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  1. ******So IU cans their basketball coach and their football coach for performance and issues, yet their wrestling coach who has not won in years is employeed***** I was told that this is a money issue... apparently some guy named Goldman knows some other guys named Goldman and they donate a lot of money to iu.
  2. Smart coaching move by Indiana tech not using heavy weights and getting the whole team through to nationals. Makes me wonder what would happen if the ncaa's would let teams do this. Great few weeks for Indiana wrestling as a whole!
  3. Uindy is Regional Champs for the d2 midwest super regional.
  4. ***The only negative and possibly not fair - Did he move to 285 to avoid Mason Parris? He wrestled 220 as recently as April '16. Moved to 285 in summer so maybe it's not the case, but it makes me wonder. I couldn' blame him if that was the case, but if true it would keep me from voting him #1. Either way, after a lot of thought, I rated Bailey higher regardless but very close between the two.***** I believe (thought I read it in the paper) he made the move to 285 because that is what he will be wrestling at brown...he couldnt get to 197...College only has 10 weights. I would also like to throw out gunner larson...4 time state qualifier at 220..didn't give up a take down this year until the match with Paris...has wrestled on multiple national teams..also going d1 (west point)..mental attitude award winner...chose to stay at 220 because it was best for his team. I think my list would have to be 1.Brayden Bailey 2.Gunner larson 3.Evan Ellis 4.Andrew Davison 5.eli stock *honorable mention* Paul konrath or nick lee
  5. The over time that should have been? ? I always hate when there are time keeping issues in big matches...the zebras put a few seconds back on the board (8) but a lot of the people sitting around me thought it should have been more (11)...any thoughts? Well as I write this it looks like Cathedral got a gift at 132 and highway robbery at 138....that match was stolen from melloh!
  6. Track wrestling shows the points being subtracted with a listing like "160 Friday night " I honestly thought it was a coaches misconduct at first...but then the 2.0 deduction didn't make any sense
  7. What about Royce Deckard..Lawrence North and then Bloomington South Jim tonte...Perry Meridian and then warren central Derrick Snyder... might have a shot at it Unless you count the coaches association dual meet state tournament...as some schools do..in which case Snyder has already done it
  8. Evansville had a lot of great performances, my top ones would be 1. Logan boe of Danville...4 seed over a 1 seed who was/is a ranked returning State qualifier. Followed by a pin in the ticket round and then a close match (3-1) with a tough avon kid...followed by another win for 3rd. To put it all in perspective one kid from Danville scored more points than the entire Castle team who brought 13 kids. 2. Columbus east as a team...semi-final round was crazy...they just couldn't lose I was almost worried for B. Lee at 145 lol 3. Monrovia 170lb Stock beating Vanhorn in the finals for the 2nd time **Honorable mention** goes to New Washington's Noah Franklin (just cuz it's my list) --Newcastle-- 1. Perry Meridians B. Lowery at 106...what a day talk about beating some ranked kids..and beating some kids that had beat you.
  9. Another great match at 170 between stock and vanhorn. Stock wins in overtime Mooresville regional gets all 4 to state at 170 3rd and 4th also goes to OT and was a great match...such a fun and competitive weight
  10. 132... 3rd and 4th places match... I'm glad new washington got to state and he will be a tough out for a semistate champ. . Really should have been 3rd. I'm a fan of luigs but he was pinned in the 1st. I'm glad both men got up and shook hands. Can't wait for Friday night. I'll be cheering for Noah Franklin!
  11. Well if it's good Indiana kids you want on almost no scholarship money....that still win...WELL look no further then the University of Indianapolis! ! Started 9 Indiana kids this year and consistently does so year in and year out. The only thing you have to compromise is the D2 status and that can always change with time. http://s402.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&sport=wrestling&TIM=1393708052787&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=592
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