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  1. He did do well and your right, he gave 100% next match will Friday night at Bankers life. One more weekend-in best sport ever.
  2. As a parent of a senior wrestling tomorrow. It will be an emotional day. Win or lose tomorrow I am nothing but proud of him and his past 4 years. He has learned so much on that mat, the highs from the wins and the lows of his losses have taught him life lessons I alone could not have taught him. He has made friends from surrounding schools he would have never met had it not have been for wrestling. He has pushed himself further than I could have ever pushed him. His coaches and his team mates have formed him into an incredible young man who has a bright future. Again, nothing but pure pride an
  3. Two, maybe three years ago a wrestler showed up at Sectionals with a great record and he was either the 1 or 2 seed. He also showed up with a case of ring worm that was being treated but he did NOT have the appropriate form filled out by his general practitioner. He did not pass skin check. It was heartbreaking to watch him have to tell his parents he was out. Please wrestlers , parents and coaches- if your wrestler has even the slightest of skin conditions get the proper treatment and the proper paper work with you. Best of luck kids- We adults enjoy watching you as much as you enjoy parti
  4. Hunter Reed, Junior from Colmbia City 152 lb and 25-0
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