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  1. Maybe she thought that YOU were stalling in not immediately realizing that the ref was right, and everyone knows that yelling at the other competitors fans always makes your wrestler perform better! DUH.
  2. I heard a rumor that Paul will be moving to Columbus next year and wrestling for Graham. Also, I heard that Nick and Joe are moving to Wisconsin to follow in the giant footsteps of Mark Hall! Luigs is actually NOT graduating at midterm, rather, he is pursuing a career as a professional bass fisherman while continuing his high school career abroad. Check your facts Hook. The Forty-Niners invited Wilderman to come in to fill Kaepernick's role on the team. The Egli brothers will be moving to Washington State to pursue competitive tree climbing. The Hustler is actually on the Booster Club and
  3. Part-time job in terms of I will not support my life on it. I love the sport of wrestling. I wrestled for thirteen years and continue to actively advocate for IHSAA wrestling. I am by no means dispassionate about wrestling.
  4. The intention is for referees to be more aggressive in terms of stalling calls. This does not mean calling stalling just because, but rather enforcing action and not being afraid to address inaction early in the match.
  5. I actually intend on pursuing refereeing as a part-time job in order to help pay some college expenses! Thanks for the productive post!
  6. As a graduated Mater Dei wrestler and current Indiana wrestling fan, nothing frustrates me more than when a wrestler with a slight lead near the end of the match shuts down and simply tries not to get beat. I also become frustrated when referee's refuse to call stalling early in the match. Right now you are probably asking, "Concussed?! What does your ranting have to do with Indiana wrestling becoming great?" Well, I am getting there Why do wrestlers shut down and stall during a match? In my experience I have discovered that this occurs primarily due to tiredness or trying to minimize a loss.
  7. I would edit this to be if they would rather have a state champion medal in a classed system or their actual placement and had the potential opportunity to wrestle under the lights. I think, at the end of the day, this decision should be made by the athletes it is going to affect as well as by those have experienced state competition. After all, the sport is about the athlete, not the school, coaches, or fans. They are simply bystanders to the abilities of the young men and women who push themselves to their physical limits in order to be successful.
  8. I concur. Y2, would it be at all possible for you to enact this? This is not a joke by any means but rather serious response to a feasible solution to the disease of a debate that so plagues your website.
  9. Ouch... Just trying to lighten the mood. No need to threaten me and take down all of my posts.
  10. I did Judo- a sport that focuses on body position, hip work, and throws. My wrestling career would not have been what it was without a very effect head and arm based feet to back throw...
  11. Never once did I say he came from a small school I said "from a po-dunk school in the middle of a corn field," which Gibson Southern very much so is. I will make you a deal Y2! I will ardently support class wrestling in every way possible if you agree to step down as a moderator! Deal?
  12. The purpose of that argument was to emphasize that even large schools sometimes fail to produce wrestlers that can compete at a state level. That is what I personally feel makes Indiana wrestling great. Athletes such as Bailey LaHue and Logan Dilbeck that come up from po-dunk towns in the middle of corn fields and proceed to become some of the better wrestlers in the state and beat kids that come from state of the art facilities makes Indiana wrestling special. Wrestling is a sport in which the wills of two men are pitted against each other and the best, most determined athlete wins. The best
  13. Indiana is one of the few states that continues to hold the state tournament series without classes, and I believe this is fantastic for the sport. As a recent graduate, I easily recall that there was no greater motivator than the dream to wrestle under the spotlight in front of thousands of people. Most people fail to see the fact that small schools are not the only victims here. For example, Evansville Harrison has several thousand students and has only qualified one wrestler for state in the past seven years. The current method for individual state has worked since the 1940's, so why change
  14. On a slightly different note, I would like to nominate previous Mater Dei wrestler and current Gibson Southern coach Noah Schweitzer as the best wrestler in Indiana history to never wrestle in the post-season. For the entirety of his high school wrestling career, he found himself plagued by either an especially at his weight class, by a massive weight cut, or both. He WON the ISWA state twice while in high school defeating Preston Mantel for one championship and majoring the elder Glogouski for the second one. This really has not been said before and I felt as though it probably should.
  15. I will take the bait Hook. Top Eleven Ways To Identify an "Evansville" Fan at State 11) They regularly exit the field house to chain smoke another pack of Marlboro Reds 10) Half of all conversations they hold are about corn 9) Cowboy boots. 8) The other half of their conversations pertain to how bad Indianapolis area schools are about recruiting 7) The outline of their can of Grizzly is permanently held by their jeans 6) They scream the word "two" at least fifty times on Friday night 5) "Da Region" is viewed as fighting words 4) The only thing bigger than their truck is their ego
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