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  1. When I saw this i immediately thought of Sa'Derian Perry...the 141 pounder who will finish up his career having seen the demise of two D1 programs along with Eastern Michigan.
  2. What an incredible honor for both to be collegiate AAs. Congrats fellas.
  3. Wheeler IS a small town tucked in between Portage on the North, Hobart on the West, Valpo on the East, Boone Grove to the South. It's quite small, runs along IN 130. They definitely subsidize their enrollment with Valparaiso residents, my uncle lived a couple miles south of 30 and his kids went to Wheeler.
  4. Steenbeke will give Perry everything he can handle. I know that record is unimpressive but the kid is wrestling well right now for a frosh especially. He pinned his first three opponents in under 3 minutes each time at semistate before giving Hollendonner everything he could handle in losing 3-2. I was impressed after someone had mentioned his first round opponent as a likely upset over him. As Lee Corso says...not so fast my friend!
  5. Alrad? C'mon guys for a kid this special mind your spelling. It's Allred. Cole Solomey vs Jett Boots at 120 should be a heckuva match. Solomey has had a great year having stayed under the radar being in the same sectional with a pair of proven seniors in Bettich and Diaz. Now he may be on the podium.
  6. Awesome win for the Clark Pioneers who will consolidate I believe in 2021 along with Gavit into Hammond High/Morton. Nice win for Solomey at 120 over Fogarty. He will wrestle for 3rd after dropping the semi to Bettich.
  7. Attica has a really nice little team for the sub 300 student Fountain County high school, with 5 qualifiers that include a couple hammers in Hargan and Douglass. However the draw certainly didn't do this crew favors, though Douglass it could be said had a relatively favorable draw in one of the weaker weights. I haven't got to see Hargan wrestle but regardless of the schedule it takes some skills to arrive undefeated in SS. But drawing Pack in the bloodround will certainly mean if he makes it to state he definitely earned it. Miller at 106 is the lone senior in the group and has a pair of 2nd place finishes this post season thanks to standout sophomore Jake Stall of McCutcheon by scores of 8-4 and 9-4. Unfortunately I think fellow small school warrior Jeffrey Bailey of River Forest will be too much for Miller in what figures to be a fantastic blood round match. 4 of the 5 Attica reps are seniors, with just junior 220 Clayton Kelley being the holdout. Kelley has a tough first round assignment in fellow junior Bobby Babcock of Hobart.
  8. 170 EC Sneed vs Calhoun 120 EC Solomey vs Fogarty
  9. I thought Crown Point certainly wrestled well as a whole but unsurprisingly at 120 Gio Diaz knocks off Riley Bettich for the second week in a row by a 4-2 score after fighting off a game Cole Solomey 4-1 in the semifinals. Solomey would take 3rd for the second week in a row. Look for Bettich and Solomey to cause headaches for the blood round at EC. I could see all three heading to Indy. Ty Haskins (26-6) of Portage won Hobart at 120, Brodie Fogarty (29-6) of Mishawaka wins Penn, and Sam Hein (36-1) of Harrison WL wins Logansport... so if Hein pulls Bettich in the blood round that would be a crazy possibility.
  10. Previous Hosts last year - Minnesota year before - Michigan State etc. - Indiana Iowa Ohio State Wisconsin Illinois Purdue Northwestern Michigan Penn State Minnesota So it would seem Nebraska then Maryland likely before Penn State again but then again Minnesota snuck in there and I'm sure Ohio State wants to show off their new facilities.
  11. If you have direcTV and you hit the info button to bring up the left side menu at the bottom it has am option called "team pages" and if aselect it, it brings you to a screen where it shows "Wrestling" and it searches for all collegiate matches. January and February are clearly prime months with the ACC Network, Big 10, and ESPN2 being the only programming homes at the moment. But seeing even the ACC dip into this market is cool, and the big 12 gets some time with Oklahoma State/Oklahoma both getting some air on ESPN. I believe Oklahoma battles Northern Iowa on ESPN 2 this weekend, and I hope they get their act together and form a separate network but the big 12 is no doubt handcuffed by their biggest draw (Texas) having their own network. No Texas teams have wrestling for that matter. Any other states have no division 1 teams? The Citadel gives South Carolina one but there are not a ton of wrestling schools in the south. NC and VA are not the dirty either. None in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky...which of those six states has the strongest high school wrestling support?
  12. Tough break for one half of the standout frosh Solomey boys of KV, but I'd say that match will take place anyway for third place as it doesn't really matter who is seeded where with two hammers on the bookends in Diaz and Bettich of the semifinals and I think Solomey will handle his Hebron opponent who has a decent record but also a frosh. With Cortez, Bettich, and Diaz all being seniors this weight class will be prime for one of those brothers to slide into the favorite perch. Love Aiden Sneed's chances at 170 cruise and Celorio at 182 has a fair shot for KV to take home a title. JOnkman at 220 also will probably make the title match. If KV gets 3 titles in this field of wrestling rich schools and sends maybe 6 total I consider that a win for my alma. The middle school program has been around for decades and it seems club wrestling for elementary/intermediate is alive and well. It will need to stay that way to compete with Crown Point, Lake Central, Hanover alone...but even Hebron, Wheeler, and Boone Grove are nice little 500 or so student schools with relatively affluent communities representing them so they always churn out a few solid fellows per team. I think I counted 18 forfeits on a cursory glace and a lot of those were Boone Grove. I think they only had 6-7 wrestlers, which is par for the course for their numbers typically. Lowell and Wheeler both had about 3-4 blanks and KV had a couple at 106 and HWT which happens often. Hanover had a spot or two open but I think Hebron had a whole team which is pretty darn good. Not sure if this is correct but they may be the only team in this sectional with no swimming team but honestly since they build a new high school in the last decade I could be wrong.
  13. I know Eastern Michigan is hurting financially and had to make a cut, albeit a silly one considering the low end cost of wrestling in terms of all sports. Hard for me to understand why Toledo, Bowling Green, and Western Michigan don't revive with all the talent in the Midwest. Ball State...come on boys Worthen Arena would be a great venue.
  14. Hopefully FSN Indiana will expand their coverage in light of the ever increasing attendance and participation numbers...i understand covering the entire state championship would probably be a bit much to ask but expanding the coverage to increase at least the semifinals would be desirable. With the blind draw we often have some incredible matches when it comes down to the final four and as mentioned that type of draw often leads to some imbalanced brackets. I felt like we missed out with semis like @ 126 with Watts v Mendez, Rioux v Curtis...the implications of having a chance to be in the primetime spotlight often lead to some unbelievably inspiring matches worthy of TV.
  15. If i would have pulled out a sandwich like that before my match you can believe my old wrestling coach Walt Prochno would have had me eating sandwiches the next monday followed by copious amounts of stair laps whilst I yack in the trusty Rubbermaid located conveniently at the base of the concrete stairs near mezzanine entrance.
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