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  1. billy barty

    Jay County Regional Webcast

    wish I could have, had to listen to Rex Brewer, thank God for AJ Kalver !
  2. Brad Busse-Bellmont 8th in the state and not even in the mix @ 182,oops
  3. billy barty

    Rankings are updated, check them out!

    Birch-Bell should not be ranked he was a 3 year JV wrestler.
  4. billy barty

    Yorktown Duals

    There is no way Birch is 14 in the state. Unless his Dad has voting privileges.
  5. Birch 2nd @ 220 not a chance unless his dad is doing the rankings
  6. billy barty

    Calling all Mexican/American Wrestlers

    Tito Santana, Pedro Morales, or my favorite, Pepper Gomez the man with the cast iron stomach! (Please take this as it is intended, lol)
  7. These kids are not to well informed. Make Rex Brewer sound intelligent.
  8. billy barty

    Team State - IT IS TIME!

    AMEN Brother!!
  9. billy barty

    Contenders for next year?

    Brooks Faurote Bellmont
  10. billy barty

    Team State Picks

    1. PM 2. Bellmont 3. CP 4. LN 5. PM 6. CP PM 31 CP 27
  11. billy barty

    John Friedt passed away today around 9:30am.

    John Friedt was a wonderful coach as many have said on here. More importantly John was even a better person. God must have needed a heckuva wrestling coach in heaven. God Bless Mary Dan Jenny and all of the grandkids!
  12. billy barty

    State Finals Salary Cap Game: FINAL SCORES

    103 Bevans 3 112 Petrov 3 119 McHugh 2 125 Kieffer 3 130 Harvey 4.5 135 Fuqua 2 140 Boyd 2 145 Whetstine 1 152 Mullins 2 160 Lefever 4 171 Hankenson 3 189 Boots 2 215 Mofield 2 HWT Meyer 4.5 Total 38
  13. billy barty

    welch vs. lefever, welch vs. lefever

    152 Welch 160 Lefever
  14. billy barty

    Yorktown sends 7 to state

    Bellmont also taking 7 to state.
  15. It just shows what can happen in a blink of an eye! John is a great man, even better person then a coach! God Bless

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