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  1. porkrinder


    Churubusco JR-SR High School is looking for a head wrestling coach. Info is attached. Contact Chris Paul for more info. (260) 693-2131 paulc@sgcs.k12.in.us Head Wrestling Coach Employment Vacancy.pdf
  2. porkrinder

    Wrestling Movie

    "The Wrestler" Mickey Rourke & Marissa Tomei Albeit not the type of wrestling you're referencing...a great movie still. And, Marissa Tomei gives you a tucked bucks worth and then some.
  3. porkrinder

    FW Carroll Super Dual

    Wine?!? Like the blue Boone's farm? Now I am jealous.
  4. porkrinder

    FW Carroll Super Dual

    Coach Potter runs a good meet. Was hoping it would be in the new gym instead of the old one with the ass cheek seperating (a posture I've never been comfortable with) bleacher seats. But, a good day of wrestling, and multiple helpings of sloppy joes. Us plebes cannot get past the security at the hospitality suite...was hoping Y2 could at least throw me a box of Triscuits and a cistern of Cheez Whiz.
  5. porkrinder


    I don't think it should come as a shock to anyone that those are the top 2 teams in the NECC. Prairie Heights long been the program by which all other NECC programs were measured against. Fairfield, as of late, has asserted themselves as a contendor. Prairie Heights wrestles...that's what they do. No other sports program is a source of any pride in that school the way wrestling is. Fairfield has a fanstastic athletic department from Yogi down to "Tex" the night shift janitor. They have an influx of Goshen kids moving their, and their athletics have thrived. Not surprised that they are the top 2...am a little surprised by some of the scores. But, I don't think scores this early in the season are totally indicative of everyone's potential. Some of our wrestlers were still playing football 2 weeks ago.
  6. porkrinder

    Best Poster on IndianaMat

    Best day of my life. And I am not ashamed to say that.
  7. 135 looks wide open. I'd like to think Some Red-NECCers might make the cut. Maybe even "Baby Blue" Armstead for Turtle Town.
  8. porkrinder

    Throwing in the Towel in Ticket Round?

    I think what really ruined it for me is that it had been a battle the entire match. To just give up like that...huge let down.
  9. porkrinder

    Throwing in the Towel in Ticket Round?

    As soon as I saw the kid turn his back...I was hoping for the other young man to go after him. Glad he did. Don't turn your back on me Stallion!
  10. I'm not going to name names...I won't even mention the school (which is very uncharacterstic of me...I'm all about mocking and humiliating children), but during a 145lbs match at the Coliseum saturday (I believe it was the ticket round), a kid walked off the mat with 2 seconds left and down 1 point. I watched the entire match. Both kids fought hard. He was clearly disheartened when his opponent broke the tie with 2 seconds left. When the official blew his whistleto start them (after he had to bring the kid back onto the mat) the kid turned and walked away from his opponent...who chased him down from behind and took him down to the mat. People were booing and I wasn't sure whether they were booing the quitter or the kid who fought until the end. I'm not a wrestling expert by any stretch. But, when I saw that kid give up like that it really pissed me off...and I wouldn't want someone like that representing my team, my school, my community. In other words...kudos to the young man who finished the match. For those who were there and saw it...what was your take?
  11. porkrinder

    So much for small teams not being able to compete

    I boycotted McDonald's when they started putting less salt and pig fat on their fried...but I'm off the wagon again. The bottom line is that there is a reason other sports have classes. The reason is based on common sense and fairness. A small school kid who wins a state championship is awesome...no question. But, I believe in offering opportunities for success to those who work for it. I think that's what class wrestling does. I also think it makes a hell of a lot of sense for team championships.
  12. porkrinder

    So much for small teams not being able to compete

    I agree. Life is not fair. I believe high school sports should teach kids how to be adults. However, I also believe that athletics should build confidence. No matter how we spin it, high school sports are just high school sports. I'm all for holding kids accountable and having them go into everything with no excuses. But, if there is an opporunity to improve on a flawed system, then why shouldn't it be done? The class system has done great things for basketball and football. I doubt very much that life lessons went by the wayside because these teams were competing against teams of similar size.
  13. porkrinder

    So much for small teams not being able to compete

    Anyone ever told you that you're a jackass? Just curious.
  14. porkrinder

    So much for small teams not being able to compete

    Class wrestling makes more sense for the same reason class football and class basketball makes sense. Larger talent pools increase the possibility for better quality. I'm not saying that all small schools lack talent and depth...I'm sure Coach Smoker would field dress me like a 12 point buck if I said that. However, it stands to reason. If you have 2 kids competing for a 152lb varsity spot or you have 8 kids competing for a 152lb varsity spot...your more likely to get a sectional champion from one of the 8 kids compared to one of the 2 kids. Obviously there are teams that are exceptions to this, and my hat goes off to them. But to piggy-back off Y2 and Karl's arguments...a kid (or team for that matter) who wins a classed sectional title is not going to feel diminished because of it. In essence, you're giving that individual and that team a better chance for achieving success...and that is to the benefit of the kids.
  15. porkrinder

    All Regional Brackets Are Posted

    Y2...It took far too long for these brackets to be posted. You're clearly spending a ridiculous amount of time on less important things like family, work, coaching, officiating...You need to do some serious soul searching and find out where your loyalties lie. Check your dedication at the door.

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