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  1. I did not diet well either. Mom really stepped up to the plate during wrestling fixing very healthy meals lean chicken was a staple at our house but I worked at McDonald's every Sunday night and blew my diet. Cheeseburgers were my kryptonite. I coach grade school wtestling and preach to wrestle what you weigh but there's still one or two that cut. I wish as a sport we could get away from cutting weight but even at that a proper and nutritious diet can be a big advantage. I know nothing about a plant based diet but as with anything if you're going to go all in it gets complicated and how expensive are supplements?
  2. I had the chance to meet him this week, we had a short conversation but he was a very nice young man. He has had adversity that's for sure. He seems very genuine.
  3. I read the title and was like "What!? Well now what do we do?" I thought some contract or something fell through.
  4. Mendez wrestled well, that out of bounds toss in the 3rd may have made him a bit more cautious as he was trying to be aggressive. Not sure how Jesse's injury affected his performance here. I would bet that Jesse picks up a few things from this match and if they were to wrestle again Jesse very well may beat him handily. That said, I'm sure he's not happy with the outcome.
  5. Might even get the tournament on ESPN!
  6. I can only get my son to wrestle in his league for his grade school. I've entered him in tournaments (ISWA) and he has NOT enjoyed that at all. Too many matches in one day for him. I try to slowly build his fire and hope he takes off with it, after grade school I will try yo push wrestling but if he says no, it ain't happening!
  7. I don't think so either but we all know how good Asa is and to witness what might happen would be an eye opener in my opinion. Obviously I'm a big MD fan and a big Lee fan, I want to be clear, Asa is a heck of a wrestler and would certainly give his best effort but to see the match up in my opinion would be interesting.
  8. If Asa goes 141 we could also see Garcia vs Nick Lee. That might also be interesting, heck we could see Lee vs Micic round 2, Micic vs Asa and Asa vs Lee. As long as Covid doesn't screw it up. Has Lee wrestled Micic in college yet?
  9. I'll take some action on that bet if it ever happens. Don't get me wrong Asa is a baaaaaaad man but I think Micic wins a close one.
  10. I realize Asa is your son but I think I'm taking Micic on this one.
  11. I agree Mesa-Stock is an interesting person to say the least, I believe she started wrestling when she was 16 or so. Seems very genuine and up beat. I did not see her match but will look it up.
  12. What is repechage and how does it work?
  13. What happened to Sarah Hildebrandt? I was hoping she's do well.
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