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  1. Ahawkeye

    Team State updates

    Looking for this event on track wrestling can’t find the event. Any links?
  2. Ahawkeye

    howe out for season???

    I really hope he does what is best for him and his career. Can he be competitive enough to win another title? I hope if he comes back this year he is 100% in my opinion if he wasn't 100% then hold off and concentrate on the Olymics. Then again I'm just some guy in front of a computer, he's a national champ and it's his call. Good luck either way Andrew.
  3. Ahawkeye

    Oddest Venue Ever Wrestled In?

    I remember Arsonal Tech. Not a strange venue but the first year my brother and I wrestled at AAU state there was a shooting (the guy got killed) either the day of the tourny or the day before I think he was 7 and I was 10.
  4. Ahawkeye

    Two weeks until Mater Dei Reitz meet

    I agree very conservitive I was saying the same thing to my wife.
  5. Ahawkeye

    Gateway Duals St Louis MD and Merrillville

    Dude, whatever, did you guys see us whining the last two years when you knocked us out? I don't believe so, think I remember a whole lot of conrats and good lucks. I think maybe you've got some animosity built up from getting your butt handed to you in the past somewhere. Maybe your just whizzed off because although they are young and could be very dangerous in the next few years Castle isn't what you want them to be this year. Instead of whining about what an MD fan has to say about a match that you have not seen or probably ever will, why don't you try to find something positive about Castle's program instead of trolling on an MD/ Merriville topic. Go eat some cake!
  6. I really can't believe this came up again??????? Who cares!? I don't see the coach out there wrestling the kid why shake his hand? I wrestled for MD I never knew the story about the coach spitting on the kid but we never shook the coaches hand in grade school and we never shook it in high school either you shake it at the end of a dual but if you wanna talk at a tourny you can usually find each other after the match on the side of the floor.
  7. Ahawkeye

    Team State Debate

    This is a REALLY long thread so I am only comenting on Coach Snider's first post. Coach you are absolutly right we NEED team state and the part where you stated that you would have won the individual title 4 out of the 5 last years is a perfect example to make that point. I know Mishawaka was beaten by MD in one of those years and if Coach Snider would rather lose to MD in the teamstate finals rather than call himself a champ because he had more points scored at the individual finals that to me says a lot but the points about the average guy in the room says even more! Good post Coach, I hope we don't lose this fight!
  8. Ahawkeye

    2011 The Year of the Twins?

    Are the Welch brothers at Castle twins? they should be fun to watch.
  9. Ahawkeye

    ND Leprechaun a Wrestler!

    I wish ND had a wrestling program??????
  10. Ahawkeye

    Toledo Public Schools Cuts Wrestling

    You'd think a state like Ohio could come up w/ some funds for wrestling????????
  11. Ahawkeye

    Football & wrestling

    No argument there, I'm just pointing out that yes, you can play football and win a state championship.
  12. Ahawkeye

    Football & wrestling

    Blake Maurer 4x state champ - football player Matt Coughlin- 2x state champ 2x state runner up - football player Nick Mayor state champ - football player Allen Weinzapfel state champ - football player Sam Wildamen state champ - football player Nick Dewig state runner up- football player Alex Weinzapfel state runner up at 119 football player ( all confrence football I think) These are all MD wrestlers, there could be and probably is more but not sure
  13. Anybody see Ben Askren win last week? He looked prety good, he took the guy down and waited for things to open up. His opponent had him in a submission hold but Ben got out. I thought is was prety cool that he won after the "refs talk" at the begining of the bout Ben put his gloves up to tap gloves the other guy dissed him , didn't tap gloves and just walked away Ben was like "Well, ok man!" a good bout in my mind.
  14. Ahawkeye

    Why do we put up wth the IHSAA

    I agree 100% Good post!

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