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  1. Blane Culp

    From 22-16 to 31-1

    Jackson Pettigrew of Columbia city last year 33-16 as a sophomore. Was down 7 going into 3rd period in first round of sectionals, scored 11 points to win in the 3rd. Then won in OT to move into 3rd/4th place match at sectional. 3rd, 3rd, 4th and defeated by B Lee on Friday night. Now he's 35-2 going into ss
  2. Blane Culp

    Snow Day Homework

    Believe this is called E-Learning
  3. Blane Culp


    Jackson Pettigrew
  4. Blane Culp

    Beards- Hyway and ISWA

    I had 2 wrestlers with beards at ISWA State. They were told as long as it was not abrasive it was fine.
  5. Blane Culp

    Deepest Weight- Sectionals

    113 at Carroll has 2 returning state qualifiers, 3 semi state qualifiers, and a regional qualifier. Plus 2 freshman that aren't too bad.
  6. Blane Culp

    Week of 12/11-12/17

    We have wrestled Niles the last 5 or 6 years at Penn. Plus the last 2 years at defiance Ohio tournament. Love to watch this team wrestle, they get after it. The coaching staff is a blast to talk to as well.
  7. Blane Culp


    West Noble
  8. Blane Culp


    Columbia City
  9. Blane Culp


    Columbia City
  10. Blane Culp


    Columbia City
  11. Blane Culp


    Columbia City
  12. Blane Culp


    Columbia City
  13. Blane Culp


    Columbia City
  14. Blane Culp


    Columbia City
  15. Iron Eagle - 3 Styles of Wrestling Pay for 2 Styles and get the 3rd Style free *Folkstyle is a qualifier for the Tournament of Champions *Freestyle is a qualifier for the ISWA Freestyle State Finals * Entire tournament is part of the Indiana Gladiator Series Wrestling bags as this years special gift at weigh ins *****SPECIAL NOTICE***** For wrestlers wanting to wrestle Folkstyle only, there will be a short Sunday morning weigh in from 7:00 - 7:30 AM EST. For event schedule, visit iswa.com or ironeaglenationals.com

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