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  1. Valid points SWINfan but I think the big X factor for me are the coaches and wrestling room that Nick has to fall back on. Nick is a quick learner and I have no doubt he'll learn from this loss and come back stronger. For me, the body of work by both wrestlers this season up until this match is why I give Nick the edge. I still feel this will be a great match as I expect both wrestlers will be amped for it but I think too many good things are pointing to Nick so I'm going with him for the win.
  2. tonyb71

    Mater Dei vs PM

    Can someone post a link to where this will be streamed? Thanks!!
  3. Obviously much has changed for both wrestlers since their first meeting but looking forward to this match in about a month. Any thoughts on how this one will go? I'm going with Nick Lee in this one. He's had a great start to this season whereas Chad has suffered a few losses already but I'm sure this match will be close. Both had a great showing at the NCAA's last season so hoping for another epic match!!
  4. I believe he's been injured. Great kid and a really good wrestler.
  5. tonyb71

    Evansville Central Sectional

    They are on trackwrestling
  6. tonyb71

    PAC results

    Here are the official results. Not sure why they didn't show match scores or time of pins. http://www.pacsports.us/news/news01202018.pdf
  7. Nick Lee wins 9-5. Looked solid vs the #20 ranked kid from Michigan.
  8. Found this article interesting. Hope it happens. http://www.centredaily.com/sports/college/penn-state-university/psu-wrestling/article193871014.html
  9. tonyb71

    Cory Klem of Gibson Southern commits to

    The Hounds are getting a great young man who works hard and will be a great addition to their team. Cory was 2nd in all of Indiana in tackles for a loss this season. Can't wait to see him excel at the next level.
  10. tonyb71

    Mater Dei

    Sims is actually a Junior and a 3-time state placer so he will be back next year. I think he could have finished higher than 5th this year but had a tough draw in the quarterfinals. Boots looked great and deserves all of the credit. No one lucks into wins at state and he was one win away from wrestling under the lights. I know there is no love lost with MD and other schools around the area but I agree when you hit Semi-State and State I root for all of our Southern Indiana kids...............and I'm not from MD. I know lots of people who wrestled there and I know they will be back. You have to give credit to Castle, Reitz, etc as the other Southern Indiana schools have stepped up their programs. I'm not sure if any one school will dominate for such a long time like MD once did.
  11. Having seen Drake wrestle alot the last couple of years he didn't look like his normal self in his 2 matches today. Could have been nerves but he saved his best match for last. That's the takedown specialist I'm used to seeing. Congrats to all the Southern Indiana wrestlers today. Wish there would have been a few more in the finals but overall they did well. Congrats to Coach Maglis as well. Jimmy's a great guy and I'm glad to see him and Drake rebound after last year. I'm sure they are both living it up tonight.
  12. tonyb71

    Dark Horses this weekend!?

    Jeff Weiss at 171 from Heritage Hills. Only losses are to Stein and has beaten Stein twice this year. I've seen these two wrestle 8+ times over the last 2 years and Weiss is strong and will be a tough opponent for anyone. I won't be shocked at all if he wins it all. He's the real deal.
  13. tonyb71

    Run The Table

    I certainly didn't intend for my response to suggest Duckworth would take Stein or Weiss lightly. My comments were directed at others and their predictions for state. He's a State Champion and that is something you don't accomplish by taking anyone for granted. I have talked to Stein and Weiss and both are very nice kids and I wish them them the best of luck this weekend. I'd love to see them both wrestling under the lights with the State Championship on the line. It won't be an easy road for whomever wins this weight class and they will certainly have earned it the hard way. If Duckworth prevails he most likely will have beaten both Weiss and Stein on his way to another title and that would be very impressive in my books. Good luck to this young man as well.
  14. tonyb71

    Run The Table

    x2 Duckworth certainly deserves the respect of a defending champion but I would not take Stein or Weiss lightly. Can't wait to see how this one plays out.
  15. Glad you guys remember our stud State Champ DJ. As a former GS wrestler myself it was awesome seeing DJ pinning everyone en route to an undefeated State Championship. He was a beast that weekend and did pin every opponent. Coach B. (twigt) will be able to confirm if DJ pinned every foe from Sectional thru the State Finals but my $$ says he did. DJ was a very nice kid and I saw him last year and he's still huge. He was awesome to watch wrestle.

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