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  1. it is released sometime after the last regional ends.
  2. 100% of the teams at Team State wouldn't be wrestling at Team State if the IHSWCA didn't do an awesome job at putting on this tourney.
  3. It was canceled by the IHSAA because teams that qualified for regionals or higher chose to hold out several varsity wrestlers that were also in the individual tourney. The IHSAA didn't like seeing this happen so axed the team series after this happened several times.
  4. tskin

    Evansville Reitz vs. Madison

    Evansville Reitz
  5. tskin

    Madison vs. Purdue Polytechnic

  6. tskin

    Madison vs. Seymour

  7. tskin

    Madison vs. Scottsburg

  8. tskin

    Madison vs. Switzerland County

  9. i predict a good match at 170. Sollars is tough and Hammond is a big strong kid
  10. did anyone ever find of list of how many girls have amassed 100+ career wins? Our girl is currently 74-40 on as a Junior wrestling varsity all 3 years for us. I know there have been a few but would love to see a correct list of these numbers.
  11. Nice cant wait to see Kelsey Bilz from Madison pull some upsets.
  12. Also makes you realize until the kids put on a singlet for you in high school don't count your chickens. The three placers from madison for the 2016 tourney. 1 wrestled until he was a sophomore and the other two never put on a madison singlet.
  13. Yea hats off to New Albany for stepping up at the last minute so we could have 10 teams.
  14. That could be very cool. Have Scale built into floor like they have at amusement parks. Wrestlers walk in stand on scale the weight pops up on a big jumbo tron then they run to mat.
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