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  1. Current Roster at 34. Lost three kids from last years team. One was a senior. Another injured himself and then after playing football this year decided basketball was the route he was going to take, pretty good wrestler also could of made a run in the tourney. The final decided he was going to focus on running sports Finished the season last year with 20 on roster so we have alot of new faces, including some new football players with no wrestling experience giving it a whirl. It ebbs and flows from year to year. I have had classes were kids no matter what you did just weren't involved in sports. Last couple of classes have had lots of competitive kids and we have seen our numbers rise. Madison hovers around low 800's in enrollment. So 30+ kids for us is a good turnout. When I was in school here back in the 90's and our enrollment was over 1000 we still only had 20-30 kids in the program. Goal is to try to reach that 40 kid mark this season. It also helps when the coaches son is starting his freshman year and he can talk his football teammates into coming out.
  2. Well they would loose because thats only 212 to 220 duh
  3. I say TripleB Appetite should be in this pound for pound list.
  4. EI Sports get ahold of me tysongskinner@gmail.com
  5. What if the arm or leg sleeves are your school colors. Are those legal?
  6. but are leg and arm sleeves without padding legal if they don't have a logo on them?
  7. Don't see any mention in there if arm or leg sleeves without pads are legal?!?!?!?!
  8. tskin

    Duals needed

    Madison had two teams drop off our schedule for duals this season. Looking to add home duals this year if interested contact me at tysongskinner@gmail.com
  9. I have openings in our Nick Shadday Memorial invite on Jan 11th this year in Madison Indiana. If interested please contact me at tysongskinner@gmail.com Thanks
  10. Looking to expand our schedule. If you are looking for a dual or have an opening in a other event please let me know. tysongskinner@gmail.com
  11. Good Looking list with some studs coming into the freshman class next year.
  12. Switzerland Co head Coach Kris Sandlin has left to take teaching job at Madison
  13. I actually just started compiling this data for Madison. Its incomplete but here is what I have on Madison Wrestling Families Stephans/Herring Family George Stephan 78-18 Josh Herring-97 77-50 Jacob Herring-02 95-27 Joe Herring-98 0-1 ..............................................250-96 Skinner Family Rodney Skinner-88 38-43-1 Tyson Skinner-94 93-27-1 Floyd Chambers-97 73-11 ....................................204-81 Black Family Ray Black-68 28-11-1 Robert Black-83 18-12 Rodney Black-86 10-15 Derek Black 135-13 CoCo Black 1-0 192-51-1 Shadday Family Marvin Shadday-81 49-24 Nick Shadday-86 41-34 Sam Johnson 100-31 ................................ 190-89
  14. yea the amount of spots open for the football players i encourage to wrestle reduces and I would expect #'s ofr teams would reduce as well.
  15. If only someone up in that region could take a joke haha
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