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  1. @FCFIGHTER170 I enjoy reading your take on the New Castle history. I grew up wrestling a bunch of New Castle kids. It was always a battle and I never liked them. haha. NC also came to our AC Invite for several years, along with Bloomington South. It was a tough 8 team event with studs up and down the brackets. Tony Currie
  2. Adams Central is looking to start a 2 day, 10 team Holiday Duals event on 12/28 and 12/29 this upcoming season. Full round robin with 9 matches for everyone. We are also trying to pull in a couple Ohio teams. Please contact me if you have any interest. Tony Currie currie5fam@gmail.com 260-223-7203
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    Alex Currie
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    Alex Currie
  5. My one wish for the state finals is not bracket related. It would be to have the walk of champions with the entire group of qualifiers. I overheard one of my wrestlers talking to a teammate saying we have been teammates since 1st grade and I wish we could walk together. One is first session and one is second.
  6. Interesting to see majority of 2a is north of Indy and 3a south of Indy. 1a is probably the most spread out with 4 teams from each of IHSAA's 3 regions. 4a is obviously mostly Indy metro.
  7. we had a similar situation with 5 kids involved all had a head to head win over someone in the bracket 1 over 2 2 over 3 3 over 4 4 over 5 5 over 1 the 5 seed had beat the 1 seed it went to win percentage for the first seed then criteria reset and it went by head to head wins down the line.
  8. Wrestler 1- most head to heads and no losses to the group then criteria resets Wrestler 2- most head to head wins criteria resets Wrestler 4- beat 5 who beat 3 Wrestler 5- beat 3 Wrestler 3
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    Blake Heyerly
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    Trevor Currie
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    Austin Myers
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    Alex Currie
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    Logan Uhlman
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    Tony Wood
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