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  1. I think male or female in wrestling isn't that big of an apples to oranges conversation. I agree with the physicality difference and natural differences of course. However, these athletes are competing at an equal level inside their worlds based on relativity. To win worlds, you are beating highly skilled wrestlers. Women vs Woman is just as much as a grind for the women as man vs man is for the men. Let's be honest, when it comes to freestyle, i would say our women are more technically sound than our men in a general sense. It's basically all the women do. Now with all of that said, I would still have it split and have best men's and best women's because it takes the whole conversation above out of the discussion and we can just talk about accomplishments and technical acumen. That's just my thoughts.
  2. I'm just saying MXW isn't a Penn club. The team isn't a Penn team. There were kids from mishawaka, wawasee, Elkhart, etc on the MXW teams. I don't personally care what community they wrestle in, Disney duals is just supposed to be a vacation with some wrestling.
  3. MXW gold team wasn't all Penn kids. Also, 4 of the 14 weights on that team were filled by Middle schoolers. That's why they put it in Community 2.
  4. you missed Angelo Vargo 2nd place at MS state in your update.
  5. As long as class wrestling is a pipe dream, i'm good. However, if you're going to determine a team state champion in the individual tournament, wrestlebacks will change the outcome of the team placements with advancement points. Qualifying for state shouldn't put you in an one and done situation off rip Friday night. Getting rid of a dual team state champion should have came with full wrestlebacks at the state tournament.
  6. I can't see Petras at 32, Holyfield i can't see any higher than 60, and Freeman any higher than 70. Bennett will place next year, Hollyfield should at least qualify and Freeman will Qualify as well. PK will come back stronger than ever and he will podium. Schmiddy should qualify but he has placement potential as well. I don't know anything about Pennington yet to make a prediction. Eutsey and Mallery have ability to make a run and I don't know about Williams enough to predict anything there yet either.
  7. Lol. While funny, the kid is actually pretty good.
  8. The stream from East Chicago is just pure incompetence. They don't even have the finals match streaming. Just absolute garbage.
  9. That did, in fact, happen. Kid's tough, they popped it back in and he finished the match. Also, Hollyfield has been wrestling his butt off in the playoffs, he is also coming in HOT and I do believe he will make it to Indy.
  10. I'm pretty sure realignment happens every 5 years because that's usually when the contracts for hosting regionals are up and if the regional goes to a different school, those schools swap spots in their sectional, regional, and semi state. I'm pretty sure.
  11. Tom at 126 isn't even in the semi state. He got DQ'd at Regionals
  12. I think thrine's new nickname should be "wild thing" lol. That's a compliment, I just want that to be clear.
  13. i think it's really important for the coaches to set expectations for the parents. Letting them know where and when they should bring their kids and setting those kids and parents up for success, in my opinion, is on the coaches. I think parents see a schedule put out by a club and they just assume that they need to follow it. I do think it is important to have beginner level events, duals, and individual tournies on the schedule and i think they all offer their pros and cons. But ultimately, i think the coaches play a vital role in assuring the right kids are going to the right events. Once again, this is just my opinion and i could be all jacked up.
  14. Well we have the biggest MS tourney of the year going on and no thread. What are your guys thoughts about the tournament? Any matchups or weight classes you thought were great? Safe to say we saw some high level stuff today. Thoughts?
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