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  1. Look out for Keaten Fisher at 120, already has wins over Brycen Denney and Justice Cash
  2. After these past couple weeks we've seen a lot of upsets , this is my list no order 106- Moran, Casebolt, Rioux, 106 could be the top 8, all of these guys have a legitimate shot under the lights 113- Littel , Garcia, and Turner , this will be a toss up a lot of tough wrestlers in this class 120- Mills, Triana, and Rooks, fun weight to watch also 126-Cumming , Mulkey, and White 132-Bailey , Tolin, and Reitz 138-Rumph, Black, and Melloh 145-Lee, Mcintosh, and Rasler, Lee is a lock 152-Lee, Kerrn, and Clark, Lee is a lock 160-Laughlin, Swank, and Bane 170- VanHorn, Webster, and Runyan
  3. Mooresville and Bloomington region should have a tough 195lb class Brownfield from Franklin(12th) (ranked 15th) Randy scott(11th) (ranked 7th for a while and semi-state qualifier) and Clayton Scroggs from martinsville (incoming frosh) (middle school state champ, and iswa champ
  4. The best freshman of the 2013-2014 season
  5. Top wrestlers to watch 1. Nick Lee- Evansville m. Dei 2.Clayton Scroggs- Martinsville east, Kyle shaffer- owen Valley 3. Breyden Bailey- Center grove 4. Trevor Reese and Burk van horn Franklin Community 5. Brayton lee- Brownsburg Who else?
  6. clayton scroggs- martinsville and kyle shaffer- owen valley 4x state qualifiers
  7. Too bad Scott got pinned at conference and is now at 195 and Hunter Cullison - Martinsville beat Michael petrole 5-4 and Ben Schoolcraft- Martinsville, won at 195
  8. Everybody 8th grade and under register alot of great competition!
  9. @DLane is Scroggs 175 or 160? he should have a pretty solid year
  10. you pick em middle school state champs! 75. colton cummings- Region 80. graham rooks- Columbus 85. Ty mills- CWA 90.breyden bailey- center grove 95. brayton lee- brownsburg 100. ethan smiley- cia 102- 110-jacob gray- albany 117- 125-jaylyn wallace doe creek? 132-bryce baumgartner- decatur 140-ethan runyan- martinsville west 150-evan stambaugh lebanon 160- kyle shaffer owen valley 175- clayton scroggs- martinsville east 190- 210- gunnar larson- avon north 240- bryce biddle- plainfield 275- fill them in!
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