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  1. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it any less true... It also doesn’t turn a conversation about competition in sport into an argument about moral high grounds.
  2. Specifically I asked for someone to change my mind.... which seems to be a difficult task.. 🤔
  3. I asked a question, and you answered it poorly. By my count, Carroll would have a pretty solid shot at winning 9 out of 14 matches against the entire conference. (I can’t can’t even count that good 🤨) and I’m glad you’ve brought the state series into this.... how about: 2019 Semi-State Qualifiers Carroll 9 SAC 9 2019 state Qualifiers Carroll 3 SAC 1 2018 state Qualifiers Carroll 4 SAC 2 2017 state Qualifiers Carroll 5 SAC 1 🤔 I rest my case.... 👍🏻
  4. Ya know, up North that’s a compliment 🐀
  5. 12/14/2019 160 - Craig McGinnis (FWC) over Matthew Goeglein (FWCL) (Fall 3:34)
  6. couple things.... Rankings don’t mean 💩! 120 is a toss up, Carroll’s Ehle is tough.. Maybe you aren’t smart enough to realize this? He’s a 2 time Michigan state qualifier, who Ester had the opportunity to wrestle this past week, BUT DIDNT EVEN WEIGH IN FOR THE DUAL.. 138 - Who has Sotero even beaten this season? Quick answer - No one.. Carroll’s Fitch is a grinder, just like his uncle Jon! Didn’t he beat Sotero in the offseason? 152 - At minimum a tossup... Saylor has a much better resume and wrestled Hollis to a tough 3-1 loss... Hilger was tech called by Hollis. 🤔 182 - Schwehn has beaten best guys SAC has to offer. (Not exactly a mystery) 220 - Bills only loss was an injury default to the snider kid in the first 30 seconds.... Also, pinned the wrestler who is likely to be SAC’s #1 seed... You would need every Fort Wayne team to just have a CLOSE dual meet with Carroll! 😂
  7. 3 shut outs and 2 blowouts. The SAC is lucky that Carroll isn’t in the conference when it comes to wrestling... change my mind. ps, is Carroll unbeaten in like 8 weight classes? Come on Fort Wayne!
  8. “Jokes on you, my parents don’t even have a basement.” 😂 I’m just messing around. I can only use stuff I know.... and as you can see I don’t know much.
  9. Sorry, it’s the best bruce buffer I could do while pretending to not be on my phone at work. 😂
  10. Ladies and Gentleman, this fight is 3 rounds in the Indianamat Fantasy Fighting Championship’s Heavyweight division... Introducing first, out of the blue corner, a legendary mma star - holding a professional record of 1 zillion wins to only 1 defeat.. standing at 5’9” tall, 210 pounds. FIGHTING out of his parents basement and reliving his glory days via high school wrestling message boards - FCFIGHTER. And now introducing his opponent, FIGHTING out of the red corner. An ancient eastern Asian martial arts master, standing at 6’0” 225 pounds. The REIGNING, DEFENDING WORLD WANG CHUN CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, GENHEAVYHANDS!!! (crowd goes wild as lights and cameras focus on the imaginary octagon in the imaginary arena)
  11. 🎼 Glory days, well, they'll pass you byGlory days, in the wink of a young girl's eyeGlory days, glory days 🎵 🎸
  12. Congratulations and best of luck to Leroy as he moves on from his head coaching position at PHS! https://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/wrestling/wrestling-after-coaching-individual-state-champs-portage-s-vega-resigns/article_3ddb5c8c-098f-5e6c-a02f-9eaf81c6dacc.html
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