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  1. Dave, you said it well. There is nothing like the wrestling family. Colin and Ashlyn along with you and your team are in our prayers
  2. Back in 1981 Lynn Fiechter from Adams Central finished his junior season as State Runner-up but chose not to wrestle his senior year for religious reasons. He is the father of the five Southern Wells Fiechter brothers who hold the state record for most wins by brothers and several state placements.
  3. Bob was truly a well read gentleman but also a very intense coach who always saw the best in any situation. He was an asset to his community and the entire wrestling community. We have lost a great friend!
  4. I know this dates me, but “We’re heading South to Southport!”
  5. The place I learned to wrestle from Dick McCory and Gerald Shelby was at Pendleton, outside the walls, and we were known at the “Irish.”
  6. There are not enough words to adequately give Dick credit for all the contributions he has made to INDIANA wrestling but he surely recorded all that happened. What has always impressed me has been his style. Conversations with him were always a treat.
  7. Didn’t Sawyer defeat Hayden twice his senior year?
  8. In spite of different opinions, we must all be proud of our Indiana guys who gained opportunities to wrestle outside of D1 and find great success. Thanks for researching and bringing this to the forefront
  9. Please excuse my bias but I would put Sawyer Miller at 125. NAIA National Champ, three time All American wrestled at INDIANA Tech
  10. You’re exactly correct he was a 4th placer, thanks
  11. With the help of Coach Currie, here is the All-Time team for Adams Central modified to use today’s weight classes: 106 Troy Roe: 1,4,5,Q 113 Lynn Fiechter: 2 120 Ray Ashley: 2, Q 126 Mark Griffiths: 2, Q 132 Leroy Striker: 4th 138 Andy Bertsch: 2, 3 145 Jim Marbach: 3, 3 152 Tony Currie: 2, 3, Q 160 Jeff McCullough: 4th 170 Kaine Luginbill: 4, Q, Q 182 Jack Bertsch: 4th 220 Ryan Wolfe: 5, 5 285 Brian Werst & Josh Stetler Q Plus the following place winners: Mike Gremaux: 4th, Gregg Snyder: 4th, Q, Todd Yoder: 4th, Q, Denny Schwartz: 4th, Q, Q, Eric Hunter: 4th, Tyson Bercot: 3, Q, Q, Trey Schultz: 8, Vince McAfee: 6, Hunter Bates: 8, Logan Macklin: 5, Q, Alex Currie: 7, Q, Blake Heyerly: 8. Then the following 2X Qualifiers: Lonnie Chamberlain, Ethan Fiechter, Jarrod Schwartz, Cody Walburn, Anthony Moser and Logan Moser. Add to that, there are 20 one -time qualifiers. Maybe not all the champs as the “Big Boys” but not too bad for a 1A school with less than 200 boys (some have to play round ball)
  12. I cannot adequately express how much I have enjoyed knowing and watching Jim and Keith work the mats. I first met Keith when he was coaching and then encountered him as a ref and likewise, Jim as a ref. Both these men have always been interested in what’s best for the wrestlers and they conducted themselves in that manner. I have the greatest respect for them.
  13. I will be there but I will be wearing a black shirt. We have a bye in the first round
  14. You certainly have an important but thankless job my friend. I can tell you South Adams has not even wrestled in competition but will open the season Friday at the ACAC Duals.
  15. You certainly have an important but thankless job my friend. I can tell you South Adams has not even wrestled in competition but will open the season Friday at the ACAC Duals.
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