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Everything posted by Barrq

  1. Travis Barroquillo had 40 pins 53 wins and a loss his senior year.
  2. They allowed beards at ISWA State last weekend. I believe stubble is frowned upon though.
  3. Jones gets pinned quick, Cumberlands goes three for four in the Semi's. They are close to locking 2nd place up in the team standings.
  4. I know a turd that will be coaching there!
  5. I'm not sure why Travis isn't in there he's somewhere around the 112 to 115 range I believe.
  6. Since Prairie Heights is split between two counties I get to have fun with this. Steuben County you have to give Angola's David Zimmer a slight advantage over the Levitz brothers John and Mike who can forget Zimmer's OT loss in the finals. On the LaGrange county side Lakeland had a state champ in the late 60's I believe but i have to go with Aron Ramey what a great wrestler and was a prefect roll model for Travis Barroquillo who wasn't to bad either.
  7. Who was your best wrestler ever in your county? I can't wait to hear the Adams county answers.
  8. He was promoting home duals and parents not wanting to set in a gym all day on weekends. Why not do like Michigan and do a three way on a weeknight. If it would only cost you one weigh in.
  9. One would think there would be a Caprino baby pool in this forum I'm sure he could find some gear to give away?
  10. 2011 Fort Wayne Semi State 130lb champ and runner up both all American at 133 pretty cool.
  11. Better question school with state qualifiers that have the least amount of stop lights??? Easy Prairie Heights hands down 4 qualifiers zero stop lights lol.
  12. The IHSAA does what the NCAA does?? Then were getting wrestlebacks and college boundary rules? It's about time..
  13. A smart coach won't argue and give Fernando the one seed. If other coaches start arguing then if I were the West Noble coaches I'd say screw it and let them draw him in.
  14. I was talking to a guy yesterday at the Fort Wayne coliseum while watching 24 mats at the same time. An easy remedy would be put the chairs between the mats not in front of the spectators then the seats could be pulled all the way out problem solved.
  15. Prairie Heights lost the man that started this program this fall Coach Jon Roush. by any chance you got to see the team shirts yesterday they dedicated this tournament to him. Lee sure has improved this program but I'm sure he'd agree with me that coach Roush and Coach Sosinski had awesome programs before that..
  16. Y2 you've been around the world watching tournaments, would it be better to have the score tables and wrestlers in the middle? For the most part at a team tournament your main focus is the team in front of you.
  17. This team state idea won't get anywhere, anyone have any idea what the attendance was? Oh ya and great job Prairie Heights Panthers there first ever state championship of any sport ever.
  18. Main arena with the hockey boards up it's around 17,000 square feet right now with the twelve mats down that's roughly 21,000 square feet that's not including score tables and seating for the wrestlers, if they would put the wrestlers and the score tables in the middle it wouldn't be as bad you would be able to see your home team anyways.
  19. Travis has a pretty good focus on trying to win a national championship and graduating in May, Then I'm positive he will be looking for a coaching job he seems to be pretty excited about that.
  20. That football comment is a sore subject.. Let's just say the wrestling program has had 5 coaches in 40 some years with maybe 3 or 4 losing seasons. The football program has had at least 5 coaches in 10 years.
  21. Little Prairie Heights 33 Yorktown 22 final score.
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