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  1. This was already a whole thread back then. But if you really want to go into it, yea who knows what could've happened after Tommy would've been up by 3 points after he took a shot and went straight to a half (didn't know shots and halves were considered catching moves) but that's how it happened and the ref called a fall.
  2. You are missing Tommy Cash and Blake Rypel both did it the same year as Streck
  3. This is Justice Cash and after losing 4 times at semi-state I am coming on here to share the story that I never was able to share after winning a state title... The dog tag in the picture has been in my shoe for every wrestling match since Amante Young's death... He was a brother to me and there was nothing I wanted to do more than win a state title for him and his memory. He died tragically in a car crash a few months after winning a state title in Michigan. For those who knew Amante you would know he was one of the sweetest, joyful, and kind hearted people you've ever met. He was always smil
  4. Does Evansville semi state have an extra pound allowance?
  5. I think the craziest match would be Colton Cummings and Jarred Brooks they had similar wrestling styles. Would be surprised if that match didn't end up bloody...
  6. There is around 70 ranked wrestlers all from Indiana at the Al Smith this year and MD has 30 something from Indiana and 75 total. With some of the Kentucky kids being ranked in the 20s. We all know Indiana is there better wrestling state so I will have to say Al Smith easily is more competitive
  7. Race Stewart at 285 from Bloomington North is gonna turn some heads this year
  8. I know it is a bit early in the season still but anyone have some early dark horse predictions? Ranked 9-16 or not ranked at all.
  9. Jeremiah Henderson (Lawrence North) over #12 Cade Meier (Bloomington South) 6-5 Then it seemed like Meier got DQed for the rest of the day
  10. Mooresville Holiday classic is still tough but sadly have lost a couple of good teams to out of state tournaments or Al Smith
  11. With season just around the corner, figured we could look in the past and ask who are some of the best wrestlers to come up short? Whether it be from making it to state entirely or just short of a state title.
  12. Bloomington North takes Ben Farmer as their new head coach over Tommy Cash.
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