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  1. formercollegekid

    IU and Purdue and B1G Tourney

    ******So IU cans their basketball coach and their football coach for performance and issues, yet their wrestling coach who has not won in years is employeed***** I was told that this is a money issue... apparently some guy named Goldman knows some other guys named Goldman and they donate a lot of money to iu.
  2. formercollegekid

    SS Wrestler of the day

    Evansville had a lot of great performances, my top ones would be 1. Logan boe of Danville...4 seed over a 1 seed who was/is a ranked returning State qualifier. Followed by a pin in the ticket round and then a close match (3-1) with a tough avon kid...followed by another win for 3rd. To put it all in perspective one kid from Danville scored more points than the entire Castle team who brought 13 kids. 2. Columbus east as a team...semi-final round was crazy...they just couldn't lose I was almost worried for B. Lee at 145 lol 3. Monrovia 170lb Stock beating Vanhorn in the finals for the 2nd time **Honorable mention** goes to New Washington's Noah Franklin (just cuz it's my list) --Newcastle-- 1. Perry Meridians B. Lowery at 106...what a day talk about beating some ranked kids..and beating some kids that had beat you.
  3. formercollegekid

    Evansville Semi State Picks

    Another great match at 170 between stock and vanhorn. Stock wins in overtime Mooresville regional gets all 4 to state at 170 3rd and 4th also goes to OT and was a great match...such a fun and competitive weight
  4. formercollegekid

    Evansville Semi State Picks

    132... 3rd and 4th places match... I'm glad new washington got to state and he will be a tough out for a semistate champ. . Really should have been 3rd. I'm a fan of luigs but he was pinned in the 1st. I'm glad both men got up and shook hands. Can't wait for Friday night. I'll be cheering for Noah Franklin!
  5. formercollegekid

    When is enough, ENOUGH?!

    Well if it's good Indiana kids you want on almost no scholarship money....that still win...WELL look no further then the University of Indianapolis! ! Started 9 Indiana kids this year and consistently does so year in and year out. The only thing you have to compromise is the D2 status and that can always change with time. http://s402.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&sport=wrestling&TIM=1393708052787&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=592

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