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  1. The numbers are at 1002 wrestlers that are registered!!!
  2. Weigh-ins are (I am assuming) since the doors open at 7:00am are from 7:00-8:15am.
  3. Coach Brown

    2019 Indianapolis City

  4. Coach Brown

    2019 Marion County

  5. a loyal, reliable, and hardworking supporter or participant in an organization or team
  6. Coach Brown

    Capital City Classic

  7. AMS 42 vs, Northwest 6 AMS 42 Emma Donnan 6 Arlington Middle School improves to 5-3. We will wrestle on Feb. 25 @home vs. Harshman, Northwest, Super School 19 and Emma Donnan Feb. 27th @Tech vs. Harshman, Northwest, and TC Howe COMPETITIONS BEGINS AT 5:00 PM. COME OUT AND SUPPORT INNER-CITY WRESTLING!!!
  8. A lot of some good wrestling!!! We have 3 kids participating from The Hive!!!
  9. Its been working fine for me all day.
  10. I spoke with DJ's uncle today at church. He stated that it was just a neck sprain, strain, etc.....He is schedule to see the doctor on Thursday and if he is cleared he will be ready to go. DJ is a great young man and he absolutely LOVES the sport.
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