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  1. think they still own it, I’d go 1. Tsirtsis 2. Escobedo
  2. I just like to celebrate guys, one could make a great argument for them all. I grew up watching Tsirtsis, Angel, Mauer, Coughlin, Howe. They, and the others I haven’t named, are the motivation the future ones will use. There’s never a clear winner & there never will be, which is what makes this topic really fun!
  3. Yeah, I agree with ya. Wasn’t taking it personal, just saying how impressive it actually was. Maybe I shouldn’t have directly replied to your post. Honestly though, there’s a small group that is in the argument. They all have 4 titles besides Howe.
  4. Howe beat Nick Walpol, teched Briar Runyon and Braden Atwood, tech falled his way through the state finals his jr and sr year, aside from majoring Michael Duckworth 22-9 in his final high school match. Those guys weren’t slouches.
  5. I think we are on the same page. Howe was a monster! Always the hardest working guy in the room. I remember him saying “I take control everything that I can control, that’s all I can do.”
  6. I don’t think he’s better than Howe. I think he’s better than you, and you should rephrase your question. Why is Howe the GOAT? That’s a better question.
  7. 4 state championships should suffice. how many you got?
  8. Thanks for posting. The “climbing”, that your boys are working at, is gonna set them up for success in their future. Not just in the sport! You’re kicking butt as a wrestling parent, even if you support class wrestling!
  9. I’m gonna speak generally and call you a sore loser.
  10. People on both sides agree to this statement. Just different opinions on what’s “fair”.
  11. ** So long as we class the fight according to city size, to be fair. Privileged? In the sport of wrestling. What is happening in this world? If I was privileged my old man would not have worked in a steel mill 70 hours a week and I’d have played golf at our summer home in FL. Give me a break. I hope you don’t coach, if you do I REALLY hope you don’t drag this talk into your room. I don’t hate what you’re fighting for, I just disagree, but I hate your argument.
  12. I agree. Some people just disagree with classing individual state, and I’m one of them. I say this because we were talking about results at the tournament this last weekend. Classing an IHSAA Team State Series, having IHSAA Girls State, and wrestle-backs for placement at individual state are awesome topics to discuss!
  13. Bingo! Wrestling is more accessible now then it’s ever been and we need to do our part so that trend continues.
  14. I was wondering why there was so many from small schools. Crown Point needs to pump their numbers up!
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