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  1. No Doster or tishner.... try again
  2. Ok sounds like a bet! I'll take Seng 5-1
  3. Doster has to get through Seng first
  4. For us we have a 30 to 45 min drive to the closest academy. But we make it work. Is it more on the parents, absolutely. But the leaps and bounds my son has made since he started going to elite athletic club is priceless. The parents need to be as dedicated or more.
  5. The times have changed for multi sport athletes. If they don't concentrate all there effort on one sport all year around they will only be good at all of their sports, but if the do 1 all year their chances of being great drastically improve. With all the academies and clubs going all year it will be hard to keep up with the single sport dedicated kids. I'm not saying that travel sports are not good but it is hurting the multi sport athletes and lower income families. Take for instance Lewis from New Prairie. Punches his ticket goes to a small school and gives highly ranked kids a run for their money. But he wrestles all year.
  6. Cp regional had 13 ss champs. A complete total of 25 advancing to state 44%. I would say Cp regional and Mooresville regional are neck and neck.
  7. The wrestling was outstanding but for spectators it was hard to find good seating. There was only one side of the gym that you could see all the mats. Is there a place in the region that could host this event where everyone can see all the matches and have plenty of parking?
  8. Ashton Jackson from Laporte last year. Out scored his opponents 72-9 throughout the state series.
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