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  1. Out on a limb here I say MD wins sectionals.
  2. Hmmm if the store was out of Busch Light I would go to another store. If all the stores were out of Busch Light I would buy Bud Light but I'm sure tastes vary from one Weatsider to another. Old Milwaukee is way down on my list. PBR or Sterling would come before Old Milwaukee.
  3. Oh please no! Jasper makes the most since it's centrally located, you "northerners" don't have to change time and Evansville people can get there with out leaving at midnight. Next year I'll rent my livingroom and downstairs bath for a case of Busch Light if we can move it back to the Ford Center! Evansville people won't have to make the trip this year but Evansville wrestlers will.
  4. Interesting to be able to showcase MD's depth. I had the privilege of being able to assist coach both Vanovers in grade school. Both are class acts. Glad to see they both did well today. Mom and Dad should be (I'm sure they are) proud! As for the rest of MD's showing, the guys did great and I can't wait to see what they show us in the future!
  5. As of right now Jasper is leading going into consolation round. This should be a barn burner!
  6. Will this, or by this time, is this being live streamed?
  7. I wouldn't call Brimm a person who never had any discipline in his life, He went to Evansville Central and I went to Mater Dei. He had some on the mat antics that we didn't like, as a rivalry we didn't like each other but before high school his step father James Shannon would hold weekly or bi-weekly work outs and was a heck of a motivator in the room. James was always soft spoken and celebrated other peoples victories. His Step Father James was always in his corner, always encouraging others. Now keep in mind I'm an ooooooollllllldddddd Mater Dei guy who bleeds red and gold Coach Goebel
  8. I didn't know Bruce Baumgartner went to ISU. I was just thinking about him the other day. A guy that went to MD was at the Olympic training center and had the opportunity to wrestle B.B. Now this guy's name was John Barnes who was a mountain of a man and John told me that B.B. was one tough SOB. Just by the looks of this match he looked to be at least 20 Lb. out weighed and still won the match. I agree N.D. and ISU should both be able to carry a wrestling team, especially N.D. they've got plenty of money for it.
  9. Our biggest threat is the timing of the season, Nov-Feb is prime time for cold, flu, and virus season as soon as covid #'s start to pop up I feel they will shut us down mid season I don't know if there's a lot we can do about that. I'm a grade school coach and fully intend on telling my parents if the kid is sick he can't be in my practice. Beyond that maybe temp checks at the beginning of practice??? I'd need a bunch of coaches and probably 15 minutes extra to get them all done. Of course that won't do anything to stop the ones that don't have any symptoms but are carrying. I see very tough t
  10. I say Lee takes Pletcher after watching some tape from Big 10's and also getting P.O.ed at Pletcher for holding up #1 finger. I could be a bit biased though!
  11. I get what you're saying but I guess you can call me lazy but with three kids and a third shift job time to look stuff up doesn't come easy.
  12. I forgot about that one, the wrestler from MD was Dewig and the other wrestler was from Bloomington South can't remember his name though. Dewig would have done well at state I can't remember if Dewig was a senior or not I know at one time Dewig placed 2nd at state but again I can't remember the details on that. Dewig was going for a near side cradle with his head in the kid's side getting ready to bring the head to the knee the Bloomington south wrestler turned away from Dewig thus causing Dewig to be essentially trying to force his back to bend backwards ref called it illegal the Bloomington
  13. I never saw the match but as I heard the story Riggs was too high with both legs in sitting on his butt and Wildeman grabbed his head and pushed Digg's shoulders to the mat. Wildeman may have wiggled a bit to get into position but that's the story told to me. MD coaches taught the "move" and called it Richie Diggs.
  14. I agree with Jack Jones, football state champs tend to tell people they won the 2-A state championship or what ever class they were in. I've talked to guys from other states that won state championships in wrestling they tell me I won the small school division or I won the AA division and so on. I feel they don't want to lead anyone on and make them think they won the 5-A championship or whatever the largest division is.
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