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  1. So many kind words in these tweets. Even if you never knew Coach Loggan, seeing high schools from every corner of the state, from the smallest schools like Paoli to the largest like Carmel, come together in kindness and compassion really says something wonderful about high school athletics, Indiana, and what matters most...especially in a time of so much uncertainity and sadness. Take some time to read these...it might make your day. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/04/13/indiana-schools-light-up-north-central-ad-paul-loggan-who-died-coronavirus/2986759001
  2. Coach Loggan was one the best men I have ever met- a tremendous teacher, administrator and, more importantly, a role model of a husband, father, and friend. He truly was one of the good guys. His passion was obviously football, but he loved wrestling and was easily our biggest administrative supporter. Tonight literally hundreds of high school football stadiums across Indiana turned on their lights at 7:00 PM (game time) in his memory. Below are just a few. He will be truly missed.
  3. Any school staff/coaches who intimidate should be named and shamed.
  4. As I watched the broadcast tonight these thoughts popped into my head... 1. How hard it is to get that first state champ. I think four or five schools wrestled for their first state champion tonight... pretty sure they all came up short. 2. How hard it is to replace a legendary coach and stay competitive- What Shaefer and Schoettle have done is amazing. 3. It was awesome to see a Belmont wrestler back in the finals. 4. I will never get used to the absence of certain schools that were once icons in Indianapolis and state level wrestling.
  5. In a suite with lots of adult beverages and good friends.
  6. Congrats, Coach. Three at West Point at one time is awesome. That must have been a great group of kids to work with every day.
  7. Thats impressive. I know Harvey has put together a very impressive career. Brandon Wright for sure did too. After that, who else? Sakon comes to mind but that a long time ago... Again, looking for solid, high level D1 careers.
  8. Again, if that interests you then you should absolutely start that thread instead of hijacking this one. Thanks.
  9. You should absolutely go start that topic then... because "D1 does not mean anything..." Think I will just walk away from that... yeah.
  10. I know the all-American list, but what if you pulled the lens back and drew the line at national qualifiers and better? Does that change things?
  11. I was just reading the thread about Lee perhaps being Evansville's best and got to thinking it wasn't all that long ago (Im showing my age) when the knock on EMD was their style didnt translate well at the college level. Obviously that idea has long been put to rest with Coughlin, Mauer (injuries aside), the Lee family... So my question is... Over the years, what Indiana high school is the best at producing high level Division 1 wrestlers? Is it EMD? Griffith did really well for a few years, but hardly withstood the test of time. I will be interested to see what peo
  12. Interesting how Coach Goldman took so much criticism but usually got someone on the podium, or at least did more often than not. Purdue seems to keep spinning its wheels year after year after year... I dont get it.
  13. Lawrence Central is really still open?
  14. I have enjoyed reading this thread…. much to consider. I have one more wrinkle to add to the discussion: the impending/inevitable wrestling coach shortage. How many of us who have spent the last 20 to 30 years in education would make the same career choice today? I LOVE teaching high school and do not regret for a moment my career path. That being said, if I were 19 or 20 now I would have to look elsewhere; I just do not see how most young men (and women) would consider teaching and coaching a viable option anymore. Enrollment in university education programs supports this. Finding te
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