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  1. Don was in every aspect a gentleman as well as an intense coach. He was one of the first coaches that I met when I began, a good mentor and friend.
  2. Another interesting point, Sawyer Miller of South Adams was a three time State Placer, including a runner-up spot as a senior and a three time NAIA AA at Indiana Tech, including National Championship as a senior. He lost the State Championship in OT by a takedown to Malloy of Danville but won the NAIA in OT with a takedown
  3. Here’s my take: I have always believed in numbers make you better. At Adams Central we had max 200 boys. Obviously, some of them have to play basketball but we had several years 50 participants. The reason was not an excellent coach but providing an opportunity to compete. We had a varsity, JV an C team schedule and tournaments for all. I had several young men who I would have liked to have been the “extra.” When I was at FW South, we struggled to have 20 and fill all the weights but we had some great “backups” that I would have liked to have as “extras.” At New Haven we averaged about 36 but
  4. I believe Joe is on to something that has much merit. Back in my earlier days at Adams Central we hosted a MS Invitational for 10 plus teams and the ACAC. We allowed each school to enter up to 4 wrestlers per weight class for the Invitational and 2 per weight class for the ACAC. The point was not “stacking” the scoring possibilities but giving opportunities to compete. I believe that’s what we want to happen. Joe’s data for adjusting weight classes clearly indicates that shuffling weight classes is not the answer to increase participation.
  5. I received a phone call from a college cross country teammate who lives in Las Cruces and he was delighted to share this story. I guess it becomes one of the corollary benefits of being a wrestler
  6. I don’t think it is a secret society but you do make a valid point. I will suggest to Secretary Sam Riesen, up your way, to get the info to you to help us promote the event. Thanks
  7. I went to my first State in 1965 but my consecutive string started in 1971 so congrats to my friend Pete. It’s like a family reunion but I can tell you as good as it’s in the stands it’s even better on the floor.
  8. I appreciate all those comments made. I was at mat side. The referee signaled a false start, the Oak Hill wrestler was tended and their was discussion taking place between the head coach of Oak Hill and the referees along with one of those in charge refs. I am not being critical but what I would have liked to have seen would have been that the ref would have signaled the “false start” on him, given the appropriate “recovery time” and then let the match continue. That would eliminate some of the more negative effects.
  9. How about them Bulldogs? The last two weeks you prognosticators have not given them much notice. However, I am pleased for Garrett and in particular, Mr. Fielding as I had the privilege of coaching his father. Another kudo to Coach Cochran, as I also had the privilege to Coach him at Northrop with Coach Diprimio. See you all at the SS!
  10. This is a terrific piece of research but to show my bias: Little old Adams County has the #2 & #10 programs with Bellmont and Adams Central. South Adams has been gaining ground. We like to think we are the number one wrestling county in the State.
  11. It’s a shame that the SAC only wanted Carroll and Homestead for the so called, “revenue sports.” However, whether you dislike purple, it should be noted that according to a study a few years ago, purple was the most used color of Indiana schools
  12. As an opposing admirer, Coach Read is the epitome of the coaching profession strives to be. The previous post was right on, congrats!
  13. Graduated in 1966 (Stone Age for most of you) wrestled 138 and now 160
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