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  1. Coach Masters

    Hayden Lohrey of Shenandoah commits to

    Congrats from all at MV.
  2. Coach Masters

    Drake Kendrex of Mount Vernon commits to

    Thank you Dave, our wrestlers have great respect for you and PH.
  3. Coach Masters

    Jake Combs of Hagerstown commits to

    Great young man, congrats and wishing him nothing but success in the future.
  4. Coach Masters

    Let's Hear Your Best Recruiting Moves!

    The main thing I did when first took over at MV was to recruit heavily from the football team, I was there anyway. Then would just stand in the halls and talk to any kid I could and tell them how wrestling could benefit them. I remember seeing a young man running down the hallway, he looked to be around 100lbs and we needed a 106. He was a soccer player, so told him he could spend his winter upstairs with us. He has told us coaches that he is more aggressive on the soccer field and has much more confidence in life. Dave setting up the our dual to be televised has been a huge bonus. We have had lots of kids tell us how cool that was and asked if we would be doing it again. I am hoping to get Dave and PH back on the screen this coming year, and possibly another dual when we get our schedule finalized. (We need a couple duals if anybody is interested). We have discussed trying to use the auditorium, football field (weather permitting), the schools new Performance enhancement center basically anything to create interest. Randal Hayes has came up with great intro music for our duals that the kids love. We have thrown free t-shirts into the crowd just to fill as many seats as possible. As Dave said, anything to let your kids know that you are putting in the effort to make this as fun as possible.
  5. Chase Wilkerson has signed with UIndy to continue his wrestling career. Chase is the first wrestler in over a decade to sign to wrestle in college from Mt. Vernon (Fortville). He ends his HS career as the schools all time wins leader at 143.
  6. Coach Masters

    Donnell vs Slivka - scoring error in the finals

    It was the second injury time, Cathedral got to pick position.
  7. Coach Masters

    Coach Peckinpaugh's Awesome Poem

    How awesome! What a great poem, very true. You very much deserve to be in the Hall. Men like you and Rex are an inspiration to us all.
  8. Coach Masters

    WAYL2 Help

    Chris Wilkerson lost to Vinson of Shelbyville
  9. Coach Masters


    We do have two freshman Johnsons that moved on, but they are not brothers.
  10. Coach Masters


    Mt. Vernon (Fortville)- Wilkerson brothers (Chase and Chris)
  11. Coach Masters

    Ticket Round MATCHES!

    Tuesday at noon is what email said.
  12. Coach Masters

    Ticket Round MATCHES!

    AD’s do have formulas.
  13. Coach Masters


    The bracket pairings formula should be on our IHSAA dashboard. Public release is Tuesday at noon.
  14. Coach Masters

    Who is sending the most ?

    Mt. Vernon (Fortville)-13
  15. Coach Masters

    Mount Vernon (Fortville) vs. Shenandoah

    Mount Vernon (Fortville)

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