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  1. Columbia City will now be looking for 4 duals to replace these. I am looking to host 2, and visit 2. I am looking for bigger, competitive, and well traveled teams. We lose a lot of door money with the loss of our conference duals, I am trying to replace that a little bit. Can message here, email blaneculp@hotmail.com, or call/text 260 609 1739
  2. Columbia City wrestled Brebeuf last year in a girl vs girl dual. It was more of matching up like you would for a JV dual. The JC vs CC dual will be line them up and wrestle like a boys varsity meet. With some sweet entrances.
  3. Mise well discuss them now, looks like 1 match has already happened. But they used wrestlers from 2 other teams to tally the score.
  4. Columbia City is looking to host 1 girl dual. I have most of December open. I cannot do Dec 7, or Dec 22. Prefer a Tuesday if possible. We should have close to a full team minus 98, 182, 195. 260 609 1739 blaneculp@hotmail.com
  5. VanDeventer from Bloomington North and Kleinhans Columbus North I believe wrestled 8 times in 2004. Kleinhans was state runner up with 8 losses, all to VanDeventer
  6. Joe couldn't catch him. Leave that up to a Columbia City kid to do the hard work for Joe
  7. I could not get my 4 school tickets for the 2nd session until we used a different ticketmaster account. All is good. Other than my parents for 2nd session were 2 and 2 as well.
  8. Anyone getting an error that you exceeded your number of tickets without buying any? I have a feeling other teams are hacking and stealing codes Also my 2nd session wrestler was not able to buy 4 tickets together, 2 and 2 separately. So odd
  9. Anyone having success using a school code for both sessions? I have wrestlers in both sessions but only 1 code. It is not working
  10. Y2 can you post by conference numbers? You held the NHC strong yesterday. I know NE8 had 6 champs but haven't went through the qualifiers. 2 of those did not win conference.
  11. Believe it was 2002, both returning FW Semi State champs from the year before. John Sheets vs Pat McClain
  12. Your Garrett education is showing. If you need a hint, it involves Garrett
  13. Columbia City
  14. Columbia City
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