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  1. Yeah he coached my Dad in the 70’s. Finding exact numbers may be tough to do. You’re right from a small school that didn’t have wrestling to doing what he was able to do 🤯🤯
  2. Wish I had access to get Elwood’s Rex Leavitt year by year breakdown. He’s got over 200.
  3. What in the world did Logan Bailey eat over the summer??
  4. Dumb question but does that change any other part of the bracket?
  5. Are these gone? I thought I messaged you yesterday but not sure.
  6. I love the rush of trying to get seats low even when you’ve waited in line but would love even more to pay extra ahead of time to show up twenty minutes early and have a seat all ready. The IHSAA can have my money for that luxury!
  7. Madison Grant gets their first ever qualifier at Heavyweight
  8. Thanks I thought Track was messed up! Ft Wayne is almost through the second round
  9. Anyone else having trouble with track not showing anything for New Castle?
  10. Anytime you say to yourself I wish Joe would do it this way, or why does he have him on there. As I moved to the Show Me State I realize even more how nice it is for being connected for FREE!!
  11. Somehow someone was streaming Morgan's mat on Track. Super sweet take down at the end!
  12. Had the same issue. Email them and they will refund you your money.
  13. I have watched this match a number of times. I had never noticed that it looked like Campbell was asking for injury time before the last takedown by Petrov.
  14. Vega vs Schaffer Saturday morning 1996. This is the match the hooked me to this sport for life. I think Market Square made this match better. everyone setting so close to each other all but a few watching one match. Red vs Lee Great scrambles and the best energy I have felt at the Bank/Conseco Petrov vs Campbell
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