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  1. Being that the female side of wrestling is growing at a fast pace, I was wondering if there were enough matches yet in order to update the rankings. I appreciate all that IndianaMat does for the sport, but I was only inquiring because it has been since Nov1 since being updated. I’m just trying to keep up with everything wrestling. Thanks for any help.
  2. Can anyone tell me where I can find all of the new rules this year (if any) or where I can find the high school rules for Indiana? This is the only wrestling site I frequent to try and keep current on everything. Thanks for any help.
  3. I know Ohio has a couple of tough ones with Brecksville and Top Gun, Oklahoma has Geary, and PA has Escape the Rock, and Powerade, but in my time in Indiana I would say the Al Smith is the closest thing to the state tournament that I’ve witnessed in this state.
  4. Any chance anyone would have an idea when the rankings will be updated. I don’t get out much, so I’m looking for a way to find the upcoming talent in the rankings and the only reliable ranking system I know is indianamat Can someone help?
  5. This has to be the toughest schedule in the state am I wrong?!
  6. I’ve seen a few, but haven’t gotten into the upper weights yet. Which weight do you think has the toughest quad?
  7. If they post video. The run to this semi state will be awesome. I hope they show each mat! This semi state is LOADED with talent!!!
  8. I can’t wait to see this bracket!!!!
  9. I have a feeling many locations through this road to the finals will be moved. As long as they wrestle I’m good. I don’t have a dog in the fight. I’m just hoping the wrestlers get to wrestle
  10. Well played...... Well played. I will add to the Emily Dickinson quotes: “I'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you -- Nobody -- too? Then there's a pair of us? Don't tell! they'd advertise -- you know!”
  11. I’ve been trying to follow Hobart since I saw them at team state, and I know Simpson is a dog, but he’s ranked at 170 in the semi state, and 182 in the state rankings. Which one will he wrestle?
  12. With what I’ve seen from Hobart’s Simpson I think he could definitely be a tough draw for anyone. I’m still trying to figure out whether he’s going to be wrestling 170 or 182. Whichever one he’s at he will be a tough draw. I will definitely keep my eyes on that kid!
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