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  1. I was actually on the same side of the argument as you or at least I thought. Not a good call was the point. Not sure what your point is. So, I say again HUH!
  2. Well said Dad. I don't know you, but it almost brought tears to my eyes. Your boy seems like an awesome kid. I'm guessing the he gets it honestly.
  3. I don't know if I would have called the pin, but let's face it, the tilt does come with some degree of risk. I saw him almost do it in an earlier match either Friday or Saturday morning. Too bad.
  4. I get it. It would be a lot fun to see the region get shut down at the state tournament due to some of the region arrogance that surfaces from time to time. Not to mention nobody likes to see the same winners all the time. It is fun to see giants fall. However, if you do the math, they still won more than their share of championships and got like 24 of the 28 placers they would have needed for their share of the medals. Down a little from past years? Yes for sure, but it took a long time for this person to finally get to make this statement LOL. Region boys as a whole did not wrestle wel
  5. You are correct in the sense that I don't know what he said if anything, but I watched the entire celebration and saw nothing worthy of the call. Now, if he threw in a celebratory F bomb, I get it. But since the officials calling the match did nothing, I'm guessing it wasn't for profanity. Still don't get it.
  6. I am by no means a fan of Portage wrestling or their fans. However, I have a problem with the ULC call against Peele at the conclusion of his 120 championship against Triana. After the buzzer sounded, Peele did a celebration where he simulated snuffing out a cigarette butt with his foot. The two officials calling the match didn't make any call on it. An official in the chairs took offence to it and made the unsportsman like call. Granted, Portage was so far ahead, they could have deducted 40 points and it wouldn't have made a difference. My point is, what constitutes a celebration going
  7. Purdue would never let us in, but Mackey would be the best place to hold the semi state. Not a bad seat and tons of room. East Chicago is too far from everyone involved. They have a ton of room, but lets's face it, unless you hang on the railing of one small side of the gym, the view sux. Travel would suck for the region boys to come all the way to Lafayette though. I do think that this amazing tournament needs a better venue. Sorry ECC, you guys run a good tournament, I am just not a fan of the gym. Just my opinion.
  8. Yeah, I really like this kid too. He is the only one I didn't predict to make it through last year as well. Unfortunately, I don't think he will beat the Mish kid first round. Even if he does, the Portage with 8 losses is much better than his record shows. I saw him wrestle a couple tough matches in sectional and regional on the facebook broadcast. I don't think Jake will make it back this year. I would have liked his chances better if he would have won last weekend. I think the Jeff kid's draw would have been a little better maybe, but I don't think he would have beaten Tolin either th
  9. Okay, I'll play along. I always do. First I want to say leave it to good ol classy Mudflap to use his annual "Leave the Bus Running" topic because that offensive remark never gets old. However, in concept I always agree with the facts. But for the record, I'm a bit offended by the toothless Lafayette Farmer comment even though I have to admit it made me laugh. I'm guessing the Flap doesn't have a lot of room to talk, because from my experience, the dentistry doesn't look much better in the region. Enough of that, I have some thoughts on a few things. I was pretty dead on last year, so l
  10. I get what you're saying, but trust me when I say that in this day and age, if some nice fella bag could corner the market on oxygen we would have to pay to breathe. And no I don't think a very crappy stream of a high school wrestling meet is worth 10 bucks.
  11. First of all, I would never pay to see a live feed of a high school wrestling meet. Ridiculous! If I did pay 10 dollars and still didn't get to see the matches I wanted, I'd be pissed!
  12. Not a chance I would pay a penny to see individual rankings for high school wrestling. What a joke. Let's face it, rankings are an opinion of one or two people based on records and how they placed last year. I'm guessing the average fan could figure out the top 10 in each weight class with about the same accuracy. Don't get me wrong, they are fun to look at and I appreciate the time someone puts into figuring out the rankings. But to pay for that, aint ever gonna happen. The one exception to this is the preseason magazine that Indiana puts out. You are getting a good product with the ea
  13. I have have been around this sport for about 45 years and I have several theories why kids are leaving the sport. First of all, I agree that kids don't seem to be as tough nosed today as they were 20-30 years ago. It is true that the caliber of wrestling is much higher today than in the past, but the majority of kids are softer and much too quick to quit. Cultural shift is mostly responsible for this. Parents in the past simply would not allow their kids to quit a sport once they started. It was a responsibility issue that is not present with today's parenting. Technology is probably the
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