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  1. The exception not the rule argument is interesting. Any wrestler going from High School to D1 is the exception not the rule
  2. I hope Currie can do it. But even though it would be a #4 over a #1 it won’t be an upset.
  3. Talk about wow!!! I would say he said "intentional" as there was penalty given. I too wondered the same question as gasman. Take a deep breath and enjoy life.
  4. If you throw the brick, your wrestler has to do jumping jacks during video review
  5. http://www.journalgazette.net/sports/high-schools/20190215/finals-a-family-affair?fbclid=IwAR1JPfnEg90YxpTe6uC8tNBBJEgmeJzh9xh6H7EMrFrro80CxrUqV0U-5D8http:
  6. Berne Witness has made me lazy. I am enjoying sitting in my lazyboy watching the action instead of going out in the cold. The knock I hear about WZBD from the southern half of the county is they only care about Bellmont. I enjoy the announcers ZBD but I like Bellmont wrestling;)
  7. The problem with it, is that it makes it easy for me to be lazy and not leave my house to go to Fort Wayne.
  8. I mean 220#. Still he is a big boy that beat the crap out of gravity!
  9. Biggest shocker from Ft. Wayne today was Jay County's heavy Gavin Hare's back flip....WOW!!!
  10. I would disagree with this. Is gender a choice like what kind of soda do I like Coke or Pepsi? I for one do not think it is. You can call it bigoted all you want (this does hit home for me and I love the person who is caught in this) I do not think I am. There was a president of an NAACP chapter who turned out to be white but identified as an African-American. Should that not be bigoted? Should she then, by the logic being presented here, be able to choose her ethnicity? Not trying to be disrespectful, but I do not buy what the cultural elites are trying to force on me!
  11. The finals are on Ihsaa unless u live in an area that gets foxsports Midwest then u r blacked out
  12. munges


    If u r out of the foxmidwest viewing area u can watch it for free on the ihsaa website (at least that is how it has been the last couple of years). That is finals only
  13. The difference is that the USSR did not refuse our athletes entry, the country chose not to send them. They in turn chose not to send theirs in 1984. In both cases they would have been able to participate. Here the host country is refusing entry to participants.
  14. Was watching some wrestling on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQWCi96qtBwand came across 1987-88 State. Got a kick out of seeing some old friends in the parade of champions. Too bad the finals were cut off.
  15. Humility???? That doesn't sound like humility. hu·mil·i·ty (h)yo͞oˈmilədē/ noun noun: humility a modest or low view of one's own importance;
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