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  1. Do you understand how lucky Indiana wrestling was to have a state championship this February? Many other sports were not able to finish their season and now will not get to compete this year either. Stop pouting
  2. “The only thing you deserve is what you earn” Thomas Brands
  3. Right, and somewhere there is someone with a piece of paper with some A’s B’s C’s and D’s lined up in a unique order. Would that person like to share with the class?
  4. Age old question... when are they coming out?
  5. I didn’t like it either. Call me an old timer but I thought it was disrespectful. Especially for someone who has never been there before. His own teammate Garcia always acts with class. You would never see Howe, Angel, T-shirt’s eat a sandwich in that moment.
  6. Ha! You’re probably right the gas is getting to me, but I have a couple of problems with your post: 1. You’re right I don’t know exactly what he was thinking but in a jury of his peers he was booed significantly after the incident. This would lead me to conclude that many people including a referee that has to have years of wrestling experience to ref in that arena to agree that it was intentional. BTW you admitted fault in your arguement by saying that intentional head butts should be and did get penalized. 2. I did not diagnose anything. I said that the action had the pote
  7. With the intentional head-butt by brewer last night that lead to a potential broken nose/ concussion to Donahue, if the blood time runs out for Donahue would he win if it was due to the illegal move by Brewer?
  8. I totally agree with this statement. 75% of the posts in this forum are sadly about the seedlings of the kids, and I haven’t seen much of anything talking about the health of the athletes. Can we call a spade a spade and acknowledge this is terrible for your body? Do you all think it’s odd that the wrestling community on average is significantly shorter than those outside of it? Do you think it’s just a coincidence or could it possibly be years of depriving your body of nutrients during critical periods of growth?
  9. So if there was effectively no punishment, then why doesn’t everyone use them? If I let my kids wrestle for someone I assume that person has my child’s best interest and health in mind.
  10. As I am writing this Cathedral has more finalist than the Chicago SS, and almost as many as the Chicago and Fort Wayne combined.
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