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  1. Coach Masters


    Carson Johnson
  2. Coach Masters

    Mount Vernon (Fortville)
  3. Coach Masters

    Mount Vernon (Fortville)
  4. I have an incoming freshman needing size 18 wrestling shoes. I can not find a pair anywhere. Does anyone have any leads or some that are in your spare pairs and not used? I will gladly pay for shoes and shipping. Thanks, Chad
  5. My plan is to have groups of 4. One varsity, 1 higher level jv, and then two others. We can trace pretty well then in case of a positive test. The school keeps mentioning 1v1, but that hinders development, and if you have a kid go down, you have a wrestler drilling alone. I hope that when season arrives (being optimistic), that most schools have a standard set of rules so we all can be “in the same boat.” It would be easy for me to contact other coaches and tell them my 182 is sick, he works out with our JV 195 who you wrestled as well.
  6. Mount Vernon (Fortville)
  7. Mount Vernon (Fortville)
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