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  1. Guerin Catholic High School will be hosting its annual Camp Purple next week Monday-Friday! K-4th Grade - 4:00-5:00 PM $75 5-8th Grade - 5:00-6:30 PM $90 Technicians will be Guerin Catholic High School Head Coach Andrew Fleenor. As well as Delta's finest, Troy Patton. Registration can be found at https://www.guerincatholic.org/summer-camps/ Any questions contact afleenor@guerincatholic.org
  2. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic Openings

    Guerin Catholic is looking to add an away dual meet during the week of either January 7th-9th or January 14th-16th. We are also needing to add 1 more tournament on December 14th. Please contact Head Coach Andrew Fleenor at 317-339-0230 or afleenor@guerincatholic.org
  3. a_fleenor171

    Jeff Dunasky Jr. Indy Star Athlete of the Week

    The school has been around since 2004. Wrestling since 2007 I believe. The Circle City Conference was recently formed 3 years ago. It consists of Guerin Catholic, Roncalli, Chatard, Brebeuf, Covenant Christian, and Heritage Christian. The last two schools do not have wrestling.
  4. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic vs. Indianapolis Bishop Chatard

    Guerin Catholic
  5. a_fleenor171

    Guerin Catholic vs. Brebeuf Jesuit

    Guerin Catholic
  6. If you get a change please vote for Jeff Dunasky Jr. (Guerin Catholic) for Indy Star Athlete of the Week! He beat Caleb Gibson (Pendleton Heights) 12-5 last Tuesday. Then wrestled #3(138lb) Tyce Freije (Roncalli) Saturday winning 9-8 in a great match, becoming the school's first ever conference champ. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/01/15/vote-indystars-high-school-athletes-week-jan-7-12/2578844002/?fbclid=IwAR37L7upVkBVcoQjfUxcF6HzC9FLrij8VxlhGzCU-O5H-ADe7FVnbNSAllE#
  7. a_fleenor171

    Emergency Event Openings

    Just an update. We have decided to host a tournament this Saturday, 1/19. Looking for 1-3 more teams. Current teams are Guerin Catholic, Purdue Polytechnic, and Whiteland.
  8. a_fleenor171

    Emergency Event Openings

    Due to the snow the tournament we were in next weekend 1/19 is cancelled. Looking to enter a tournament or could host a 4-6 way dual tourney. If interested contact ASAP Text: 317-339-0230 Email: afleenor@guerincatholic.org
  9. a_fleenor171

    Cancellations - 12 Jan 19

    Circle City Conference tournament was still a go today. Roncalli team champs. Notable Result: Jeff Dunasky Jr. wins 9-8 over Tyce Freije
  10. a_fleenor171


    Jeff Dunasky
  11. a_fleenor171


    Jeff Dunasky
  12. a_fleenor171

    Pendleton Heights vs. Guerin Catholic

    Pendleton Heights
  13. a_fleenor171


    Jeff Dunasky
  14. a_fleenor171

    Mooresville Holiday Classic


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