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  1. Club Madison ran our last ISWA tourney we hosted like this back in 2011 I believe. People liked the idea back then.
  2. personally I would go to 15 weights with adjusting weight classes with additional weight being added up top also. Never for taking away an opportunity from a kid. I know people struggle filing all the weights but I am selfish and would want the most chances for kids to see varsity wrestling as they can. Also I like adding it up top as another spot to help encourage the football players to give wrestling a try.
  3. We typically do the vote the night before spring clinic
  4. Well true but it is central between the two sectionals sites.
  5. Regional needs to be moved to Madison. Its the central location between the Jeff Sectional and Jennings Sectional and we used to host it years ago.
  6. So is it teams that fall within 15 points of the last team in blue,which are automatic bids, that are considered for vote in for other two spots?
  7. I have my youngest son using them and I have recently bought some to be used for our Club Madison practices.
  8. So I asked this last night at our meeting because the Winter bulletin said one thing but last year we did something different. Winter Bulletin states that "pigtail" or round of 16 matches are available to anyone in the bracket. Last year the IHSAA stated to put pigtail matches with the first and last drawn in wrestlers. Our sectional head contacted the IHSAA and they said to do it they way we did the previous year. Now I am seeing other sectionals that didn't do it this way. (example Southport)
  9. Great seeding meeting tonight. After the dust has settled based on seeds the Olympians of Columbus East look to be the clear favorite for the title. Then a 4 team race for 2nd between Jennings County, Madison, Southwestern and Seymour
  10. it is released sometime after the last regional ends.
  11. 100% of the teams at Team State wouldn't be wrestling at Team State if the IHSWCA didn't do an awesome job at putting on this tourney.
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