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  1. a_fleenor171

    12/15 Notable wins and upsets

    Jeff Dunasky Jr. of Guerin Catholic lost 6-5 to Illinois 3A #8 Johnny Riddle and lost 9-6 to Illinois 3A #10 Nico Patch
  2. Guerin Catholic High School is competing today at 24 team, 1 day tournament in Skokie, IL. Follow along here: http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1544882235144&pageName=
  3. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic vs. Sheridan

    Guerin Catholic
  4. a_fleenor171

    Indian Creek vs. Guerin Catholic

    Indian Creek
  5. a_fleenor171


    Jeff Dunasky
  6. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic vs. Providence Cristo Rey

    Guerin Catholic
  7. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic vs. Brebeuf Jesuit

    Guerin Catholic
  8. a_fleenor171

    Greencastle vs. Guerin Catholic

  9. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic vs. Elwood

    Guerin Catholic
  10. a_fleenor171

    Clinton Prairie vs. Guerin Catholic

    Clinton Prairie
  11. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic Assistant Coach

    Guerin Catholic High School is looking for another Assistant Coach for the upcoming season. We are also starting a new club that encompasses our CYO feeder schools. A lot of growth and opportunity for a young coach who has the time and passion to help grow the sport. School is located in Noblesville, on the borders of Carmel and Westfield. Anyone interested please contact Andrew Fleenor at afleenor@guerincatholic.org or by phone 317-339-0230. Thanks!
  12. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic Open Dates

    All openings are filled.
  13. a_fleenor171

    IHPO Results

    Jeff Dunasky Jr. of Guerin Catholic had a pretty good tournament. He didn't place but beat Brant Whitaker, 2021 Flo Big Board #60 and Missouri State Runner-Up. Was up 7-2 before Whitaker Inj. Defaulted. Also pinned IHSAA State Qualifier Jorden Douglass. Lost in quarterfinals 9-7 to Joey Caprella who was 5th place finisher in Ohio last year.
  14. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic Open Dates

    Invite is full. Still looking for invite on December 1st or December 8th.
  15. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic Open Dates

    Still looking for a tournament on December 1st or December 8th. Also looking to host a dual meet January 15th, 16th or 17th. If anyone has interest please reach out to me at afleenor@guerincatholic.org

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