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  1. I'll also honorable mention Jeremiah Wills for every time he made 103, that was a dead man walking looking like Skeletor.
  2. I'd throw an honorable mention out for Cory Cook as Henry County/New Castle specific. 3x qualifier 2x placer
  3. Jade Mccammon was a Cadet and Junior All American at Fargo and never even qualified...
  4. Thanks for the input Lombardi, I suppose...
  5. Arizona State is known for being a party school...
  6. With all due respect to Trent he saw that cupboard becoming bare...
  7. That just sounds like a cop out for one of them
  8. Jesus Yorktown at 218... how the mighty have fallen
  9. A certain former state championship program used to put mats under the scales to help their kids make weight at home meets. Another former powerhouse program used separate locker rooms for weigh ins at their Super duals, the locker room with all the tough teams had scales a half pound heavier. The good old days...
  10. Love the part with the leg cradle where coach yelled that the ref stopped it because he'd never seen it before
  11. I love how this is always thrown out as an argument. I'd wager just about everyone on this forum has wrestled quite a bit, and is familiar with what should or shouldn't be a stall call, unless you're talking about some heavyweights.
  12. I don't mean to split hairs but South Bend is less than an hour from the Region. Indy to South Bend is close to 2 hr 30 min. You can live a mile away from a different time zone, so that doesn't mean much.
  13. The area is primarily made up of 1a/2a schools. Would you like to go plant your seed to increase numbers? Schools like Jimtown and Yorktown have year after year produced placers/champs against schools with triple or quadruple their numbers.
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