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  1. I ordered about 30 singlets for our youth club from them and I'm very happy with the singlets, prices and delivery.
  2. This was a tough weekend for the Boilers. I don't follow IU either so I can't speak for them, but I do think that Coach Ersland has the Boilers in an upswing. He has a couple of great recruiting classes coming and I think they will be much improved through out the next couple years. I'm very excited to see what guys like Parriott and Streck will do, along with the exciting freshman 2017 NCAA qualifier Brunner. As we've beat to death in this forum, we all wish we could get some of Indiana's elite kids to stick around. Watching Hughes, Micic, Stevensen this weekend sure made me wonder
  3. With a healthy Suriano in the line up and Bo's head out of his rear, I think Penn State takes it (as they would've yesterday had those two things occurred). I do believe that Bo will be a very different wrestler next weekend but I have no idea if Suriano will be ready.
  4. Correct, we will not be combining our high schools. Not saying something like this will never happen in Wabash county, but not this fall like they were talking.
  5. I'll be there! Evening wise...haven't got that figured out yet!
  6. I would love to hear the answer to that myself! Brunner was VERY impressive Friday night upsetting 11th ranked Robertson.
  7. Appreciate the kind words. See you Saturday!
  8. Here we are again, anxiously awaiting another great day of wrestling at this years’ Peru Regional! As I’ve said before, I coach kids that will wrestle Saturday so I won’t be predicting the winners or the advancers in every weight class, but I’ve done some digging and have seen a lot of these kids wrestle so I’ll share some well-prepared thoughts and opinions! I’m sorry I got so long winded! I LOVE THIS STUFF! Enjoy! 106: Ranked wrestlers: JC Herring – 2nd in the FWSS/13th in the State and Peyton Lechner – 4th in the FWSS/17th in the State Wrestling fans you do NOT want to miss this cla
  9. I completely agree! Most of us have no idea the time you guys put into this for us and again, I appreciate it very much as well.
  10. Rochester High School is the best around our neck of the woods. Their moms and coach's wives go over and above! Our coaches even joked that we weren't going to eat supper Friday night in preparation for the hospitality room at the Rochester Super Duals!
  11. Where can we find the results? It doesn't appear to be on Track.
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