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  1. Sydokun

    Carson Brewer

    Loved the sandwich at first thought it was a donut. Also a classy move on handling the boos. Kids butt heads it happens im sure Carson never did it on purpose. You fix it and move on. Last year a kid got stitches on the mat. Great kid and family. Great win. Live it up. Enjoy it and dont let anyone take you moment. Congratulations
  2. Sydokun

    Jay County Regionals

    looks like a Buffed out Lego Man
  3. Yorktown should be on that list. I think
  4. Congrats Devon been a pleasure watching you wrestle since you were little. Good luck at Lindsey. i'm sure will be seeing you around.
  5. Sydokun

    Send me BRACKETS 27 of 32

    Delta Brackets seem to be unlocked now
  6. Awesome Kid, Great Family and great partner to have in any room.
  7. Sydokun


    Chase Wilkerson
  8. Sydokun


    Jared Brown
  9. Sydokun


    Brayden Curtis
  10. Sydokun


    Brayden Curtis
  11. I just looked at my sons profile on track to find that another Brayden Curtis in Indiana at 126 has been using my sons profile for meets. Obviously i'm going to delete the results, but if i'm not mistake this still shows as deleted results. anyone have any idea how to remove them 100%. Granted it should not matter, but he has worked hard to show a great record plus it's fun to look back at some of the old brackets.
  12. Sydokun

    Alara Boyd of Yorktown commits to

  13. Sydokun


    Brayden Curtis
  14. Sydokun


    Brayden Curtis

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