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  1. Shouldn't have taken the opportunity away from Mr. Rumph who many saw as the eventual champ... This was his last opportunity to wrestle flonationals and to have a championship opportunity taken away by a LAYDOWN is ridiculous. I don't know who made the laydown call, but it's sickening.
  2. He wrestled in the Championship finals correct?
  3. Will there be any food?
  4. I know a few boys that would love that!
  5. This bracket is surely weaker than it could have been.
  6. Yes, Brown looked great and Miller didn't wrestle his match. Nice job Brown.
  7. Best of luck to Owen, hope both are healthy and are ready to battle it out.
  8. Yes, I am very familiar with Graham, however, that is one look he gets in the room, Turley has quality and quantity!
  9. I never said I was underestimating him, I simply don't see what you see. Turley has some of the best partners a freshman could ask for in (Triana)(Hunter)(Colza)(Fattore). Hobart has a much tougher schedule as well. Turley is battle tested and brings a lot to the table. Good luck to Gavin!
  10. A few others... 132 Brooks over Rodriguez (toss up) 145 Turley over Banks (not an upset, but Freshman over Senior) 160 Snook over Kensinger (4 over 1) 160 Hooley over Conklin (3 over 2) 170 Miller over Brown (4 over 1)
  11. Cruz and Moran put up 28 points at the DAC if my sources are correct. That could be another exciting shootout.
  12. Griggs vs Washington could be a tight one... 6-5 was the score of their last meeting.
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