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  1. What if you have replay officials watching matches and they can make a decision in between periods. That way you have less down time.
  2. Maybe video review. Saw several times that takedowns were either called and shouldnt, or not called when they should. Could also use it for boundaries.
  3. How would the half shiny pants fit into the mix?
  4. Charlie Agnew lost to Jacob Kowalski from springboro, Oh.
  5. Last I saw Huntington North finished second by .5 point. Great day of wrestling in fort wayne. Congrats to all the winners.
  6. Well you could always get 3 laptops and watch the ones that are streamed and give us a report🤣
  7. If someone wasnt going to any semi state, they could just sit back with three computers and watch them.
  8. Why cant there be checks and balances. If the scorekeeper is being paid, then why does he not have the right to alert the referee of the tech fall. Then the referee and coaches can work out the correct outcome. My thought would be if this match was fast paced with a lot of quick moves, then the only one that would have caught the tech fall would be the scorekeeper? The coaches and referee would be keeping up with the moves, and scores as they happen. Am I off base with that logic?
  9. I've seen the scorekeeper sound theHorn, if the referee didnt pay attention. Or somehow let the referee know. Most referees are aware. But I can definitely see where it could be missed. Especially if the people running the table dont understand the rules correctly.
  10. All of the tournaments I've been to, I have seen the scorekeeper notify the referee of the tech fall, if the referee wasnt already aware.
  11. tigroscr


    Will the snow tonight cause any delays or cancellations?
  12. The Columbia City wrestler at 195 is injured and cant wrestle so I think they may be replacing him.
  13. I just went thru all of them and I can see Evansville Central, Castle, Crawfordsville, and Elwood.
  14. For future reference, take screenshots of brackets before they pull them, then we can blast them all over social media, and they would have no reason to keep them hidden.
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