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  1. Silvertone1696

    East Chicago Semi-State Rankings #2

    Ouch not one Kankakee Valley wrestler in the top 8 in any weight class. I was hoping to see some movement with the investment coach Burvan has made in the program. Lake Station/River Forest always has a solid wrestler or two in there. Is this the last in a long line of Fowler boys?
  2. Silvertone1696

    Junior Duals

    Yeah but if North Dakota can manage it you have to wonder why we can't find anyone to wrestle those spots.
  3. Silvertone1696

    Elkhart Memorial & Elkhart Central Merger

    Well from the word on the football board is they will retain the NIC membership and there will be just 7 teams now in the Northern Lakes. That's such a good conference I would guess they will have their pick to fill the void.
  4. Silvertone1696

    UWW World Team Trials Friday/Saturday

    Wow Northern Colorado has a heck of a wrestler coming in there.
  5. Silvertone1696

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

  6. Silvertone1696

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    My personal congrats to the young man! Marian Knights are a solid NAIA program and it looked like they had zero seniors this year. BIG opportunity for Warren how cool
  7. Silvertone1696

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Followed by Noah Warren and Whittlake...the top ranked fella out of Oregon who is headed to Oklahoma State after decomitting from Penn State. Is this the most daunting task for an upset? Warren brings a solid pedigree from Perry and has had a great career. But this will take everything the young man has. Warren is still undecided on college right?
  8. Silvertone1696

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Eiteljorge starts it off being a late replacement and gets a tough customer in North Dakota State commit Franek. Hopefully he can open it up with a strong performance.
  9. That thread devolved pretty quickly. Clearly a choice had to be made and regardless it wasn't going to be a popular one. I can appreciate how much time and effort Joe has put into organizing and staging this event, unfortunately as the saying goes "heavy lies the crown." I'm sure everyone would have loved to see what Rooks had for Woods. Fact of the matter a decision was made and Mulkey is in and it's time to support and get behind this young man. This is not to say I don't feel for the young man and the opportunity he missed. I really just want to see our boys represent on such a big stage. I hope Mulkey takes advantage of this and vaults himself into another stratosphere by pulling out a nice upset.
  10. Silvertone1696

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Haha I also noticed a gratuitous use of the phrase "tough as nails" Thought the interview was great though, nice work. While I'll be rooting for Indiana of course I'm especially hoping Colin Poynter has a bounce back performance and brings his best. Air Force is getting a quality wrestler.
  11. Silvertone1696

    Colton Cummings

    No agenda at all. Thank you for answering. Was hoping to get some insight perhaps deeper than a google search. Sorry if I offended your sensibilities on what constitutes preferred content in the offseason.
  12. Silvertone1696

    Colton Cummings

    So how has the transition been to college for this stud HS grappler out of Lowell HS which has represented the region and state well with getting some of our athletes into great wrestling schools Refresh my memory did CC go to a big 10 school? Michigan St is in my head for some reason maybe because fellow Red Devil stud Drew Hughes wrestles for the Spartans.
  13. Silvertone1696

    NCAA DI National Qualifiers from Indiana

    I live in Jasper County and I am a region rat through and through. I live about ten miles from the Kankakee River. Many of the residents of the Kankakee Valley area work in Lake or Porter. Rensselaer...whoever wants you guys can have ya. Except Ricks Pizza. The region will annex that
  14. Silvertone1696

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Would also love to see Crown Point in the mix here. They certainly have a shot at being 2nd in the DAC next winter and that's no small feat.
  15. Silvertone1696

    Mat Burns Pick the Champions Results

    First off if you try and call Fred Jones Field "the farm", a small part of me dies inside. We refer to our southern neighbors ss Renssltucky, and our northwest neighbors as Cedartucky. My Wheatfield home is nestled in the middle of I-65 and SR 49 so click my heels a few times snd I'm up in Duneland Country. That being said... These 33 year old heels click slow. To make it to any Duneland conference town in under 30 minutes would mean a couple traffic infractions possibly a misdemeanor. We're closer to an Indiana Beach sign "there's more than corn in Indiana!" than we are to a Taco Bell. A won't comment any further on that it upsets me a bit too much. For some reason the Southern accent starts in Jasper County once you cross 400 W...which is not really germaine to my point here but nontheless seemed important to note. So...noted. I am so tired of people talking about the local ice cream shop like it's some revelation. It's freaking ice cream...that s*** is delicious. It's good everywhere. Also still hold myself in high esteem for snagging that 5th place. As my friend Kevin used to say... "That's what I like about me."

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