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  1. CLASS ACT!! One of the finest men I have ever had the privilege of coaching against.
  2. 2019 Chris Traicoff Memorial Wrestling Invitational at Calumet High School (Saturday, December 14, 2019) Round 1: Championship Round Cathedral-75, Lake Station-6 SB Riley-45, Valparaiso-27 Floyd Central-73, Guerin Catholic-6 Westfield-66, Culver Academy-16 Mishawaka-75, Calumet-6 Portage-59, Southmont-18 Lawrence North-54, Lowell-30 Franklin-77, Munster-6 Round 2: Championship Round Cathedral-45, SB Riley-17 Westfield-60, Floyd Central-18 Portage-45, Mishawaka-36 Franklin-55, Lawrence North-20 Round 2: Consolation Round Valparaiso-70, Lake Station-12 Guerin Catholic-46, Culver Academy-26 Southmont-42, Calumet-29 Lowell-52, Munster-28 Round 3: Round-Robin (1st-4th Place Pool) Cathedral-52, Westfield-13 Franklin-37, Portage-32 (5th-8th Place Pool) Floyd Central-39, SB Riley-31 Mishawaka-56, Lawrence North-19 (9th-12th Place Pool) Valparaiso-57, Guerin Catholic-14 Southmont-42, Lowell-36 (13th-16th Place Pool) Lake Station-36, Culver Academy-24 Calumet-36, Munster-27 Round 4: Round-Robin (1st-4th Place Pool) Cathedral-63, Portage-13 Franklin-38, Westfield-27 (5th-8th Place Pool) Mishawaka-54, SB Riley-20 Lawrence North-46, Floyd Central-39 (9th-12th Place Pool) Southmont-42, Valparaiso-32 Lowell-42, Guerin Catholic-37 (13th-16th Place Pool) Calumet-36, Lake Station-33 Munster-42, Culver Academy-36 Round 5: Round-Robin (1st-4th Place Pool) Cathedral-53, Franklin-18 Portage-42, Westfield-30 (5th-8th Place Pool) Lawrence North-42, SB Riley-37 Mishawaka-54, Floyd Central-24 (9th-12th Place Pool) Valparaiso-44, Lowell-33 Southmont-66, Guerin Catholic-12 (13th-16th Place Pool) Lake Station-39, Munster-36 Calumet-42, Culver Academy-24 TEAM PLACEMENT (RECORDS) 1.) Cathedral (5-0) 2.) Franklin (4-1) 3.) Portage (3-2) 4.) Westfield (2-3) 5.) Mishawaka (4-1) 6.) Lawrence North (3-2) 7.) Floyd Central (2-3) 8.) SB Riley (1-4) 9.) Southmont (4-1) 10.) Valparaiso (3-2) 11.) Lowell (2-3) 12.) Guerin Catholic (1-4) 13.) Calumet (3-2) 14.) Lake Station (2-3) 15.) Munster (1-4) 16.) Culver Academy (0-5)
  3. C.) CTM Pairings.rtf.dot #1) Cathedral(#2) vs. Lake Station #8) South Bend Riley vs. Valparaiso #5) Floyd Central vs. Guerin Catholic #4) Westfield(#15) vs. Culver Academy #3) Mishawaka(#12) vs. Calumet #6) Portage vs. Southmont #7) Lawrence North vs. Lowell #2) Franklin(#16) vs. Munster
  4. Calumet is looking to schedule a competitive dual, either home or on the road, for the upcoming season. Please e-mail Coach Jim Wadkins if you have any interest. jwadkins@lakeridgeschools.net
  5. Coach Schoettle, I have an opening at the Traicoff Duals on 12/14/19. It will be 5 duals. Are you interested? We'd love to have your #1's, but your #2's would be competitive with many of the teams here.
  6. Have you found a tournament on 12/14 yet? Calumet's Traicoff Duals would love to have a Ft. Wayne area team in the mix.
  7. We had a team drop out of the Traicoff Duals today. This tourney is probably the toughest day of duals in Indiana outside of the IHSWCA Team State Finals. The current field includes: Cathedral, Franklin, Portage, Mishawaka, Lowell, Floyd Central, Culver Academy, Westfield, South Bend Riley, Valparaiso, Lawrence North, Southmont, Munster, Calumet, & Lake Station. If you are interested in filling this vacancy, please contact: Coach Jim Wadkins ( jwadkins@lakeridgeschools.net / 219-682-7806 )
  8. Due to the inclement weather approaching the Calumet Region, the Rumble in the Region Middle School Wrestling tourney scheduled for tomorrow (Sat., Jan. 19th) at Calumet High School has been cancelled. We will be unable to reschedule this season. Be safe!! Please spread the word!
  9. 2018 Chris Traicoff Memorial Wrestling Invitational at Calumet High School (Saturday, December 8, 2018) Round 1: Championship Round #1) Cathedral-84, Munster-0 #8) South Bend Riley-37, Lowell-36 #5) Franklin-36, Valparaiso-30 #4) Crown Point-46, Floyd Central-25 Calumet-45, #3) Culver Academy-36 #6) Mishawaka-36, Lawrence North-31, #7) Westfield-47, Southmont-21 #2) Portage-64, Lake Station-3 Round 2: Championship Quarterfinal Round Cathedral-72, South Bend Riley-4 Franklin-42, Crown Point-35 Mishawaka-76, Calumet-4 Portage-39, Westfield-27 Round 2: Consolation Quarterfinal Round Lowell-66, Munster-6 Valparaiso-52, Floyd Central-25 Lawrence North-47, -29 Southmont-68, Lake Station-18 Round 3: Round-Robin (1st-4th Place Pool) Cathedral-58, Franklin-5 Portage-52, Mishawaka-25 (5th-8th Place Pool) Crown Point-55, SB Riley-21 Westfield-60, Calumet-15 (9th-12th Place Pool) Lowell-38, Valparaiso-27 Lawrence North-49, Southmont-24 (13th-16th Place Pool) Floyd Central-75, Munster-6 Culver Academy-42, Lake Station-30 Round 4: Round-Robin (1st-4th Place Pool) Cathedral-61, Mishawaka-9 Portage-49, Franklin-21 (5th-8th Place Pool) SB Riley-54, Calumet-26 Crown Point-41, Westfield-25 (9th-12th Place Pool) Lowell-34, Lawrence North-33 Southmont-40 Valparaiso-30 (13th-16th Place Pool) Culver Academy-54, Munster-12 Floyd Central-66, Lake Station-12 Round 5: Round-Robin (1st-4th Place Pool) Cathedral-47, Portage-18 Franklin-40, Mishawaka-29 (5th-8th Place Pool) Westfield-60, SB Riley-13 Crown Point-58, Calumet-21 (9th-12th Place Pool) Southmont-51, Lowell-27 Lawrence North-42, Valparaiso-28 (13th-16th Place Pool) Munster-41, Lake Station-36 Floyd Central-48, Culver Academy-36 TEAM PLACEMENT (RECORDS) 1.) Cathedral (5-0) 2.) Portage (4-1) 3.) Franklin (3-2) 4.) Mishawaka (2-3) 5.) Crown Point (4-1) 6.) Westfield (3-2) 7.) South Bend Riley (2-3) 8.) Calumet (1-4) 9.) Lawrence North (3-2) *TB (Most Points – 82) 10.) Southmont (3-2) (75) 11.) Lowell (3-2) (61) 12.) Valparaiso (1-4) 13.) Floyd Central (3-2) 14.) Culver Academy (2-3) 15.) Munster (1-4) 16.) Lake Station (0-5)
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