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  1. AMS 42 vs, Northwest 6 AMS 42 Emma Donnan 6 Arlington Middle School improves to 5-3. We will wrestle on Feb. 25 @home vs. Harshman, Northwest, Super School 19 and Emma Donnan Feb. 27th @Tech vs. Harshman, Northwest, and TC Howe COMPETITIONS BEGINS AT 5:00 PM. COME OUT AND SUPPORT INNER-CITY WRESTLING!!! 😎
  2. Coach Brown

    FROSH/SOPH State - Any Predictions?

    A lot of some good wrestling!!! We have 3 kids participating from The Hive!!!
  3. Coach Brown

    Track @ New Castle??

    Its been working fine for me all day.
  4. I spoke with DJ's uncle today at church. He stated that it was just a neck sprain, strain, etc.....He is schedule to see the doctor on Thursday and if he is cleared he will be ready to go. DJ is a great young man and he absolutely LOVES the sport.
  5. I'll start at the Perry Regional, Warren Central advanced all 14 wrestlers. Perry Meridian advanced 11.
  6. The 132 bracket, at Perry's Regional has been fixed!!
  7. We at Beech Grove, noticed the error and I am sure that the Perry Meridian Tournament Director will have this fixed for Saturday. Nonetheless, we are ready to battle.
  8. Coach Brown

    Sectional Brackets

    Yes, I am assuming they are keeping the brackets under lock, this is a first. Unless, they went to this over the past 4 years. I was semi-retired as a HC. Or you have the brackets!!! 🤨
  9. Coach Brown

    Sectional Brackets

    Should be around 9:00pm or 10:00pm
  10. Coach Brown

    Indiana Crossroads Tournament

  11. Coach Brown

    Sectional Seeding Criteria Question

    Is strength of schedule a criteria used for seeding nowadays? I have been out of the coaching realm for a while 4 years to be exact.
  12. Coach Brown

    Cancellations - 12 Jan 19

    The ICC-is moved to January 19th,
  13. Littell, is a fun kid to watch!!!
  14. Coach Brown

    Marion County Tournamnet


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