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  1. Here are the current team scores after day 1.
  2. Beech Grove's-Ethan Thompson over Roncalli's-Drew Willis by FALL!
  3. I talked with his dad Friday night. He stated that his son's first year wrestling was last year and he was "iffy" about wrestling year this hence his record going into the State Finals. He dad was very supportive and enthusiastic watching him Friday night. Kudos to the kid and West Layette, very gifted athletic and was FUN to watch.
  4. Every session is "SOLD OUT." I am wondering how the Friday session sales will since the sales open at 10:00pm on Friday. After attending camp last night my youngest wants to watch the "the big kids wrestle." Went to order for Friday night gone!!!
  5. They are updated now and they are live!
  6. Some of the brackets are changing, waiting for the IHSAA.
  7. BG, N. Thompson dec. 6-5 Mon. #8Whalen, Evansville SS
  8. Coach Brown

    Indiana Crossroads Conference

  9. The numbers are at 1002 wrestlers that are registered!!!
  10. Weigh-ins are (I am assuming) since the doors open at 7:00am are from 7:00-8:15am.
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