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  1. Anyone have a link to where to watch it?
  2. Easiest way to find a Fort Wayne guy is to say something bad about fort wayne. The next time you try to log on the topic will be locked and you'll find yourself banned.... it's been know to happen from time to time, isn't that right Y2
  3. I think that's what he meant in his 1st post. Red and Lee won't meet till the finals
  4. I thought they should of pulled out the eastside bleachers. The capacity was great but you run into the problem if you had to sit on the north or Southside bleachers then you could only see half of the wrestling. Even for the finals if you sat on either of those sides you were only able to see the championship match or 3rd and 4th place match. The parking lot was at capacity about 30 min. Before the 1st round. You couldn't really hear the speakers in the gym. I thought the only thing that was better than merrillville was the seating capacity.
  5. I think I heard the small child sitting next to us say "let's go BD" too
  6. A few things i learned about this man sitting next to him... he was a soft speaker, he looks to be around 6'4 300 lbs, he answers his phone by saying "speak", and he told me Norman Oglesby was his protégé
  7. That's something that really got under my skin. Hildebrant took injury time in the 1st period, while he was on his belly. He was in no danger of giving up any extra points, nor could he be winded so early in the match... but some idiots thought he was faking it for some reason and decided to boo. There was even an idiot sitting behind me that said "he's faking it"
  8. You have a lot more appreciation for how loud those claps really are when he's in the seat next to you and he's a lot more amusing watching him from a little bit of a distance I counted 1 time he clapped 97 times straight
  9. What school brought the most fans, got the loudest, or just let their presence be known? Penn was pretty loud cheering their team to a state title, MD is MD and pretty much fills in a whole corner of the arena, but I think top honors this year has to go to Ben Davis high school and their 1 man army. If you were at the state finals you surly heard the yell "let's go B D", or the 100 consecutive echoing claps, or even the yell of "unleash the Giant". Congratulations Ben Davis, in my opinion you've won the fans of the year award.
  10. Match was 4-2 when the fall happened, would of been 7-4 if Lee survived and got off his back. Lee was winning but not dominating, looked really tuff though. I was a little disappointed that when Cash was doing his interview that some fans were booing, as if he did something wrong... have a little class
  11. Everyone is required to wear a name tag with your indianamat name on it?
  12. Swank and the LC was a pretty good match till swank put him on his back. I believe the LC kid was winning, then swank opened it up with a few tilts
  13. Merrillville ticket price was $10, which I think is pretty reasonable. Is $10 the going rate at Evansville, New Castle, and Ft. Wayne too?
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