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  1. Congrats Asa and family! Well deserved and look forward to watching your career!
  2. Basic gear at best! Other teams all had cool Disney themed stuff!!!
  3. Ya know. At least it wasn’t a big match or an undefeated season on the line. I like both kids and just wanted to see a good match....horrible call. Let the guys wrestle! Looked more like a ref wanting attention to me!
  4. Man I hope so! As his dad, I know my son would never lose if “karma” was an actual thing! Lol! Did he overreact? Yeah, maybe. He also immediately felt regret and without prompting took it upon himself (remember a 16 year old kid) to go speak to Hobart’s coaches, Tylor, Tylor’s parents, our coaches, his teammates, his family, and others. You need to remember that Tylor (AWESOME KID AND FAMILY!) and Brock have been very good friends, teammates and wrestling partners for years at RWA. Brock was extremely excited to win against someone he has so much respect for. My son...no I’m sorry....my CHILDREN have been raised to be respectful and humble, and both are. I couldn’t be prouder of Brock, the man he is becoming, the student he is, the friend he is, the brother he is, the teammate he is, and the fact that wrestler doesn’t even come close to the top of the list of great things he is! He also would like it pointed out he squished a bug off his shoulder, not a “cigarette” lol! Man I also really hope your “karma” comes back twice as hard on him this week! Thanks for the motivation too! Love the Peele Family!
  5. It looks like that sometimes. It’s always a 1-4 and a 2-3. One #1 goes to top of bracket and one goes to bottom. So there’s no true 1seed from here to state.
  6. ok but lets talk class wrestling! LOL I kid
  7. Hats off to Moreno from Lowell! What a day! Congrats
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