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  1. lewdwar


    Aiden Warren
  2. Dang you got me. I forgot all about that post. Lol.
  3. lewdwar


    Joseph Walker
  4. lewdwar


    Aiden Warren
  5. lewdwar


    Aiden Warren
  6. lewdwar


    Aiden Warren
  7. Coach Moore is that funny like a clown? Or funny like getting beat by 50?
  8. That was Perry’s third string. Perry beat FC by 50 at CCC and beat Sp 55-12 in a dual.
  9. Could this be the new home for IHSWCA TEAM State or ISWA State. https://fox59.com/2019/07/22/indiana-state-fairgrounds-to-build-new-50-million-swine-barn/
  10. What are some of the better awards at tournaments? I know BG did singlets this past weekend and Perry is going to do a Gladiator sword for their FS/Gr Open.
  11. IGWC Beck was #2 seed at 145 now is at 160. Now will have #3 seed Skinner from BG second rd.
  12. 152, a good example... # 2 seeded Washington kid, no longer at 152...placed in 160 bracket...can't move a seeded wrestler
  13. Southport sectional....brackets from Monday have been changed, seeded wrestlers have moved weight classes...is that legal?
  14. I say we add wild cards. Pick up a couple super studs and tell the kids that has been wrestling all year sorry you’re just not good enough we found someone to take your spot.
  15. I did slack this year. Sorry to disappoint everyone. Lol
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