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  1. In regards to 1A, first of all congrats to Winamac. Secondly, I realize I am biased but when you are 18 points ahead on criteria, it would seem there would have to be an overwhelming amount of evidence to bump around. I haven’t heard that Winamac met that level over South Adams. We had no forfeits at the Sectional, return most of our Regional points and have an outstanding group of eight graders. That may sound like Winamac’s argument. Nevertheless, what’s done is done and we will just go do it on the mat
  2. Over the weekend we lost another Northeast Indiana wrestling coach, Steve Tatman from South Adams. He lost the match with cancer, as per his request, there will be no services.
  3. Coach and I had a great rivalry while he was at Bluffton and I was at Adams Central and it continued with his outstanding success at Colombia City and I was at New Haven but most of all we have been good friends. I had the honor to induct him into the IHSWCA Hall of Fame. I will certainly miss our conversations
  4. Back in the 80s, Ray Ashley of Adams Central finished fourth at the FW SS. He came to visit me on the following Monday morning prior to school and he apologized that he didn’t do as well as he intended on Saturday. He promised he would do better at the State. On Friday night he beat a SS champ, won his Saturday morning match and then defeated another SS champ in the semifinals. Under the lights at MSA, he tossed a young man from Merrillville on his back but unfortunately he landed what then was out of bounds and later lost the match. He finished fourth at the SS because on that day he was not the better wrestler but he really got it going the following week.
  5. At this year’s State Finals: Lonnie Chamberlain, 2x state finalist for Adams Central at 98lbs and former coach at New Pal
  6. In response to the Tom Jarman influence upon Manchester grads and their impact upon successes we witnessed this past weekend, let me add this. Before Coach Jarman was at Manchester, before he was at Northwestern, he came to Taylor University my senior year and had a profound influence upon me and in my initiating the wrestling program at Adams Central. The rest is history.
  7. I believe in the mid 1980s, Mark Toarmini from Leo HS came in as an alternate and placed. Mark later on wrestled in college. Someone who his historically minded could confirm
  8. I believe it was 1985 or 86, Adams Central had openings in their schedule and inquired/ invited to the Twin Lakes tournament. As I recall it was a blind draw affair. We were fortunate to perform very well with all but one guy placing including several champs. It was an honor for our small school to win such an acknowledge able tough tournament. We tried to go back the next year but we’re denied. Our AD was told we scored too many points
  9. I agree with the assessments offered on team potentials for next year but also remember that South Adams only had three seniors in their Sectional lineup and no forfeits. In addition, they have some pretty fair eight graders
  10. You’re exactly correct, the Harlan folk would not be happy with me. I blame it on automatic spell check and old age
  11. I apologize Mr Kraus as I was away from the ACAC during Garrett’s tenure but I still have. Small connection to Garrett as I had the privilege to coach Lucas Fielden at New Haven and we all know what great joy he brought to Garrett
  12. The first ACAC Wrestling tournament was held in 1972. The competing schools at that time were Adams Central, Carroll, Homestead, Norwell and Woodland. Heritage and Leo started wrestling later along with Southern Wells. Current members Bluffton and South Adams were in a different conference while Jay County had not consolidated. There was also a period of time that Churubusco and Eastside competed in ACAC wrestling
  13. Back in the “Stone Age” when I started the program at Adams Central, I was a 22 years old Taylor University grad
  14. I was impressed with Cowan as they are well coached by Tony and his staff. Our disappointment at SA is to have three starters out and not having our best lineup but no disrespect to Cowan. I love their gym and the enthusiasm of their fans
  15. Dave, you said it well. There is nothing like the wrestling family. Colin and Ashlyn along with you and your team are in our prayers
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