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  1. Jimtown 138

    Elkhart Memorial & Elkhart Central Merger

    Take the average of the two...
  2. Jimtown 138


    Paul sells autographs at all of the RTC’s for 75 cents... Still struggles with his name
  3. Jimtown 138

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    Why don't you people get off of the internet and support your families as suggested?
  4. Jimtown 138

    Goldman had enough time?

    Just don't follow Eastern Michigan's lead...
  5. Jimtown 138

    Colton Cummings

    Hey, my sensibilities are not offened...
  6. Jimtown 138

    Colton Cummings

    It's as simple as...
  7. Jimtown 138

    Colton Cummings

    What point are you attempting to make here?
  8. Jimtown 138

    NAIA National Qualifiers from Indiana

    I watched Travis coaching Saurday night on my TV, that was cool. Too bad it was against Tech...
  9. Jimtown 138

    End of an Era

    There was funk before 2011...
  10. Jimtown 138

    B Lee class act

    After hearing his after match interview, he seems like a great guy. He has a style that will be well suited for the college ranks.
  11. Jimtown 138

    How about that Jimtown team

    It was a great state showing for Jimtown. We're very proud!
  12. Jimtown 138

    Most losses

    I was trying to be sarcastic... Some wrestlers do get hot when things get serious...
  13. Jimtown 138

    Most losses

    If we had wrestle backs, these guys would have never made it this far! SMH
  14. Jimtown 138

    Sprinting to get seats

    It's worse...
  15. Jimtown 138

    Unsportsman Like Conduct Call on Peele

    Well then, he should have credit for a freebee!

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