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  1. The private school comment is a B.S. statement, I truly hope you're joking. I know of several private schools that can't field a full team much less compete for a 4A state wrestling championship.
  2. Looking for this event on track wrestling can’t find the event. Any links?
  3. I get that teams want better competition but why pull out of MD when you haven’t won it? I’m scratching my head on this one.
  4. I'll bite. What MD wrestler came from outside of MD's feeder school system?
  5. I'm going with Andy Schneider of Mt. Vernon. Two time champ and dominate through both years. However Chalfant was impressive as well as Chico Adams. I'm going with Andy Schneider of Mt. Vernon. Two time champ and dominate through both years. However Chalfant was impressive as well as Chico Adams.
  6. As far as hype and crowd energy goes I'd have to say the MD/Evansville Central dual in the 92-93 season (I'm not positive on the year) at MD. The place was packed rabid fans on both sides and no love lost between the programs at the time. It was an electric environment going into that match, a fun time to be a little JV kid who got to wrestle infront of a full house. Another classic was the 94 Indiana's Best when MD squeeked by Belmont. I think it's safe to say that MD has had some barn burners over the years, it's amazing that Coaches Goebel and Helfrich are still breathing today after all they've been through.
  7. This was 20 something years ago... I had the mother of the opponent I just pinned come down from the stands and chew me out for wrestling her son too hard and rough. She kept shoving her fist under my chin trying to get at my throught. This was in Tenn. and the kids coaches were about ten feet away from her just watching the whole thing happen, I didn't know they were his coaches at the time. I kept telling her that I was taught to keep wrestling as hard as I could for as long as I could and if her son couldn't keep up it wasn't my fault. She stormed off and one of the kid's coaches came up and appologized, he said he was sorry about that and she does that everytime the kid got beat. I just looked at the guy and was like "OK???" None of my coaches were around at the time because there were six mats going at the time and all the mats had one of my team-mates on one. I thought I was going to have to keep her from coming at me for a minute but I didn't retaliate. CRAZY stuff sometimes! On another note I sometimes wonder if my wife will be one of the crazy ones, probably not to that extent but she sure gets worked up when our boys are on the mat.
  8. I really hate it when you post stuff like that.
  9. I was wanting a wressteling mat for home use, small maybe 12x12 for my two sons to practice on, they're just staring out in grade school so I don't need a huge mat right now just something to keep them off the carpet (even though that's how me and my brothers started). There are a few brands out there but I'd hate to buy a lomon, does anyone have any expierence with this and if so what mat would you suggest?
  10. Where the hell is that dead horse I want to beat the heck out of him for a while!
  11. My turn! My turn!!!!!! 14 wrestlers on one team, 6 wrestlers on another, will the team with 14 win? Yes. Of the 6 wrestlers on the full squad, do they weigh more than the squad with only 6 guys? Are they given an extra point in the match because the other kid only has 5 buddies on his side? No. This is wrestling not patty cakes. I haven’t read all of these posts but come on guys! Should they class folk style state, Greco state, or freestyle state? What about Fargo should they class that for the small states? Each kid weighs the same as his opponent there is NO ADVANTAGE!
  12. I still have no clue how Blake held on for the first part of double OT totaly amazing! Awesome match, as I remember there was quite a bit of banter on the ol' message bord that year before this match.
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