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  1. Congratulations and best of luck to Leroy as he moves on from his head coaching position at PHS! https://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/wrestling/wrestling-after-coaching-individual-state-champs-portage-s-vega-resigns/article_3ddb5c8c-098f-5e6c-a02f-9eaf81c6dacc.html
  2. Three guys stood above the rest for me. 2 are obvious. B Lee and Parris had some great careers. Can't say enough about these studs. I'm excited to see what they can accomplish at the next level. KRIS RUMPH - super impressive. They just don't make raw athletes like that very often. Kid impressed me every match he wrestled and was the most entertaining guy to watch in the tourney.
  3. This is all I'm concerned about this offseason. #findfabiojralady
  4. From my experience, I wouldn't bet against any two timer going for his third title! It's fun to speculate, but until further notice these boys are the leaders of the pack. Should be some fun storylines for next year!
  5. I'd love to hear what you saw that I didn't. I had a great vantage point, and I've rewatched it on Region Sports Network... the celebration was 2-3 seconds long. Threw his arms up, discount double check, then squashed the "cigarette".
  6. Bench press? Cmon that doesn't matter?! Bet I benched the least at my weight every year I was in high school! (To your point I wasn't all that good) in all seriousness, we are in a topic that directly eliminates criteria A. Criteria B is awfully descriminatory to high level freshman or out of state transfers (if I needed to reach I'd say high level JV). Criteria C and D can be related due to toughness of schedule. How often do we come to criteria D? With good kids, quite often. It's hard to say there's a good answer, I guess I'm here to discuss rather than give a good solution. There's not really a solid way to seed because we as coaches want what is best for our wrestlers, even with the knowledge our guy might not be better than another.. but, number of girls kissed might be a solution if I had to steal one.
  7. Is it reasonable that winning percentage has any leg to stand on when coming to seeding? Teams like cathedral, brownburg, perry, among others.. wrestle some very tough schedules and I'm sure have to have a debate over win percentage at a sectional. Seems like it should be a bit lower down the list than it is...
  8. What a day for Washington beating two top 4 kids AT A WEIGHT CLASS UP! Wonder if he stays at 160 to win a title, or goes back down to 152 to challenge Lee!
  9. Washington, Portage(#2 @ 152), won an overtime thriller against Kasch, Crown point (#4 @ 160), in the semi finals at the DAC. This place erupted!!
  10. Asa wrestled his butt off and represented Avon/Indiana like a true champion. Very proud of why I saw from him and his team mates. Can't speak for TeamGarcia, but IMO weigh outs on day 1, rather than weigh ins on day 2, gave an advantage to weight cutters. Guys in the semi finals finished up around 7-8pm on day 1, weighed out, then didn't compete again until 1pm on day 2. If I had to guess, I'd say some boys put on 10-15lbs over night!
  11. I could go on and on until I'm blue in the face, but I'll just say it was an awful call. I just hate to see officials and judgement calls take matches away from hard working kids. Let em wrestle!
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