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  1. http://www.ihswca.org/news/2019-academic-all-state It is obvious that excelling at "Academics" and Wrestling is the quickest way to attract D1 recruiters: Jacob Moran 4.35 G.P.A. Silas Allred 4.08 G.P.A. Carson Brewer 3.6 G.P.A. Asa Garcia 3.57 G.P.A. Cayden Rooks 3.5 G.P.A. All of the above are State Champs but more importantly are on the academic -all-state list. Oh yeah and all will be attending a D1 University for little to no money out of pocket. A combination of academic / athletic scholarship is the secret.
  2. Congratulation to all on this list. It is just as important as winning a title, if not even MORE IMPORTANT. All of the D1 schools want to see them grades.
  3. Congratulation to Drousias winning Illinois State at 3A, and all of the other Indiana boys that placed down in Illinois. The Drousias Vs Moran match has happened twice already in the last two years. Moran is 2-0 against him. They are Both awesome wrestlers, fun to watch, and have bright futures.
  4. I.U. is getting another great wrestler. Congratulations to Jacob and Coach Escobedo on the great pickup!
  5. Looks like FABIO would have lost the house at 16O! and 126 ! Even Pistol Pete Was barely able to see Mr.Washington from up North through all that smoke. We give Pistol a little credit, he did have his one bad eye on D.J. Washington. Looks like the Indians could have a couple more under the spotlight in February. Shout out to young KT NELSON I still think RAYMOND Rioux had the shocker of the day!
  6. Jacob did have a great tournament; as did several other of the Indiana boys. It is great to see Indiana boys getting National recognition. Also great to see the IHPO getting a shout-out!
  7. HHHMMMM great kid, great dad,,but.....I would have to disagree. Riley Bettich is a two time finalist, and a state champ in Michigan Div. 2 @ (103lbs?) If he wrestled in Indiana he might not have even made Varsity the last 2 years on teams like Cathedral, Brownsburg, Portage, Warren Central, Avon, Yorktown, Shenandoah, Wheeler, etc....... I still think Manzona Bryant is the biggest transfer so far.
  8. H.S. State Finals rematch! This time @113 and Freestyle Moran Teched Cottey. Brayden Lowery teched Hadley to win @120 Tanner Damien teched Robinson to win @ 126 Asa Garcia beats Walendzak 13-2 to win @ 132 Antwaun Graves beats Conley 13-6 to win @ 152 D.J. Washington teched Elliott Rodgers to win@160
  9. I have seen the video and RUMPH was dominating the match. It was a Coaches call..Shame on him!
  10. C.Rooks is on his way for sure.... A. Viduya also REAL close, the others are seniors. I am looking for High Schoolers that will land or remain on the National Rankings throughout the off season and H.S year. Cant stress enough how important all of the “off” season tournaments are for National exposure. NHSCA, FLO, FARGO, Junior Duals, SUPER 32, enrolled at a H.S. with a competitive season schedule is also important.
  11. I have watched all 8 of them guys work really hard over the last couple of seasons. It is official INDIANA is on the map for H.S. Wrestling. Congratulations to all on the list: Who else in Indiana is knocking on the door of the National rankings list? J. Slivka (knocking at the door) D.Washington ( knocking really hard) J. Mendez (in the process of kicking it down) C. Brewer (standing right there next in line)
  12. Alright now you know that we have been spoiled the last couple of seasons; I thought we would of had a HANGOUT or 2 by now and talked predictions.
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