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  1. I love how they don’t rebuild, they reload. Just when you think “they will have a hard time replacing ______” (fill in the blank) They come out with another athlete that is ranked halfway through the season. I can’t wait to see what they pull off next year! Good luck
  2. I was just wondering this today! How awesome that I log in and find my answer! Thank you!
  3. I think that there are a few networks that are starting to air matches on Facebook and YouTube. I think that’s a great start. We didn’t have this technology in my days, so seeing that is awesome. I wonder if the schools could do their own broadcasting classes that follow all of their high school sports and broadcast it live on their page/site/etc.
  4. Or when a coach blatantly stops a kid from getting up when they are fine. I’ve seen multiple coaches in the state literally say, “if you stay down you win” then when the time is up they stand up shake hands Walk off and end up wrestling in the next match. If you take the full five, you shouldn’t be allowed to wrestle the rest of the day. That takes a “cheap win” out of the coaches hands.
  5. So you have something against Bus Drivers now? Wow.
  6. I watched it too. At 1 second he gets it, and the announcer even calls it, as well as, disagrees with the call made. Please watch the archived video please.
  7. I was saying the same thing in another post. I know the referees are out there doing their best to make the right call, and sometimes we miss the call. It sucks going back and watching video of yourself making a mistake after the fact. Therefore, why not help us out at the highest levels to ensure that the CORRECT call is made. I’m not trying to bash my fellow refs, but we can all admit, as refs, coaches, and athletes we make impulse decisions that we think to be 100% true, and turn out to be 100% wrong. I think replay is a GREAT idea! I want the ranks of our statewide referees to
  8. Graham Calhoun was robbed. I’m not afraid to say it. My fellow zebras missed that one. Maybe instant replay for these levels of competition would be in order. Bates has a questionable win as well. Same mat.
  9. I won’t be able to make it up there to watch the action, but I would like to see what the region upset picks are for every weight. I don’t know enough about the northern boys so was wondering if any of you had any upsets we may hear about come Saturday night.
  10. I heard a rumor that they will be out soon, but I’ve been wrong before
  11. Balash and Watkins have a bunch! Those boys up there have been doing it a while!!!!
  12. 106: Bailey vs Maldanado 113: Shammert vs Clement 120: Hall vs Haskins 126: Shammert vs Underwood 132: Conrad vs Simpson 138: Earls vs Rivera 145: Maldanado vs Herring 152: HinoJosa vs Turley 160: Stanley vs Homoky 170: Simpson vs Campbell 182: Walton vs Stewart 195: Campos vs Mummey 220: Streck vs Babcock 285: Dancy vs Perez. Hobart with 6 champs Merrillville with 5 Portage with 2 RF with 1
  13. He’s a solid wrestler. He’s got it going right now. He just needs to keep it rolling.
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