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  1. matts

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Lawrence Central is really still open?
  2. matts

    An Idea to Think About.

    I have enjoyed reading this thread…. much to consider. I have one more wrinkle to add to the discussion: the impending/inevitable wrestling coach shortage. How many of us who have spent the last 20 to 30 years in education would make the same career choice today? I LOVE teaching high school and do not regret for a moment my career path. That being said, if I were 19 or 20 now I would have to look elsewhere; I just do not see how most young men (and women) would consider teaching and coaching a viable option anymore. Enrollment in university education programs supports this. Finding teachers, let alone keeping them in classrooms for longer than a year or three, is tougher and tougher each year. Now add to that the ability and drive to run a solid wrestling program year in and year out. Visit your favorite school's wrestling website and count the number of education majors on the roster. I just do not see how having more than just a few solid wrestling programs throughout the state will be sustainable and what will look like transferring and recruiting will simply be families seeking competent coaching and an actual program to join. This, far more than academies, open enrollment, and recruiting, could be the downfall of wrestling and many other high school sports.
  3. matts

    RIP Jim Beeson

    I am fortunate to have known Mr. Beeson. He was truly a good, kind man. Here's to him!
  4. matts

    Goldman had enough time?

    S Several VERY big time coaches came for the Wisconsin job… It isn't hard to imagine Hahn (Cornell) or Snyder (Nebraska) considering the possibility of Indiana: Bloomington is a great college town smack in the middle of Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan…if a new coach could start landing Indiana talent, perhaps nearby blue chippers would take notice. Would Bono have looked at it? I have no idea, but to think there isn't a huge upside to IU is off base... if the right person took over. Sadly that ain't happening until some things change at the top.
  5. When I began my coaching career in Indiana in 1994, Mr. Beeson was one of the most supporting, patient, and kind figures in Indianapolis wrestling to me. I will never forget his advice and direction. He truly is one of the great ones.
  6. For the last year nine years I have spent a Sunday morning in February drinking coffee by the pool and watching the State Finals from 12 time zones away here in SE Asia. Of course I have always enjoyed Coach Goebel's commentary, and with the addition of Blake Mauer, this year's broadcast was the best ever. It was great to get some "new school" perspective, and I hope they bring him back next year. Anyway, thanks to the IHSAA, Coach Goebel, and Coach Mauer for keeping us displaced Hoosiers in the game . I sure don't miss Indiana weather in February, but I do miss the heck out of that tournament. Cheers.
  7. matts

    Elijah Oliver?

    Obviously I have zero information, but it seems a whole lot more plausible he was a bit dinged up and needed some time to heal. Glad he is back and got a B1G win tonight. At the beginning of the season I was hoping he would be an additional podium threat along side Jackson. Obviously this year hasn't gone as many hoped it would, instead let's hope his year ends on a positive note.
  8. Where is Elijah Oliver? Will he be back for Big 10s?
  9. I just want to add that the posts by both coaches in this thread are very cool. Much respect to Tipton and and Tech.
  10. matts

    Sarah's weight class ?

    Class response. Best of luck to you.
  11. Who and when was the last team to beat Cathedral in the city tournament? I am guessing it was Roncali or maybe Manual, but reserve the right to be wrong. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Carmel wins this tourney in the same fashion as Cathedral wins the City tournament every year. Perhaps the margins wont be as big, but y'all get the point.
  13. matts

    MT. VERNON meet 12/4

    Rankingsguy- Your position surprises me as I usually enjoy what you post. I 1000% agree that hiding your lineup is futile, but I gotta respectfully call you on your position about coaches... 1. Don Patton did way more than simply coach out of a "book" as you imply. He was an amazing leader at Delta. 2. For every college wrestler who took over and created a solid program we can also cite just as many who have run programs into the ground. 3. Lawrence North was and is maybe the best program in Indiana for the last 25 years (EMD is the obvious other choice) . I am taking nothing away from Coach Humphrey by saying LN was incredible long before he arrived. 4. There are a many great coaches in the last 20 years with little to zero wrestling experience. The two I admire most were Coach Goebel (EMD) and Coach Feigart (Beech Grove). 5. Some of the "resurgence" you mention are programs that never really went went away... The best programs are run by great leaders and motivators who draw kids in and make them believe in tradition and a system... some of them did well at the college level. However, to say that college success is a prerequisite to winning is simply not the case.
  14. I posted this elsewhere: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Pay attention to what almost happened in Florida as far right neo cons (please note I didn't say Republicans or conservatives) begin the process of taking apart public education in favor of privatization (see charter schools) and profitable standardized testing (masked as accountability). The writing is clearly on the wall.

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