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  1. What about a logo on both sides of your SHOES! 👀 Hit 'em with the marker too?
  2. Add Cooper Noehre to Purdue's class of 2020!
  3. Galagore you need to bring back small school wrestling by sporting the polo/singlet look
  4. The wrestling community is not huge, but it is loyal. To me, it sounds like the ISWA needs a dedicated person to sponsorships. In my opinion, being asked to be on the state team should carry zero, or very minimal costs. I am POSITIVE that there are company-owners, executives, and retirees with deep pockets and a love of the sport of wrestling out there. The sponsorship coordinator needs to be able to show that the money is being managed sensibly, and market the heck out of the success that would come from full sponsorship from trips - and I think the money would roll in.
  5. A couple ideas for youth programs 1. Get the parents together. Hold a cookout, or maybe during your youth practice have a coach take time to do a "parent clinic". Figure out who the most "likeable" parent is and ask them to be the ambassador for the other parents - do NOT pick the parent that wants to run everything but not many people like cause that will drive people away. The more the parents become friends, the more likely it is that their young wrestler will be back next season. If they enjoy spending time with each other, it's also more likely that one wrestler going to a weekend tourney in the spring will bring more along with them. 2. Early in the youth season get an inexpensive package of cool-looking clothes together and see if the parents will buy it or get sponsors to help cover costs where parents cant. When a little kid gets a "pro headgear" or "real wrestling shoes" they are now a real wrestler. If the tshirt you get them is super cool, it might be their favorite shirt they wear every other day to school and other kids see that stuff especially if a bunch of them are wearing them 3. Communicate! Let the parents know ahead of time what is coming up, what the kids are working on, etc. Seems like every other youth sport has practice on specific nights every week with a game on saturday. With youth wrestling, try to get with other clubs in your general area and set Monday, Thursday or whatever night as your "meet nights" where clubs can get together and do some round robin wrestling with no pressure just get a lot of matches against some new faces. Wednesday night is bad because that is youth night at many churches. Make those meet nights fun. Don't know if its possible, but try to get the screaming parents away from the mat and into the stands as much as possible so its more of a kid-friendly environment 4. Stress to the kids that the focus is not on winning, but trying the moves that they have been working on. As a parent, it doesn't get much more frustrating to practice double legs all week long, only to get to a match and watch your wrestler dance around and never try a double leg! Reward them for trying moves, not just for winning. In football we used to give helmet sticker awards - not sure what could work for wrestling but try to have someone (maybe the kids parents) keep a tally on how many times they attempt a move even if it doesn't work, then make a big deal out of the counts at the next practice - maybe ask the kids really trying to talk about what they were thinking and if the moves worked for them or not
  6. base


    Austin Boone (Lowell) over Alec Viduya for the championship? Austin Boone isn't a familiar name - was he at state last year?
  7. base

