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  1. No cost to watch WitnessMedia either and all four mats on screen at once.
  2. The Berne Witness will webcast the ACAC tournament this Friday night beginning at approximately 7 p.m. Our broadcast will be available on our website (bernewitness.com), on IHSAAtv, through our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page. This is the beginning of four straight weeks of wrestling webcasts for us. We'll also have the sectional and regional tournaments at Jay County and the Fort Wayne Semi-State.
  3. The Berne Witness will broadcast the Fort Wayne Semi-State in its entirety this Saturday. We will show all four mats on a split screen format. Watch via our website https://bernewitness.com/webcast/ Of through our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thebernewitness/
  4. We’re webcasting the Jay County Regional in its entirety at bernewitness.com and our Facebook page. Will break between rounds.
  5. We do carry all four mats at semi-state. We do it all on one channel with the screen split into four sections. We would not have the personnel to have commentary for all four mats, but we do give the viewer a chance to see every match. Glad to hear we kept you around for a little basketball too.
  6. Thanks. We will be back next weekend for regional and again in 2 weeks for Semi-State. Glad to know you enjoyed watching.
  7. We’re webcasting the Jay County sectional today at bernewitness.com
  8. New Haven also hosts the cross country semi-state in Fort Wayne (at IPFW) and it's usually called the New Haven Semi-State. We'll keep that in mind going forward, and if most know it as Fort Wayne, that's probably what we'll go with. By the way, very well run semi-state. Kudos to all involved today.
  9. Curious...we had a few questions today regarding our semi-state coverage. The IHSAA calls it the New Haven Semi-State, some others call it the Fort Wayne Semi-State. Which is it? We went with New Haven Semi-State and that may have confused some...?
  10. Appreciate all of our viewers today. Was fun bringing you all of the wrestling action and we’ve enjoyed interacting with you on social media. Congrats to all of today’s state qualifiers and their coaches. We wish you the best next weekend at state.
  11. The Berne Witness will webcast the Fort Wayne Semi-State from start to finish this Saturday. We plan to have every match on screen. Believe they're planning to start at 8:30 a.m. Watch at http://bernewitness.com/webcast/ or follow us on Facebook and watch through Facebook Live.
  12. We are planning to do a webcast with all four mats on screen just like we did last year.
  13. Witness Media will webcast the Jay County wrestling sectional today on its channel 2. Find the stream at bernewitness.com or like us on Facebook and watch through Facebook Live.
  14. The Berne Witness is planning to provide a video webcast of the ACAC tournament Saturday. Watch at bernewitness.com. It's also available on Facebook, but you likely have to follow our page.
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