action". If they want to pay me $125,000, then it can become my responsibility. Salary found here since he's a public employee: http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/2015/03/11/indiana-university-purdue-ball-state-iupui-ipfw-indiana-state-ncaa-finances-tom-crean/24662029/ It seems like you are okay with IU being the 11-12th best program in the Big 10. So this banter is useless.
  3. Smooth34


    So if I shoot the coaching staff an email, they will respond with ways I can help the program?
  4. Smooth34


    Words are meaningless. Actions speak louder than words.
  5. Smooth34


    Absolutely. As a consumer, I don't use any hard earned money on that product. The next time I spend money in Bloomington will be next year at the Big 10s so I can see all of the other elite programs conference.
  6. Smooth34


    Finish at Big 10s since 2000 2000 10/11 2001 8/11 2002 10/11 2003 10/11 2004 9/11 2005 5/11 2006 10/11 2007 5/11 2008 8/11 2009 9/11 2010 8/11 2011 10/11 2012 10/11 2013 11/12 2014 10/12 2015 12/14 So IU was about the 10th best team in the Big 10 before expansion. Now in the 11-12 range?
  7. Agreed. Fantastic job. Intros are one of my favorite parts of the weekend.
  8. Smooth34


    Wonder what the turnover and turmoil at NW this year has done to the morale and quality of that room.
  9. Fantastic article and tribute!
  10. I hope this works out for him. Wish him all the best of luck in the next couple of years. Love that he has a passion for ministry. If I was a college coach, the above quote might raise my eyebrow a little bit. If the high school season is too much of a grind, how would one make it through a college season?
  11. What did he do at Midlands last year? 0-2? Obviously, being at a D1 program would give him better training partners.
  12. Highest placing senior at each weight? Who will coach? Coach of the team state champions?
  13. Smooth34

    Purdue Transformation

    When the Flo guys were doing their end of season (awards, wrap-up, analysis, etc.) podcast, Coach Ersland's name came up in the discussion for Coach of the Year. I guess no one knows wrestling except Hinkel supporters. Again, I have no dog in the fight, but this is getting ridiculous.
  14. Smooth34


    No doubt. Great that he's thriving in the classroom. I just don't understand how a kid like Gabe Dean can be so much better than Sliga at this point when two years ago, they were basically a similar type of recruit.
  15. Smooth34

    Purdue Transformation

    Maybe Hinkel's recruiting is to blame. Hinkel failed to recruit high profile kids, maybe that's the problem.

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