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  1. That is true, also Bobby Keuneke Bell gets 8th @Al Smith but can't crack the top 8 at 119??
  2. billy barty

    IHSWCA Hall of Fame 2011 Inductees

    Good for AJ what a showman and a coach
  3. I think Bellmont needs a another team for the super dual Jan 8 (correct me if I'm wrong) and SA is only 12 miles away chance to see how they stack up against some pretty fair competition.
  4. billy barty

    Clear Top 4 teams this year?

    Yortown and Bellmont
  5. billy barty

    Carroll Chargers

    Wow thats a pretty bold statement. I agree they will be in the mix but Perry, CP have alot coming back also. Hope your right, guess the Bellmont super dual will be very interesting next year!
  6. billy barty

    Carroll Chargers

    What kind of schedule does Carroll wrestle? Bellmont wrestle's one of the top schedules in the state!
  7. billy barty

    Next Year

    Also 130 and 145 but 215 only significant loss
  8. billy barty

    Carroll Chargers

    Bellmont loses 3 wrestler's Weaver 145 losing record. Hormann 130 really good or really bad. and Bultemeier 215 and solid kid. That means the return 10 semi-state qualifiers. I know alot of thing can happen between now and then, but all things being equal it should be a good match but Bellmont will prevail
  9. billy barty


    Can I say brickshithouse
  10. billy barty


    Great job to all concerned
  11. billy barty

    Mish. 2011 ?

    Now thats funny ;D
  12. billy barty

    Fort Wayne 2011

    Please don't forget about Brooks Faurote Bellmont soph. He lost 2 matches to state champ Brock Norton. 1-0 and 7-5 ot in the ticket round.
  13. billy barty

    State Championship of Head Coaches :-)

    Old time pee wee BJ Faurote-Bellmont Old time middle Barry Humble-New Haven 2 great coaches and great guys!!
  14. billy barty

    Fort Wayne regional coach of the year

    I would like to congratulate coach McCormick. On his award along with the state coach of the year award. Having said that his assistant coach Dulaney is a clown, I have never seen a coach act like this individual did at semi-state. Hell I was ready to give him a skirt and some pom poms. The topper had to be in the heavyweight match, when coach Dulaney went over to the Yorktown crowd and started to lead them in the chant of "stlling, stalling stalling". This man must know alot about wrestling, why else would you keep him around. Good luck to Yorktown at team state, again congrats to coach McCormick, and to coach Dulaney, try to show a little class at team state you don't just represent you, you represent your kids and your school!

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