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  1. Joe, for those who are super lazy like myself who would rather take a photo of my credit card than type it in every purchase I make online; is it possible to simply take a photo of the book after the match and upload a photo?
  2. Between 152, 160, 170, and 182 there is one returning placer, and one state qualifier… EV SS 160 has 5 previous medals NC SS 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 220 combined has 5
  3. Feels like the rankings right now are CP, EV SS and some random guys from cathedral. Where is the North Mont regional? Where is the PH regional?
  4. I have been out off the mats for a few years now but still been following the sport closely. What has happened to the NC semi state quality? Based off of the rankings there are multiple weights that there could be no medalist. Where did the depth of this semi state go?
  5. 119 2006- had 4 current state champs and a champ the following year. 3 state champs coming in. None of them won it and only two placed.
  6. Joe, I can’t thank you enough for time and time again digging up this data. What you have done with making this site work is incredible. Outstanding doesn’t begin to describe your efforts. Unfortunately you can drown people in data and it does not change their minds. You’re the man Joe! Keep up the work!
  7. Campbell Vs. petrov complete battle all the way through.
  8. Do you understand how lucky Indiana wrestling was to have a state championship this February? Many other sports were not able to finish their season and now will not get to compete this year either. Stop pouting
  9. “The only thing you deserve is what you earn” Thomas Brands
  10. Right, and somewhere there is someone with a piece of paper with some A’s B’s C’s and D’s lined up in a unique order. Would that person like to share with the class?
  11. Age old question... when are they coming out?
  12. I didn’t like it either. Call me an old timer but I thought it was disrespectful. Especially for someone who has never been there before. His own teammate Garcia always acts with class. You would never see Howe, Angel, T-shirt’s eat a sandwich in that moment.
  13. Ha! You’re probably right the gas is getting to me, but I have a couple of problems with your post: 1. You’re right I don’t know exactly what he was thinking but in a jury of his peers he was booed significantly after the incident. This would lead me to conclude that many people including a referee that has to have years of wrestling experience to ref in that arena to agree that it was intentional. BTW you admitted fault in your arguement by saying that intentional head butts should be and did get penalized. 2. I did not diagnose anything. I said that the action had the potential to do those things. What I do know is that it lead to a nose bleed that was extremely hard to stop by trained professionals. 3. Brewer is not a “kid” he is of adult age and could fight in the military right now if he wanted to. Donahue is a kid, he still has to ride a bicycle to go anywhere he wants to. just an FYI I am a completely unbiased fan that wants the best for Indiana wrestling. I honestly don’t care who wins I was simply asking a rules question, but you responded with such vitriol as if I attacked you.
  14. With the intentional head-butt by brewer last night that lead to a potential broken nose/ concussion to Donahue, if the blood time runs out for Donahue would he win if it was due to the illegal move by Brewer?
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