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  1. They have a Fieldhouse that hold 8,000 and only have 25 fans. When Perry wrestled them we were only allowed two parents per kid wrestling.
  2. Awesome. Perry Meridian is not disappointed.
  3. Dang you got me. I forgot all about that post. Lol.
  4. Coach Moore is that funny like a clown? Or funny like getting beat by 50?
  5. That was Perry’s third string. Perry beat FC by 50 at CCC and beat Sp 55-12 in a dual.
  6. Could this be the new home for IHSWCA TEAM State or ISWA State. https://fox59.com/2019/07/22/indiana-state-fairgrounds-to-build-new-50-million-swine-barn/
  7. What are some of the better awards at tournaments? I know BG did singlets this past weekend and Perry is going to do a Gladiator sword for their FS/Gr Open.
  8. IGWC Beck was #2 seed at 145 now is at 160. Now will have #3 seed Skinner from BG second rd.
  9. 152, a good example... # 2 seeded Washington kid, no longer at 152...placed in 160 bracket...can't move a seeded wrestler
  10. Southport sectional....brackets from Monday have been changed, seeded wrestlers have moved weight classes...is that legal?
  11. I say we add wild cards. Pick up a couple super studs and tell the kids that has been wrestling all year sorry you’re just not good enough we found someone to take your spot.
  12. I did slack this year. Sorry to disappoint everyone. Lol
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