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  1. I ask wayyyy too many questions- I know. But is there a “seeding” or pairing for semi state or is it just a draw? How do they decide that?
  2. What are the allowed reasons to use the alternate? Illness, No show, missed weight?? Or is it case by case scenerio?
  3. What are the stipulations in which an alternate is used? And if an alternate is used do they replace the exact seed or does everyone move up a seed?
  4. Our 145 is pretty tough, it'll be a "toss up" to see who advances. 4 of them are going to have to come out strong and ready to win.
  5. But back to original question- does being a quarterfinalist in semi state in previous season automatically seed you higher than your winning percentage? The way I read seeding criteria in our trackwrestling information was 1. Does wrestler have 10 matches? 2. Was wrestler quarterfinalist? 3. Winning percentage record 4......so on and so forth.
  6. Thanks. I’m a second year parent in high school wrestling and just trying to educate myself on the technical aspect of wrestling, seeding, brackets, and this whole weight rules and seeding criteria from IHSAA. Appreciate it!
  7. I questioned that weight loss too, but if that’s true, that he wrestled up, what’s the reason behind why someone would do that? Or why a coach would do that? Is there a good strategy for that?
  8. That too makes sense, I wouldn't even have thought of it that way. Thank you. This is why I asked, to see if I was looking at it wrong. In our case, we know that the 3 wrestlers with better records have not had a "easy" schedule, but it does make sense to prevent that.
  9. Tri- Eastern Conference rescheduled to Friday 5:00 PM
  10. Trying to understand this and may be reading it wrong, if someone can explain: Example: A wrestler wrestles 160 all season. Come sectional he wrestles 145. There are 3 wrestlers with much higher winning percentage and better records than him, however because he was the only one out of the 145's who made it to the Quarterfinal round of Semi-State he automatically gets #1 seed? Is that accurate? And if it is accurate, is that a broken system or criteria? Trying to understand it is all and decide in my head if that's shady or fair. Not that it would give him much advantage if the other
  11. Hey open your eyes we aren't saying kids didn't deserve to advance. We aren't saying that kid didn't earn his spot or do what needed to be done to go. We are saying that you should not have two top seed wrestlers wrestling in the ticket round. Restructure those brackets and those two would both be advancing! Get an open mind and quit reading to respond; read to listen to the other side!
  12. It's sad when you see two top seed wrestlers wrestling each other in the ticket round. When they both deserve to be advancing!
  13. Ahhh I hate this daylight savings time! LOL!
  14. Agree! I'm not trying to knock any wrestler, but there were quite a few clearly qualified State wrestlers who did not advance. For 138 example, a few greats would have been better off placing 3rd at Regionals rather than winning. They would have been a shoo in to State. Start seeding them! Surely we can come up with clear criteria?!
  15. Are they not updating brackets on trackwrestling this year? Wrestling was scheduled for 10:00 but I see nothing updated on trackwrestling.
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