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  1. Will it be out before the start of official high school practice?
  2. Uh oh....another class wrestling debate starting in 3, 2, 1...
  3. What teams are going to be at the Holiday Classic?
  4. badpta


    What is crazy is that not one of the aforementioned wrestlers have flinched. One would have thought that at least one of these kids would have cut down. Any one of these kids would probably be the favorite to win it at 120, but not a move. It goes to show you the supreme confidence these wrestlers have to get it done at 126. Looking forward to this bracket.
  5. I have heard that Fair and Littell is going to wrestle off for the 113 spot.
  6. Alec Viduya is going to Roncalli but who is going to coach him with Lance Ellis retiring from coaching?
  7. All the losses were within the last 14 months; the latest loss coming at middle school state in February.
  8. Any new predictions now that most wrestlers are registered? It looks like 95 and 117 are loaded with talent.
  9. When does registration close? Typically registration closes Thursday night, but on Track it says that registration closes Saturday night. Just making sure everybody make the deadline.
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