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  1. Man Ohio state is putting together a class.... number 1,2,3 in the country. In addition to some top 100 guys. Hopefully Ohio state will have some Indiana flavor in the varsity lineup over the next few years with Hall and Mendez Hurts IU to see another stud go out of state. On a positive note, it's good to see IU starting to get mentioned by some of these Elite guys. Congratulations to @Sig40 and the whole family
  2. Back to back years of brothers being all Americans together. Side note... can we talk about jimtowns college wrestling? Shane perky Colin crume C. Gimson M. Gimson Seems like they have had a ton of guys go on to big time success after high-school.
  3. So just the info I know... He did judo at a high level and then started wrestling. In high school he wrestled for Jay County like 2005-2009 Placed 2nd and 4th at 103 and 119 Losses to Alex Johns (ER) & Ethan Raley (IC) Wrestled at the University of Indianapolis at like 125/133 Left after like his sophomore year, uindy was still in transition to the new head coach. Think he might have been one of Warthens first recruits. Left for the west coast and been climbing the ladder ever since
  4. Gimson brothers are both all Americans at the same weight during the same year. Gotta be record... or at least a very short list
  5. Another article today in the paper.. https://amp.indystar.com/amp/4602385001
  6. Wow thats awful, condolences to the Prairie heights community.
  7. State champs get blue... and runner ups get red... same for the team. Top 2 teams get rings. Other Info Only the wrestlers who made it to state from the top 2 teams get team medals.. . the schools can opt to pay for more but the ihsaa only pays for the kids that made it to state.
  8. Was the article from today? Trying to find it to read
  9. Its the Mooresville regional.... which is basically another semi state
  10. 106 Larocca, Rioux both ticket rounders 113 Buttler , Courtney 8th and SQ 120 Haines, Stanberry 8th and ticket round 126 Schoeff, Ison 2nd and 3rd *all 4 made it to state 132 MONTGOMERY and Dalton 1st and 5th 138 Garcia and Roberts SQ and ticket round ( lost to Mendez and boarman) 145 Watson and Reynolds 2nd and 3rd 152 Conley and Rust 5th and ticket round (lost to eventual state champ) 160 Boe and Keith 7th and ticket round (lost to eventual state champ) 170 Fuqua and Hess SQ and ticket round 182 Buchanan and Pugliese 2nd and SQ 195 Carrington and Dickens 2nd and SQ ( Easton was also a SQ) 220 Skaggs and Oliver SQ and ticket round 285 Jones and Johnson 3rd and SQ (Kaba was also a SQ) So thats a state champ... and 4 runner ups.. 13 medals!
  11. So I was having a discussion with a wrestling buddy of mine and we couldn't come to an agreement so... now I bring it to you. What does your school consider note worthy? ? Some schools put a kids name up on the wall in a wrestling room just for going to state... others only if you place... others still only if you are top 2. Some schools anyone who goes to state gets a photo out by the athletic department. Others only if you win A good example I can think of is at indian creek if you go to state in any sport you get a photo up on the wall in the athletic hall. But at Warren to get a photo up on the wall you need to be top 2. Also noticed some sports like track and cross county hand out medals/ titles for being top 12 or top 16 Love to hear any thoughts... or comments
  12. I think the best option has already been stated... have dual team championships that are based on school size. And then have an individual tournament... to decide the state champ in each weight. Could get crazy...and in the individual tournament let multiple kids wrestle the same weight class from a team. Since under my plan team championships would have already been crowned, and team score wouldn't matter.
  13. I thought this singlet , with the matching wrestling boutique shoes was awesome! The Floyd Central singlet made sense to me they are the highlanders after all... kinda wish the whole thing was plaid like Anderson Highland used to do
  14. Thats awesome! I love cool stories like this. Surprised it fit tho... wasn't his brother a runner up at 152 and 170?
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