    Ben Askren

    Thankful I didn't purchase the PPV on this one
  8. A regional tournament could be nice - not necessarily as a qualifier, but possibly treated similar to semistate in HS and used for seeding purposes (and potentially avoiding early matchups against local wrestlers) at the state tournament
  9. As to the 12 weight classes - hard to believe that a wrestling-focused state like Pennsylvania is proposing this change. With 14 weight classes, there is a better chance of having more wrestlers close to their natural weight. Other than opportunities for 2 additional wrestlers in tournaments, the only event that I can think of that would be affected is the dual meet. Now, it is nice to win some dual meets, but at the expense of losing 2 additional spots for kids to be varsity wrestlers?? Doesn't make sense to me. I do like Joe's proposal to allow teams to enter more wrestlers at the sectional level
  10. I have really enjoyed the format that USA wrestling has setup with the US Open, WTT Challenge tournament, and FinalX This weekend's WTT tournament had some great matchups and also some surprising results. The winners have earned the right to challenge the "favorites" (either world medalists or winners from the US Open) at the Final X matches. Who do you have winning at each of these weights? June 8 @ Rutgers 65kg Yianni Diakomihalis (US Open Champ) vs Zain Retherford (WTT Champ) 79kg Kyle Dake (World Medalist) vs Alex Dieringer (WTT Champ) 86kg David Taylor (World Medalist) vs Pat Downey (WTT Champ) 92kg J'den Cox (World Medalist) vs Bo Nickal (WTT Champ and US Open Champ) 125kg Nick Gwiazdowski (US Open Champ) vs Gable Steveson (WTT Champ) June 15 @ Nebraska 57kg Daton Fix (US Open Champ) vs Thomas Gilman (WTT Champ) 61kg Joe Colon (US Open Champ) vs Tyler Graff (WTT Champ) 70kg Ryan Deakin (US Open Champ) vs James Green (WTT Champ) 74kg Jordan Burroughs (World Medalist) vs Isaiah Martinez (WTT Champ) 97kg Kyle Snyder (World Medalist) vs Kyven Gadson (WTT Champ)
  11. How impressive was Cornell sophomore Yianni Diakomahalis at the US Open? He runs the a murderers row of Frank Molinaro, Jordan Oliver and Zain Retherford to win the title. His ability to turn an opponents attack into a scoring opportunity was just incredible. Now the question becomes who will fight their way back to challenge him at the WTT? After the match against Oliver, I gave him a chance against Retherford, but thought Zain would have too much - I was definitely proven wrong! Also impressive was Daton Fix taking out Thomas Gilman, Bo Nickal winning his weight class, and Northwestern wrestler Ryan Deakin beating world team member James Green on a last second score The World Team Trials are May 17-19 in North Carolina. Should be some excellent rematches!
  12. One thing that might resolve some issues is expanded sponsorship of ISWA teams. If ISWA can line up sponsors so that "Team Indiana" events are virtually free for the wrestlers and their families, then you would take away the cost argument and may start seeing some families that have earned a spot but can't afford the trip begin to participate more. Wrestling has a lot of successful, extremely loyal alumni. I think it would be appealing to know you are sponsoring the official "Team Indiana" and be able to show a lineup of events they are raising money for.
  13. Wow that first one is really big news - but I'm not sure it really translates to "no travel restrictions" What does the line "shall be sponsored or co-sponsored by a member high School" mean? Also, great for girls - let's hope they can surpass that minimum number and launch a true state championship!
  14. Excellent to see these young men achieving on and off the mat!
  15. Beat the Streets event has announced this may be a possibility. Also discussion about a Burroughs vs Askren matchup. Would there be any close matches?
  16. Best of luck in your future careers - wrestling and otherwise - Mr Streck !!
  17. base


    Tony Stewart wrestled?? Thought he was 100% NASCAR
  18. Galagore - do you think going to 3 classes could hurt other sports at the smaller schools? Current situation is that athletic kids are expected to play 2 or 3 sports. Your suggestion is that by classing the individual championships, more students may go out for wrestling, they might be more encouraged to do offseason training, and although the number of college scholarships will not change, more of them may begin to go to the smaller school athletes who will now be noticed by college coaches where they weren't before. Could all this small school wrestling love also encourage more athletes to specialize in wrestling, which could then hurt the football/baseball/track teams who are competing for their availability also?
  19. What other schools was Asa considering?
  20. Took a look at California's setup (http://www.cifstate.org/sports/wrestling/index) It's a 3-day tournament, not 4 (Wednesday is registration/workout day. Thursday is half-day, then full days on Friday/Saturday) It is a true double-elimination with full wrestlebacks to 3rd place There are 40 wrestlers per weight class State is divided into 10 Sections Number of qualifiers in each weight class is set for each section - and is the same for each weight class: Southern(9) Central(10) Sac-Joaquin(6) North Coast(3) Central Coast(3) San Diego(4) Northern(2) Los Angeles*(1) Oakland(1) San Francisco(1) Pairings for the weight classes will be done by the State Rules and Operation Committee and the state meet director (Brackets are SEEDED) Looks like the top 16 for each weight class are seeded then the rest are drawn into open spaces
  21. Surprised me that even in the modern era there have been so few, especially those over 106/113! Mendez has some good company in Tsirtsis and Maurer on the list Im wondering how many freshmen came one match short - runner up - at weights 126 and up especially those upper weights
  22. Wow, so Jesse and Asa have never crossed paths - I thought maybe during a national team practice or something they might have. I would give the edge to Asa based on experience but it would be a very entertaining match!! Great weekend by both young men, congratulations Team Garcia and Sig40!
  23. Has Asa wrestled Mendez? Let’s make this dream matchup happen Notorious! Difficult to imagine Allred being beaten because he was so dominant this season, but by last year’s senior Davison... hmm, maybe - would love to see this match
  24. From past experience, I can tell you right now that this discussion will end with Joe saying "Let's just have one weight class then and one champion for the entire state". Dang it, I don't word it as smoothly as Joe...
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