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Everything posted by Smooth34

  1. All three champs from last year repeat. Prediction for top 3 3A 1. Brownsburg 2. PM 3. Portage 2A 1. Yorktown 2. North Montgomery 3. Garrett 1A. 1. PH 2. Central Noble 3. Adams Central
  2. I'm curious to know who on one of the Indiana teams you think was undeserving?
  3. Winning is great. I think the ultimate goal is to get as many kids wrestling in the off season as possible. If that takes not winning the dual but getting a lot more kids mat time, I'm okay with that.
  4. Are people that bent out of shape? The Gorillas weren't even the best team from Indiana. Could the Gold team have been better with a few other guys....sure? But who cares. Give as many kids as possible a chance to wrestle. If they want to wrestle with their friends, let them. Isn't this sport supposed to be fun?
  5. Everyone has a different agenda.
  6. I disagree. How would we know someone like Alex Dieringer wasn't ready? What if he showed up and blitzed Burroughs twice? Obviously that didn't happen, but he deserved an opportunity. So based on this criteria of people getting elected, J'Den Cox doesn't make the team because he wouldn't have enough points? This all seems so silly.
  7. Let's have a vote after semi-state next year to crown our individual state champs. That should be enough data to properly elect the best guy.
  8. Amazing run by Molinaro. Seemed to catch lightning in a bottle. However, my confidence level isn't super high for him to qualify this weight. On another note, why would any top wrestler go anywhere but Penn St? They are dominating everyone in college and now potentially in international styles. Will be interested to see how Taylor, Megeludis, Ruth, etc do today
  9. Would he have reached his full potential at IU?
  10. Smooth34


    Have they wrestled at 86kg yet? Seems like Taylor has the frame to add that weight compared to Dake. Does one or both drop back down after Rio if Burroughs hangs it up?
  11. Smooth34


    Men's Freestyle 57kg Ramos (wont be shocked if an NCAA guy like Nashon or Megeludis makes a run) 65kg Oliver 74kg Burroughs 86kg Taylor (finally beats Dake) 97kg Snyder 125kg Tervel
  12. New Pal job is open. Does that mean Red Sr is following him to Nebraska?
  13. I guess we will have to agree to disagree because I have never called anyone out by name. I haven't used any negative words toward a specific person. As a consumer, I don't have to "take action". If they want to pay me $125,000, then it can become my responsibility. Salary found here since he's a public employee: http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/2015/03/11/indiana-university-purdue-ball-state-iupui-ipfw-indiana-state-ncaa-finances-tom-crean/24662029/ It seems like you are okay with IU being the 11-12th best program in the Big 10. So this banter is useless.
  14. So if I shoot the coaching staff an email, they will respond with ways I can help the program?
  15. Words are meaningless. Actions speak louder than words.
  16. Absolutely. As a consumer, I don't use any hard earned money on that product. The next time I spend money in Bloomington will be next year at the Big 10s so I can see all of the other elite programs conference.
  17. Statisticians agree. This sample size is big enough to draw conclusions.
  18. We definitely needed another topic on class wrestling.
  19. Finish at Big 10s since 2000 2000 10/11 2001 8/11 2002 10/11 2003 10/11 2004 9/11 2005 5/11 2006 10/11 2007 5/11 2008 8/11 2009 9/11 2010 8/11 2011 10/11 2012 10/11 2013 11/12 2014 10/12 2015 12/14 So IU was about the 10th best team in the Big 10 before expansion. Now in the 11-12 range?
  20. Thanks for putting words in my mouth. Apparently, I said to play football, play video games, or do nothing and show up to the first practice of the season out of shape. Go do some research on long distance running and wrestling. Will it help lose some weight? Sure. Does it help you become a better wrestler. Absolutely not. Next time I'll check with you before posting. I didn't realize everyone was so sensitive.
  21. Long distance running and wrestling have nothing to do with each other
  22. This is like politics. People only get more entrenched in their own opinions. Very few people change or are swayed by the other side
  23. Yep, first person to ever do it. Has anyone else done it other than Hughes this year?
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