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  1. As you are preparing for regionals this week, good luck to every wrestler still competing. Congrats on your sectional success and to all the wrestlers that didn't make it through sectionals, Congrats on your great season, keep training hard for next year. As you wrestlers are training for regionals, you all have different goals, but at the end of the day, you all have the same opportunity to achieve an amazing thing. Top four at regional advancing to semi state. Keep in mind when you are training and competing how many would trade you to take your place, how many want the opportunity you have. Even if you don't finish this season where you wanted to or even if you do, win with dignity, and loose with humanity, i heard that saying from a snider fan the other day. Its a great saying to listen to. Not everyone gets to wrestle varsity, not everyone makes it out of sectionals, and some never get the opportunity to wrestle at the bank.That doesn't take away from the hard work and dedication they put into the sport. If you are competing this weekend good luck, Fly the W, and be proud. Not many get the opportunity. Its the greatest sport known to man and woman, the most grueling of them all, be proud to wrestle this weekend and thank your parents, coaches, teammates, and anyone else who has supported you and pushed you and made you better. Stay safe and healthy, wrestle tough, its anyones match on saturday morning.
  2. If hall from huntington is able to pull off another great win against davis he has a very great potential to win the sectional at 126 that kid is looking very very good this season. good luck to everyone this weekend!
  3. Huntington County- Kyle Jolas, There were some great wrestlers other than kyle in the previous century but id say he's the best from huntington wrestling in the past 20 years. has moved a few beats since back in the dayyy Grant County- Jackson Bratcher (aka the beast) thats all i got lol
  4. merry christmas eveyone, stay safe with your travels and enjoy the quality time spent with your families! I apologize this post has nothing to do with wrestling
  5. kyle jolas is also doing very well division 2 for lindenwood ranked 4 in the country! He was a four time state qualifier placing 5 his senior year in indy
  6. 106-285 In no particular order.. 1)whoever wins the finals 2) whoever loses to the state champ 3) whoever wins 3 and 4 place match i think that is a good guess... Good luck to all the wrestlers out there this year!
  7. i dont understand why people knock on red so much, his freshman year almost everybody cheered for him then by his senior year it was a lot against him. why can't people just be more positive forward all the wrestlers, nick lee is a stud, chad red is a stud. there are lots of studs, red doesn't have to prove himself to anyone other than himself yet he is still the best and has proved that to everyone, reds celebration and words on the telly this year at state weren't bad, they were directed toward all the doubt and he deserved to say what he said. he a great kid, a great wrestle, and has a great future in store, just like many.
  8. Half Nelson, every team i have ever practiced with has always taught it and preached it like it was the best move on top to win with. don't quote me on this but i think a majority of pins at state are half nelsons. the double chicken wing is the most killer though!
  9. Good luck to everybody wrestling this weekend, it was an honor to be able to compete at fort wayne semi state 4 years. not everybody has that opportunity, cherish it and be proud of the accomplishment you have made so far, no matter if you advance or not, leave it on the mat and be proud to be apart of the best sport known to man. If you are a wrestler reading this remember, it doesn't matter how many losses you have had this season, or who it was too. It doesn't matter your rank, your school, your record, it matters who shows up for the first 6 minutes, leave it all on the mat. You have plenty of time to regroup and collect yourself for the next round. Wrestle with a clear mind, and a full heart. Good luck to all!
  10. Congrats Batesy, Good luck in state tournament and at Wabash!
  11. i predict the best wrestler wins each weight, i buy to many dip n dots, the crowd goes wild all day, y2 will still be a king, the wave gets started and dies after about three full rounds, and the best of all, indiana gets another 4 time state champ with a couple dance moves,,,
  12. if u look back at any weight from previous years you can figure out witch semi state that weight will draw at state, at least it has worked for me, i look at a weight to see,fort wayne 145 had new castle last year, and merriville the year b4, 3 years ago was evansville, this year they will have evansville again if i am right, it has always worked for me though, so u should be able to figure out which semi state forwayne 182 will draw at state
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