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  1. Coach McClurg, Duane gave me my 1st college loss (8-6) in the quarters of the Indiana Little State held at Taylor University in December of 1980. He placed 3rd and I finished a disappointing 6th. The next year, I beat him in the Little State finals (8-8, 7-1 / OT) at home (Wabash) PICTURED. We never wrestled again, I believe partially because he was also a football player at ICU and had to pull too much weight to make 190 easily early in the season. I stayed down at 190 because ICU also had a giant of a man at HWT named Wade Hall that was an AA prior to Duane in 1985.
  2. We are still looking for 1 more team to fill this field. Let me know ASAP.
  3. A good man gone way too soon.
  4. Rolland C. Beckham “Fall Brawl” Super Dual IHSAA Week #20: Friday-Saturday, November 20-21, 2020 at Calumet High School, Gary, Indiana Site: Calumet H.S., 3900 Calhoun Street, Gary, Indiana. Tel. (219) 989-7847. Contact Coach Jim Wadkins with questions. Note: my e-mail address is jwadkins@lakeridgeschools.net and my cell # is 219-682-7806. Hotels: Over the last few years, we have established a relationship with Marriott Properties at the Fairfield Inn, Courtyard, and Residence Inn in South Hammond near Interstate-80
  5. Absolutely...most of the Indianapolis merchants are also Central Indiana citizens who pay taxes that help build those sports venues in Indy. The venues are going to make their money while the action is going on. The rest of Indy gets their cut during the "down" time when we are walking the streets, during the break and on Friday night after BLF empties out. Don't get me wrong, I would love a full two day tourney with complete wrestlebacks, but the reality is that it will never happen unless a wrestling person becomes the IHSAA Commissioner some day.
  6. The IHSAA will never buy into this because they would still have 16 alive on Saturday morning. This scenario would still have 8 guys alive at noon on Saturday. They will never agree to starting earlier on Friday and they will not eliminate the time schedule they use on Saturday. Too many establishments in Indianapolis make a lot of money during those breaks. Not trying to be a negative Nate, I've just been in the IHSAA Conference Room too many times to ever think the powers that be will ever make a decision that produces a better, fairly balanced tourney.
  7. CLASS ACT!! One of the finest men I have ever had the privilege of coaching against.
  8. 2019 Chris Traicoff Memorial Wrestling Invitational at Calumet High School (Saturday, December 14, 2019) Round 1: Championship Round Cathedral-75, Lake Station-6 SB Riley-45, Valparaiso-27 Floyd Central-73, Guerin Catholic-6 Westfield-66, Culver Academy-16 Mishawaka-75, Calumet-6 Portage-59, Southmont-18 Lawrence North-54, Lowell-30 Franklin-77, Munster-6 Round 2: Championship Round Cathedral-45, SB Riley-17 Westfield-60, Floyd Central-18 Portage-45, Mishawaka-36 Franklin-55, Lawrence
  9. C.) CTM Pairings.rtf.dot #1) Cathedral(#2) vs. Lake Station #8) South Bend Riley vs. Valparaiso #5) Floyd Central vs. Guerin Catholic #4) Westfield(#15) vs. Culver Academy #3) Mishawaka(#12) vs. Calumet #6) Portage vs. Southmont #7) Lawrence North vs. Lowell #2) Franklin(#16) vs. Munster
  10. Due to the inclement weather approaching the Calumet Region, the Rumble in the Region Middle School Wrestling tourney scheduled for tomorrow (Sat., Jan. 19th) at Calumet High School has been cancelled. We will be unable to reschedule this season. Be safe!! Please spread the word!
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