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  1. One point I will make on the "school should come first" argument, it was brought up here so I wanted to address it. YES YES YES school shoud come first but with technology being what it is kids can be on the bus streaming class and finishing homework. That is one thing the pandemic has given us as a positive, the kids can "attend" class without physically being there. Heck they can even ask questions! Just a little more fuel for the argument.
  2. Wow what an opportunity! Hope someone take advantage of this.
  3. Finally had some time to watch this match, Swiderski is unreal fast but he also probably had Jesse out weighed by quite a bit. I did not like this match up for the simple fact that the competitive weights were so far apart. Mendez did well just couldn't get past the size difference in my opinion.
  4. As you all know I am a MD fan Red has ZERO to hang his head about he has done a fantastic job in college, hopefully gaining college credits and a degree along the way. We don't know if this is the end if Chad's wrestling career and the beginning of a new one or if he continues to work towards other competitive goals. Either way I don't see him failing at life in general. Good luck Chad and good luck Nick wherever life takes you.
  5. Is Mendez 100%? Sounds like a great match to me!
  6. Man I don't know about a tech fall, if the big man gets first choice he'll pick up (because that's what non wrestlers do) and with a little coaching Shaq could really slow down Joe's attack. Of course that's IF they make it to second period and IF Shaq gets first choice. I say Y2 by major.
  7. Would be cool to do a MASSIVE BBQ cook off in the vacinity of North High School to coincide with this event. Get the wrestlers some free BBQ one day would be awesome. I know several teams are associated with Mater Dei Athletics and feeder schools you would know more about this than I would but I also bet that Memorial feeder schools have a few groups of guys that like to do that too however they probably would not want to do it on the campus of North High School
  8. Looks like a heck of a start on a great event. What dates? What venue? I would assume this is in or near Evansville. I'm sure you sent an invite but Union Co. Kentucky would be a big addition. I'm trying to think of attractive events but dates would help.
  9. I like the idea if a midweek Regional. We used to do it for team state I think we could do it here too.
  10. You are correct, I was in the garage and messing around. Looked up and the pull down stairs were right above me. I pulled them down and found my old poster board bracket. Title on the top said Mater Dei Freshman invitational 1992.
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