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  1. I would've thought Covaciu would've been pretty good at 174 this year, but I don't see him listed on the roster? 133 looks interesting with Asa Garcia, Kyle Luigs, and Cayden Rooks. Rooks had some really close matches with top guys last year, Luigs had some big wins at 141 his freshman year, and Asa had a decent redshirt year last year. Who do you guys think comes out of here? Maybe if Konrath isn't healthy one of them goes up to 141?
  2. I would say only having 3 guys ranked is a product of not having any offseason national tournaments this year. I think those tournaments are more important for Indiana guys because of the in-season travel restrictions in the state, so they don't get as much of a chance to accumulate nationally relevant wins. Hopefully more tournaments start to open up, so we can change that number!
  3. I would say it's more of a fundraising thing. These college programs are able to fund raise to pay the athletes way more than the OTC could. In essence, there are a lot more college wrestling alumni that are willing to donate back to their program than there are people donating to the senior level athletes at the OTC. Some say that USA Wrestling isn't funneling the funds in the right direction, but that's a whole different discussion. In terms of the fairness, I actually think there are NCAA rules about keeping the RTC separate. However, it seems like these rules are kind of vauge
  4. Anybody selling NCAA Wrestling Tickets?? Feel free to pm me if you are
  5. I was wondering if anyone had NCAA Tickets for this year for sale or a connection that I could buy them through. Feel free to DM me also. Thanks!
  6. That's an interesting point, but I also think there is value in Indiana putting out the most competitive team possible. If Indiana can make it a respectable dual against Team USA, maybe it could push us closer to the top tier of wrestling states, thus giving more validity to credentials state-wide.
  7. Kinda curious why Purdue isn't in the mix if he plans to be an engineering major?
  8. Just speculation, but I wonder if Jim Harbaugh is referencing Mason in this article. He mentions that they have some one that may want to wrestle too in the 2nd to last sentence. http://coachingsearch.com/article?a=What-Jim-Harbaugh-wants-to-see-if-a-player-wants-to-play-a-2nd-sport-in-college
  9. Well Burroughs was a 149 his first 2 years, and I think his freshman year was Coughlin's redshirt-freshman year when he all-americaned at 149. Definitely interesting to think about!
  10. Off the top of my head, I remember a lot of hype about Howe vs Walpole, Angel vs. Macke, and to a lesser extent Maurer vs. Dolly. The Maurer-Dolly match was the only one that lived up to the hype(and exceeded it). But, none of those compare to this one
  11. Anybody know what the schedule of times is for tomorrow?
  12. From what I understand, he was getting advice from college coaches that, because of his injuries, he should be giving his body a break at some point and not be wrestling year around. So, basically, he could choose to wrestle the high school season and sit out all of the national tournaments, or he could choose to sit out the high school season and just focus on the national tournaments. I think he made a great choice, and he is a great kid with a great family!
  13. The first match he lost to a returning D-1 All-American by criteria after going the full amount of overtimes, and the 2nd match he lost by 1 to an NCAA D-1 qualifier. So, he is right there with those guys even with D3 training partners
  14. Add in Jose Escobedo at 119, who avenged his loss to Clay Leek from this year to go on to win a state championship the next year, and Griffith had a solid 1-2-3-4 punch too. Probably the two best 1-2-3-4 punches in Indiana history and they happened in the same year. It's definitely fun reliving the old days! It's also crazy to notice how much wrestling has evolved over the past 10+ years. This was my senior year and these guys consistently put a whoopin on me, but this wrestling is extremely sloppy compared to today's wrestling. It makes me not want to look back at videos from my high scho
  15. If you are looking at going in the healthcare field, it is really important to look at the placement rates into grad school or medical school too. Some colleges can really pitch that they are very prestigious or exceptionally strong academically, but it is better to look at facts such as placement rates rather than generalizations.
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