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  1. Single handedly ??? I think more teams beat an EMD wrestler than just Crown Point!!
  2. Wasn’t there a Brooks from Warsaw a few years ago pin his way through the state finals? I don’t remember for sure. He’s fighting MMA now I think.
  3. I’m pretty sure 105.9 will be there. Bazz was at sectionals last week from noon on. Not positive though.
  4. 106: Baldwin,Stapleton,Fowler,Flood 113: Sturgill,Brooks,Kinney,Casper 120: Higgins,Sailers,Swango,Wyatt 126: Stroud,Long,Schultz,Albright 132: Brooks,Burlingame,Legg,Keaton 138: Barnette,Bernhardt,Fletcher,Lincoln 145: France,Shaffer,Baber,Forsyth 152:McKinley,Goodwin,Ayres,Galbraith 160: Carandante,Duffy,France,Deckard 170: Zapata,Blake,Shaffer,Caudill 182: Constable,Garland,Goshert,Lederhilger 195: I’ll skip this one. I have a dog in this fight. 220: Warmuth,Higgins,Dill,Jones 285:Kamphues,Duvall,Ringeisen,Brousseau
  5. I don’t feel I would do them justice. I just thought our sectional wrestlers outa be talked about a bit. Many others were so I thought I’d try and get something started.
  6. Hopefully the father was kicked out of the building. The wrestler that did the illegal slam should be DQ’d !!!! Two of my kids have been slammed like that over the years. One screwed up his shoulder. Call it adrenaline, excitement or whatever you like. IMO that cannot be accidental. At this age if you control yourself better than that than you’re outa here !!!!!!!!!
  7. IMO I really like dual tourney’s A kid I’d is guaranteed more matches but when it comes to conference i would strongly prefer the individual format!
  8. Ah ok! I didn’t realize the duals was they’re conference tourney! Shows what I know!! Lol
  9. Curious to hear some conference predictions!!
  10. Only wrestled through freshmen year due to knee and back injuries. Wrestled HWT. Graduated in 1985 at 245. At 225 now.
  11. Classless comment from arrogant stuck on themselves big dogs.
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