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  1. Man that sucks. Just trying to get better and something like that happens. Although rare for our sport things like that happen, I don't know the young man and probably have never seen him wrestle but I hope he heals quickly and completely.
  2. So do you believe Carrol is #1 pound for pound in the nation? Dude looks pretty tough to me.
  3. There was zero chance IU was going to get Mendez or any of the Lee's unless they had a real potential to win a title. So if Angel is going to do the very best he can I don't think Sollars is a bad pick up. In fact I see him doing quite well at IU. Major has potential as well. If we see Angel stay I think we will see a 4 win dual season and 2 to 3 AA's. I realize that is a streatch but I think that is the gauntlet set before Angel this year. I truly hope he gets there though. Edit: I totally forgot about Freeman lots of potential there as well, as for the others they are talented as well I'm sure I just don't know that much about them. I just hope that each wrestler gets to compete at the weight that best suites them.
  4. I have seen Parkinson and the man is a BEAST! I've watched the boy grow up and have NEVER seen him as fit as he is right now. I realize fitness does not translate to success in college wrestling but he is twice the man he was his senior year of high school. He should be interesting to watch!
  5. Lemme tellya Mean Gene!..........
  6. ColdSkifan pretty much summed it up. Dude was an absolute beast. From what I saw he didn't just wrestle you he punished you for being on the same mat. I also heard he was on a SWAT team somewhere.
  7. Always loved it when somebody from work would find out I used to wrestle. All kinds of tough guys would be flat on their backs wondering "What the heck just happened?"
  8. Nice list! Hock Brooks Leavell Micic Lee Tsirtsis 140? 145? Joe Lee Slivka Baumann Rypel Sollars Parris Streck
  9. You will do great, you've always had a lot of insight here I can't imagine MMA topics would be any different. I'd say "good luck" but you don't really need it so instead I say go kick some ass!
  10. I agree, not saying Jesse can't hold his own but I think his best shot is in '28. Give him a chance to mature mentally and physically and I think if he's healthy there won't be too many people that would enjoy being on a wrestling mat with him!
  11. I wouldn't be surprised to see him redshirt I also wouldn't be surprised to see him win it all his freshman year.
  12. One point I will make on the "school should come first" argument, it was brought up here so I wanted to address it. YES YES YES school shoud come first but with technology being what it is kids can be on the bus streaming class and finishing homework. That is one thing the pandemic has given us as a positive, the kids can "attend" class without physically being there. Heck they can even ask questions! Just a little more fuel for the argument.
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