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  3. Adams Central
  4. I was ok at math back in the day. You can can calculate stats or percentages to support pretty much whatever you want. All I know is that 12 teams per division pretty much included everyone who had a shot regardless of which division they were classified in. Splitting 3A up really just adds an opportunity for the lower enrollment 3A teams to have a legitimate shot to win a title. Which is fantastic. Now why would you take away that opportunity from programs that are smaller yet? One of the initial goals when this was started was to increase excitement and try to grow small school wrestling. Back to percentages- on any given year we have 12-15% of our HS boy population out for wrestling. I feel that is a high percentage considering not all boys walking the hall are athletes, and you subtract out the basketball players and swimmers. Team State is something we highlight and use as a tool to recruit kids. I am sure by the excitement and fan support of the other 1A schools, that they also consider it an honor to compete in this event. I would like to see it stay at 12 teams per division.
  5. Not so much the case in 1A. We were a vote in one year and won the title. I believe Prairie Heights was voted in once or twice. Bluffton was left out as a vote in this year and would have been a contender. The crazy thing with 1A is that 1-2 kids can make a significant impact for that teams competitiveness. Team depth is the over whelming factor that makes 1A different than 2-4A. By dropping the number of teams in 1A, you are potentially going to continue (or increase) to leave out teams that could contend. Tony Currie
  6. Adams Central
  7. Adams Central
  8. Adams Central
  9. Adams Central
  10. Centerville
  11. Adams Central is looking for 2 teams to fill our 10 team invitational on 1/18. This is a unique tournament. We pool up the individual weight classes and run it as an individual round robin tournament. As long as the weight classes are full, each wrestlers is guaranteed 5 matches. If interested please contact AD Graham Mcallister: 260 - 692 - 6105, mcallister@accs.k12.in.us
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